Former warzone aid worker told Tom Elliott the conflict in Syria is complicated and we need to avoid the mistakes made in the Sadaam Husain era.

Former warzone aid worker told Tom Elliott the conflict in Syria is complicated and we need to avoid the mistakes made in the Sadaam Husain era.

‘We can’t impose democracy'

LISTEN: Leading academic and international development expert has said he doesn't give our forces much hope of a successful mission in the Middle East without a solid post conflict plan.

Whitlam home: Guy to the rescue

Gough Whitlam house LISTEN: Planning Minister Matthew Guy denies he has backflipped to save former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam's birthplace from the bulldozer.

Taking the 'Christ' out of 'Christmas'

The Grinch. CHRISTMAS: A Greens councillor is demanding the local Christmas Party be called something else.

AFLFA pleased with round one

Hawthorn FIXTURE: The 2015 Toyota AFL fixture is expected to be more fan-friendly after the league experimented with various match times in season 2014.

Push to cull Indian Myna birds

Indian Myna bird. BIRD CULL: Bayside council is set to trial a program to kill Indian Myna bird, if the community supports it.

Man commits to 10 citizens arrests

Uber. UBERX: A former British riot police officer and now Uber partner has committed to making ten citizens arrests this week in Sydney, against ‘UberX drivers’.

Regulating combat sports

Cage Fighting. CAGE FIGHTING: The debate regarding cage fighting in Victoria continues, as State Opposition Leader Daniel Andrew believes it is not the government’s responsibility to tell people which sports they should and shouldn’t like.

Rainbow fence losing its colour

A council is ordering this fence to be painted a cream colour. FENCE FIGHT A Port Melbourne house is up for a battle against the council, all because of the colour (or should we say ‘colours’) of its fence.

First home buyers superannuation?

Superannuation SUPERANNUATION: With fewer Australians buying houses, there are calls to allow young people to have access to their superannuation funds to contribute to their first home.

Drug traffickers go online

Drug use for teenagers is on the rise. (Picture: Jennifer Soo) AFL: There are drug traffickers taking to an online website to get their deals done, according Detective Inspector John Manly.

Uniform & performance relationship

Many public schools are starting to introduce mandatory uniforms. UNIFORM: Public schools are beginning to introduce mandatory uniforms, including blazers and ties which has begun to divide students into ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’.

Female sport not doing itself favours

Topless body-painted models. SUPPORT WOMEN: Female sport is not nearly as widely recognised as male sport in Australia, and Monday’s ‘I Support Women in Sport’, did not do itself any favours in the promotion of women’s sport, according to Tom Elliott.

Plan to clean the coal industry

Greg Hunt COAL Environment Minister Greg Hunt says we cannot ignore the reality that up to 75% of Australia relies on the use of coal and therefore the government won't just walk away from it.

Abbott vs Putin: Head to head

Who would you back to win, Vladimir Putin or Tony Abbott? ABBOTT VS PUTIN: Tony Abbott's comments saying he would ‘shirtfront’ Russian President Vladimir Putin have made plenty of headlines over the past 24 hours.

'Don't ban cars from Chapel Street'

Tom Elliott says he is a cyclist and does not support cutting off Chapel Street to cars so that bikes can have an easier run. TOM ELLIOTT: One big story that’s got my goat is this suggestion by the Bicycle Network that Chapel Street one of Melbourne’s shopping mecca’s, should be shut off to cars.

Leading Teams: How it works

Kurtley Beale. LEADING TEAMS: Leading Teams sessions have become popular with professional sporting clubs and corporations in recent years.

School gives car to star students

Mount Hira College is offering a car to it's star-students who score over 95 on their VCE. STAR-STUDENT: Mount Hira College has an extra incentive for students who perform exceptionally well in the VCE studies.

'I'm an atheist but I don't shun people'

Jehovah's Witnesses LISTEN: Tom Elliott took a call from a young, devoted Jehovah's Witness who told him family members are disowned if they leave the faith.

'It’s a sad indictment'

Paramedic OPINION: 'It's disturbing' - Tom Elliott's take on Ken Lay's revelation that firefighters and paramedics have been urged to not wear their uniform in public.

‘We can’t impose democracy'

The Pentagon says the US military and its allies have carried out the first attacks against ISIS in SYRIA. LISTEN: Leading academic and international development expert has said he doesn't give our forces much hope of a successful mission in the Middle East without a solid post conflict plan.

Forecasts clear as a raindrop

rain LISTEN: Scattered showers, patchy rain and isolated showers will soon be terms of the past, after the Bureau of Meteorology changes the way they talk about rain.

Remove council red tape

Trolley TOM ELLIOTT: Monash council is pushing for local supermarkets to have coin operated trolleys in an effort to reduce the number of abandoned trolleys. Tom Elliott says these are issues that should be dealt with nationally.

'Don't hold your breath'

The state election is looming as choice between two train lines. LISTEN: If you are waiting for the Melbourne airport train to be complete, ‘don’t hold your breath’, says a leading transport writer.

I Spy with my Bionic Eye

Dianne Ashworth BIONIC EYE: Dianne Ashworth was 24 when she was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, an eye disease which has caused her to go blind.

Plan for smoke-free new millennium

Ivan Dean wants to ban people born from the year 2000 onwards from buying tobacco products. BUTT OUT: A tobacco-free generation is what Independent MLC for Tasmania, Ivan Dean, is striving for.

Council backs same-sex marriage

gay marriage GLEN EIRA: Glen Eira Council has voted to publicly support same-sex marriage, with the councillor responsible for tabling the proposal conceding the move will not affect legislation.

'We are on Team Australia'

Islam generic LISTEN: Muslims leaders have today come out to condemn the actions of an 18-year-old man who was fatally shot after stabbing two police officers at Endeavour Hills last night.

iPhone 'bending' a beat-up

iPhone 6 TECHNOLOGY: A leading technology expert believes iPhone 6 Plus "bending" concerns are overblown, and says the devices won't distort if users are careful with them.

ACCC to better police fuel prices

Petrol Bowser LISTEN: The Minister for Small Business has issued the ACCC with a new directive allowing it to better police fuel prices.

Fans livid at AFL ticket scalpers

ebay ticket scalpers AFL: Just hours after the first tickets to Saturday's AFL Grand Final went on sale, scalpers are already cashing in.

Scotland votes 'no' to independence

scottish flag SCOTLAND: Scotland has voted against independence from the UK.

Tom Elliott: 'She's stark raving mad'

Catherine Deveny PARENTING: Prominent writer and comedian Catherine Deveny has condemned parents who say they are 'proud’ of their children.

PM to consider Indigenous seats

Tony Abbott is facing a fight with Indonesia. (Photo: Alex Ellinghausen / Fairfax) LISTEN: Prime Minister Tony Abbott refused to rule out introducing a quota system for Indigenous Australians in federal Parliament.

'Labor will tear up state surplus'

Protesters for the East-West link. LISTEN: Victorian Treasurer Michael O'Brien says Labor will plunge the state's finances into deficit if it wins November's election and rips up the East West Link contracts.

Girl, 8, dead in ride tragedy

girl ride LATEST: An eight-year-old girl has died after being thrown from a ride at the Royal Adelaide Show today.

A2 milk claims premature

milk LISTEN: A leading Australian nutritionist has dismissed claims that A2 milk is better for you, calling on companies to obtain proper research into the milk's benefits.

'East-West Link a bad idea'

link LISTEN: One of Melbourne's CityLink founders believes the state government should prioritise public transport over the construction of the East-West Link.

Flag sale: 'It's a stupid thing to do'

Isis flag LISTEN: Political leaders have slammed the sale of an Islamic State flag at a mosque in Western Sydney.

East-West Link battle lines drawn

Protesters for the East-West link. POLITICS: Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews says Labor will not build the East-West Link tunnel, even if contracts are signed before the November state election.

Gas prices sending firms offshore

Gas Cooker (FFX) LISTEN: Australian manufacturers are being forced to move operations offshore - and even shut down in some cases - because of increasing gas prices, according to an industry expert.

Optional adulthood

kids TOM ELLIOTT: I have been looking at so many court cases where people appeal to judges and say ‘I should have a lower sentence because I had a bad childhood'. Why don’t we start making adulthood optional?

Salute to the dimmy

It's a little known fact the Dim Sim was invented in Melbourne and lovers of the delicacy now want a monument to celebrate it. LISTEN: It's a little known fact the dim sim was invented in Melbourne and lovers of the delicacy now want a monument to celebrate it.

Clubs 'regularly' rejecting 'dark-skin' patrons

Nightclubs LISTEN: The Victorian Human Rights Commissioner has said that complaints about venues and nightclubs rejecting people on the basis of their skin colour are common.

Call to overhaul workplace laws

Family First senator Bob Day has called for sweeping changes to Australia's workplace relations laws, including the abolition of minimum wage limits for young workers. LISTEN: Family First senator Bob Day has called for sweeping changes to Australia's workplace relations laws, including the abolition of minimum wage limits for young workers.

Drug driving crackdown imminent

Drink driving LISTEN: Victorian motorists will face a major police crackdown on drug takers who drive, with over 100,000 drivers a year to be tested for illicit drugs such as ice.

Napthine: 'Shaw must be expelled'

shaw LISTEN: Frankston MP Geoff Shaw's political future hangs in the balance with the Premier moving to expel him for being insincere in his apology for misusing his entitlements.

‘The buck stops with me’

Member for Frankston Geoff Shaw entering State Parliament ahead of his highly anticipated apology. SPRING ST: Rogue Frankston MP Geoff Shaw has addressed state parliament, apologising “humbly and sincerely" for misusing his parliamentary vehicle.

Experts outraged over cartwheel ban

Parenting experts have expressed outrage at a Gold Coast School’s move to ban kids doing cartwheels. LISTEN: Parenting experts have expressed outrage at a Gold Coast School’s move to ban kids doing cartwheels.

VicRoads ad 'reverse racism'

vicroads JOB AD: It seems VicRoads is the latest organisation to join the 'reverse racism' bandwagon by reserving some jobs for Indigenous applicants only.

Boost for first home buyers

First home buyers Felicity Pearce and fiancee Kenton Hall in front of their new home. LISTEN: Victoria’s first home buyers have been dealt some good news with the state government announcing a 10 per cent rise in its stamp duty concession.

'I knew nothing about AFL'

US born St Kilda rookie Jason Holmes talks to 3AW's Tom Elliott about his journey so far and what's next. WATCH: Almost a year since US born ruckman Jason Holmes was selected as a rookie for St Kilda, he talks to 3AW's Tom Elliott about his journey so far and what's next.

New will laws 'outrageous'

Gavel LISTEN: Lawyers have blasted reforms to Victorian succession laws which could mean only surviving partners and children under 18 can contest a will.

Opinion divided on Swan photo

Dane Swan poses with Toby Mitchell (photo: Instagram) AFL: Collingwood footballer Dane Swan has come under fire for posing in a photo with prominent underworld figure Toby Mitchell at a restaurant on Tuesday.

Person of interest nabbed

abterror BORDER PROTECTION: A person of interest travelling to Lebanon was taken off a flight at Melbourne Airport by counter-terrorism authorities on Monday.

'I’d make the test even tougher'

ldriver TOM ELLIOTT: Almost 1000 learner drivers a week fail their test to get their P-plates.

Bureau 'homogenises' the records

Photo: Leigh Henningham LISTEN: Researcher Jennifer Marohasy says the Bureau of Meteorology fudges Australia’s temperature records.

Parents key to helping jobless youth

Generic Education Pix.. teacher LISTEN: An employment expert has urged parents to take action to ensure Victoria's youth unemployment rates improve.

'Medical cannabis saves lives'

Labor leader Daniel Andrews. LISTEN: Opposition leader Daniel Andrews has told Tom Elliott there is 'no doubt medical cannabis saves lives'.

Down syndrome remarks 'appalling'

Sue Dymond’s new book is called 'Removing The Fear Of Raising A Child With Down syndrome – Waising Miss Chloe'. DEBATE: A mother of a child with Down syndrome has slammed comments by a fellow author after he claimed mothers should abort children with the condition.

Ambo jam leaves Geelong helpless

Geelong had no ambulances available during peak hours last night. LISTEN: Ambulance Victoria has confirmed the Geelong region was without ambulances during its peak period last night.

'Apartheid' sign removed

South Melbourne billboard created by Australians for Palestine LISTEN: An inner-city billboard featuring Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela comparing Palestine to apartheid era South Africa has been taken down.

'We need less people judging'

pension LISTEN: The head of the Victoria Council of Social Services has rejected suggestions pensioners should have compulsory income management.

'The losers in this are paramedics'

ambos LISTEN: State treasurer Michael O’Brien has slammed the Ambulance Employees Association claiming they’re just looking after their “mate” Daniel Andrews.

AMA on alternative co-payment plan

Doctor LISTEN: The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has revealed its alternative plan for a GP co-payment and has urged the government to adopt it.

Bunny killer jailed over attack

court LISTEN: The Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science director insists anti-social personality disorder is “absolutely not” a normal defence against criminal acts.

Measles outbreak at local school

Measles LISTEN: Essendon North Primary school has been hit by an outbreak of measles with students, staff and volunteers being urged to stay away if they're not immunised.

Student rally: 'Pyne doesn't care'

Students burned an effigy of Christopher Pyne at the protest LISTEN: More than 1000 students have rallied in the centre of the city, bringing traffic to a standstill in the latest show of force against education reforms by the Abbott government.

Laneway culture to hit Geelong

laneway LANEWAYS: Geelong has announced a plan to revitalise its inner city CBD by importing Melbourne’s laneway culture.

Cafferkey killer loses bid to appeal

Sarah Cafferkey COURT: The mother of murdered woman Sarah Cafferkey told Tom Elliott she is overwhelmed with relief her killer has has lost a High Court appeal against his life sentence.

Dick Smith calls for small population

Australia's population is set to hit 23 million tonight. (Photo: Dallas Kilponen) RETHINK: Entrepreneur Dick Smith has called on the government to rethink its approach to population and consider stabilising the immigration rate at 75,000 a year.

'Mongrels an accurate reflection'

Clive Palmer has stood by his comments. LISTEN: Clive Palmer has stood by his comments on ABC's Q&A, claiming "mongrels" accurately describes the Chinese government.

Public housing sell off slammed

Public Housing HOUSING Shadow Minister for Housing, Richard Wynne has slammed calls to sell off inner city public housing and relocate tenants to the outer fringe.

Aldi takes on big two

Supermarket GROWTH: Aldi could double its sales and challenge the might of Coles and Woolworths according to a recent study by investment bank UBS.

Tom Elliott: 'This is barbarism'

Khaled Sharrouf son LISTEN: This morning I saw the picture of the seven-year-old boy, the son of Sydney Jihadist Khaled Sharrouf.

Jobless rate hits 12-year high

jobless UNEMPLOYMENT: There are fears the local unemployment rate could reach nine per cent with jobless figures reaching a 12-year high.

Reality check for driverless cars

Driverless cars in Australia. When will they be a reality? LISTEN: Driverless cars are fast becoming a reality but some experts say while they may be close, it's still a little further off than we think.

'The tide's turned' around marijuana

Marijuana plant LISTEN: A prominent legal professional says he hates that he has to break “unjust” marijuana laws to assist his elderly friend.

Gammy's parents break their silence

The story of six-month-old baby Gammy, who was born with Down syndrome to a Thai surrogate, has prompted calls for reform of surrogacy services in Australia SURROGACY: The West Australian couple at the centre of the baby Gammy controversy says his Thai surrogate mother has misled the world over the situation.

VIDEO: Cinematographer Jim Frazier

Jim WATCH: Oscar and Emmy award-winning Australian cinematographer Jim Frazier joins Tom Elliott in the studio.

Jewish students 'bullied' out of class

Jewish students targeted in Australian universities. LISTEN: Jewish students are allegedly being assaulted and refused entry into lectures at universities around Melbourne.

Save 1hr a day the East-West way

Hoddle Street overpass looking east showing the new East West Link stage one. LISTEN: Anthony Maine, East west link protestor has rejected a study which shows the tunnel will save peak hour motorists an hour a day.

Freedom of speech or nanny state?

Abbott TOM ELLIOTT: We are at great risk of being overtaken once more by the nanny state. Tom Elliott responds to the government's back flip over the Racial Discrimination Act.

Abbott does back flip on Racial Act

abbott LISTEN: There has been a major back flip from Prime Minister Tony Abbott on plans to change the Racial Discrimination Act.

'Overseas grads should repay HECS'

Collecting debts from overseas based graduates could save $80 million a year, prompting calls for the Australian government to recoup this debt. LISTEN: Collecting debts from overseas based graduates could save $80 million a year, prompting calls for the Australian government to recoup this debt.

Do we buy Australian made?

ausmade LISTEN: Many Australians say they want to buy Australian-made products but do they actually put that into practice?

Backlash over dreamtime comp

Essendon and Richmond's dreamtime design competitions are only open to Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders. RACISM: Essendon and Richmond’s dreamtime design competition has prompted angry backlash saying it’s a form of reverse racism.

Painless way to slash health costs

drugs LISTEN: The government is paying far too much for pharmaceuticals compared with other countries and could slash millions from its health expenditure just by getting a fairer price for drugs, according to a leading think-tank.

Latham hits back

latham LISTEN: Former Federal Labor leader Mark Latham has hit out at calls for his sacking from Fairfax media, denying claims he was a mouthpiece for Julia Gillard and used Labor Party researchers while writing his articles for the Financial Review.

'The Age' boss questions ALP claims

Labor leader Daniel Andrews. LISTEN: Andrew Holden, editor-in-chief of The Age, has questioned why the dictaphone involved in the leaked Ted Baillieu tapes was destroyed and not returned.

Study: Exposure leads to addiction

gambling LISTEN: Kids exposed to gambling during childhood are more likely to become serious gamblers later in life, according to a new study.

'Matthew Guy's got it wrong'

housing LISTEN: Family First Senator Bob Day says greedy developers are to blame for housing unaffordability.

Kids bullied, adults 'unaware'

bullying LISTEN: A new study has found one in three kids have been bullied at school, while most say their parents don’t even know.

Council to employ resilience officer

fire- LISTEN: It comes with a generous $236,544 annual salary but what does Melbourne’s first ‘chief resilience officer’ actually do?

Abbott an 'unpopular' leader

Abbott LISTEN: The Victorian Young Labor president says Prime Minister Tony Abbott is one of the most unpopular leaders we’ve had in Australia.

'Drug addiction is not a disease'

Peaches, 25, was found dead at her home in Kent. (The Mirror) TOM ELLIOTT: Drug addiction is not a disease, it involves consciously sticking whatever substance it is into your veins, up your nose, into your lungs.

Children need a 'media blackout'

MH17 LISTEN: A child psychologist says there needs to be a media blackout when major disasters occur to protect children.

Drug intake 'should be made public'

Drugs in Sport LISTEN: A sports studies professor says Australian sporting clubs should manage substance intake more effectively.

Coles takes on Australian banks

coles LISTEN: Coles is set to take on Australia’s big four banks after announcing its plans to introduce personal loans in mid-2015.

Victorian town's HIV scare

HIV LATEST: Nearly 400 people in a country Victorian town have been told to undergo HIV tests after coming into contact with a health professional.

Don't 'erase' memory of Harris failing

s LISTEN: A former Howard government minister says we shouldn’t “erase the memory” of our failings by tearing down Rolf Harris’s artwork.

Death sparks dodgy charger warning

chargers USBs RIP-OFF USB: A warning has been issued against cheap USB-style chargers after a woman was found dead wearing headphones and holding her laptop, with burns to her ears and chest.

Tom Elliott's 'Word on the Street' for City Jeep

Tom Elliott's Word on the Street for City Jeep We like to have reporters everywhere - including you! Your suburb, your news, your eye-witness accounts.

Win Free Fuel with LeasePlan

Imagine how many fill ups at the bowser you’ll get with $500 in fuel vouchers. Free Fuel Friday with Tom Elliott. Tell us what you'd do with the free fuel for the chance to win $500 in fuel thanks to Leaseplan. Be listening Friday’s 3-6pm to find out if you’ve won!

Cheap petrol on the horizon? Tom says likelihood is nil

Costco TOM ELLIOTT: This morning on the Rumour File a caller claimed that a major US retailer, most likely Costco, would soon start selling petrol in Australia at a reduced price. “So what” you might ask.

Teachers NOT created qual

Performance TOM ELLIOTT: Premier Napthine and his cabinet are meeting today to discuss policy priorities over the next few months. And although I’m not privy to these discussions, it’s likely that resolution of teachers’ pay dispute is at the top of the govt’s ‘to do’ list.

Health insurance a looming crisis

Emergency Ok TOM ELLIOTT: An additional problem with more people leaving expensive private health is the strain this has to be placing the public system under. Remember that people get sick and injured at the same rate whether they’re insured or not.

Melbourne in need of a bike path makeover

Bike lanes TOM ELLIOTT: As a cyclist, I want to congratulate the City of Yarra for agreeing to create a Copenhagen style bike lane down Wellington St in Collingwood. However, there’s little point in just one council doing it along one road.

Talkback Caller 'crystallises' asylum seeker debate

Colombo 3AW DRIVE: Tom Elliott has lauded a caller on his Drive Program for crystallising the Asylum seeker argument, specifically the reasons why refugees continue to flock to Australia despite a potentially fatal journey and years in detention centres.

How would YOU improve Australia?

Tony Abbott TOM ELLIOTT: "Just in case you anyone didn’t know, 2013 is a federal election year. And over the long weekend, Tony Abbott kicked off the campaign with a new ad that claims both he and his team have been travelling Australia to listen to us."

Why do we love the tennis but hate the GP?

Grand Prix TOM ELLIOTT: Why we seem to love the Australian Open Tennis, yet have mixed feelings about funding the F1 GP? The only question is why the difference? Is it nothing more than, as I suspect, tennis is a truly ‘Australian’ sport while F1 is not?

Does size matter? Not at Subway

subway SKIMPY SANGERS: Social media is currently buzzing with criticism of global Sandwich chain Subway after a Perth man snapped a photo of his 11-inch 'Footlong' Sub. The sandwich chain then dug itself in a deeper hole when it responded to the complaint.

Infrared chopper hired to monitor Melbourne's rail network

Copper COPPER THEFT: Metro has hired a low-noise infrared helicopter to monitor Melbourne's rail network following a 270 per cent increase in copper theft. Transport Minister Terry Mulder joined Tom Elliott on Drive.

How do we fix the dole?

Tom Elliott's opening to his first program - How do we fix the dole? (Photo: Ellen Feely) TOM ELLIOTT ON DRIVE: In Tom Elliott's opening of the all new Drive program on 3AW, Tom outlines his 'radical' plan on how to fix the dole. Watch the video to hear Tom's full dole proposal.

Kelly family to honour bushranger

Ned Kelly FUNERAL: Iconic outlaw and bush ranger Ned Kelly will be laid to rest by his descendents this weekend, 132 years after his last stand. Tom Elliott spoke to Kelly's great grand-nephew Anthony Griffiths this afternoon on 3AW Drive.

Australia braces for killer virus

Syringe UNITED STATES: Australian doctors are bracing for a killer flu that's claimed the lives of 20 children in the United States. Tom Elliott spoke to Dr Alan Hampson, who said the same virus infected Australians last Winter but it could strike back with a vengeance.

Turnbull Labor's saviour?

Malcolm Turnbull TOM ELLIOTT: The Gruen Transfer’s Rowan Dean posed an interesting question – could Labor revive its flagging fortunes by convincing former Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull to change sides and replace Gillard as PM?

School grades aren't everything

Melbourne High students TOM ELLIOTT: Too much emphasis on academic work at the expense of things like social activities, sport and music does not make for well rounded individuals.

Un-Australian for beer: Foreign company to buy Fosters

Fosters TOM ELLIOTT: As many of you would know, my father John Elliott was famous in the 1980s for ‘Fosterising the world’ while he ran the company. Now the process has turned full circle and Foster’s will soon become just a division of a large company.

Australians taxed too much?

Wayne Swan TOM ELLIOTT: The Tax Forum is underway in Canberra but the $1 million talkfest won't touch on the controversial carbon tax or the GST. More here, including Neil Mitchell's interview with Wayne Swan and Tom Elliott's reforms.

State of light sentences?

Prison TOM ELLIOTT: A report out today suggests that almost 90% of all convicted criminals in Victoria serve just the minimum portion of their sentence. I find this statistic amazing, as it’s hard to believe that all prisoners are impeccably behaved during their incarceration.

Welcome to the frontline

Female TOM ELLIOTT: As long as we maintain physical standards for new recruits, there’s no reason why an exceptionally fit and strong female soldier could not be considered capable for the rigours of infantry combat.

Police guilty of racial profiling?

Profiling TOM ELLIOTT: While in a perfect world we’d all be completely colour blind, and assess people for who they really are rather than on the basis of their race, religion or cultural background, the fact is that real life is unfortunately not like this.

'Nanny State alive and well'

nanny state TOM ELLIOTT: Frankly, it seems these days we are forgetting what it means to be an adult. Moves by well meaning bureaucrats and other rule makers to wrap us in cotton wool against the vicissitudes of life prevent people from growing up.

What's your say on pollies' pay?

Cash TOM ELLIOTT: "The big question that must be asked here, of course, is whether paying MPs more would result in a better class of candidate seeking political office? If this is the case, then I wouldn't have a problem increasing pollies' pay." Have your say.