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neil mitchell

Daniel Andrews 'in strife'

11:34 AM   Neil Mitchell has accused Daniel Andrews of using 'the language of political scoundrel'.

Jane Garrett to make complaint

Jane Garrett released a statement on Tuesday.

5:08 PM   Jane Garrett says she is finalising a formal complaint about how she was treated as Emergency Services Minister.

UFU boss brushes off claims

UFU boss Peter Marshall spoke outside parliament.

3:43 PM   It's been a busy day at Spring Street. Peter Marshall has responded to criticism outside parliament.

Word ON the street

Council pushes smoking ban

5:57 PM   Monash Council has called on the state government to ensure smoking is 100 per cent banned outside cafes and restaurants.

Advice for entrepreneurs

Emma and Tom in the 3AW studio with Tom Elliott.

4:01 PM   Part five of Tom Elliott's six-part series detailing successful small business operators.

Dad explains Cousins 'costume'

10:36 AM   A father has shared a controversial image of his son on Facebook dressed as Ben Cousins.

$1m of divine intervention

Edwin Daley on Channel 9's Hot Seat.

11:24 AM   Man who won $1m on Channel 9's 'Hot Seat' tells Neil Mitchell he was helped by 'divine intervention'.


Recreating musical history

Paul McCartney playing the piano at the Melbourne Town Hall in 1964.

11:17 AM   Ross sat at the famous piano played by Paul McCartney over 50-years-ago.

Molotov attack on station

2:51 PM   A molotov cocktail has been thrown at Pakenham police station.

'Fracking' banned in Victoria

Neil Mitchell tried to find out whether your gas bill will go up.

11:19 AM   The Andrews Government has slapped a permanent ban on fracking in Victoria. What's that mean for your bill?


Burnso for Mayor!

7:57 AM   Burnso was lucky enough to try on the Mayor's ceremonial robes.


Lord Mayor's 'Good Room'

Burnso hands Ross the 'Key to the City'.

6:25 AM   Somebody let Ross and John into the Lord Mayor's Chambers at Town Hall...

Second stabbing fatality

Two people have now died.

2:28 PM   A second person has died after last week's alleged knife attack at a North Queensland hostel.

Whitfield illicit drug probe

Lachie Whifield celebrates a goal.

6:23 PM   Former No.1 draft pick Lachie Whitfield has been accused of hiding from drug testers in May last year.

Passing of Gene Wilder

Gene Wilder dies aged 83.

7:06 AM   Gene Wilder has died aged 83, well known for his portrayal of Willy Wonka.

Parkinson's breakthrough

8:43 AM   Scientists in the UK have found a breakthrough in Parkinson's disease research.

Clinton camp sexting scandal

9:17 AM   Donald Trump is using the new sexting scandal involving the spouse of a Clinton aide to score political points.

Calls to avoid high-rise

8:20 AM   The architect behind Melbourne's Docklands Library has warned against high-rise apartments in Melbourne.

Doubt over marriage plebiscite

Nick Xenophon spoke with Tom Elliott.

The government's proposed same-sex marriage plebiscite appears to be in trouble. Nick Xenophon spoke with Tom Elliott.

Premier called into question

State opposition leader Matthew Guy says Daniel Andrews needs to "be careful".


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