"We need to readjust our thinking on welfare. All welfare aimed at the middle classes that is not means tested, needs to be means tested."

Disabled woman attacked by cyclist

wheelchair LISTEN: An elderly wheelchair-bound woman denied the disabled train spot by a cyclist has been attacked after photographing the woman for evidence.

Study: High-speed rail in 'demand'

rail LISTEN:A new study has found the proposed high-speed rail system between Melbourne and Brisbane is more commercially viable than the government has revealed.

Toyota recalls 6.39m cars

toyota RECALL: Toyota has been forced to recall 6.39 million vehicles globally due to steering and seat problems.

Union: Don't push your own agenda

The Education Union says teachers should not push their personal agendas onto students after some teens were warned working at McDonald’s in Tecoma would cause backlash. LISTEN: The Education Union says teachers should not push their personal views onto students after teens were warned working at McDonald’s in Tecoma would cause a backlash.

'Will our cars, gadgets get cheaper?'

toyota TOM ELLIOTT: The Prime Minister has signed not one, but two free trade agreements in the past 24 hours.

Huge growth in kids with guns

guns LISTEN: New figures show there’s been a huge growth in juniors as young as 12 applying for and getting their shooting licences.

Breakthrough in military relations

China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) has asked to operate under Australian command. LISTEN: Australia’s cooperation with Chinese forces in the hunt for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has led to a breakthrough in military relations.

'This will do nothing for cohesion'

migrants TOM ELLIOTT: The ethnic community’s council of Victoria has suggested that local councils should set aside one third of their jobs for recently arrived migrants.

21st Century-style voting 'a must'

voting LISTEN: A politician is calling for an electronic voting system after 75 votes at an aged care facility in Perth were deemed invalid due to an unsecure ballot box.

Infertile couples turning to India

infertile LISTEN: An increasing number of infertile couples are turning to women in countries like India to bear children for them.

'Take my license away from me'

Andrew Love urges authorities to crack down on drivers with sleeping disorders. Source: News Limited LISTEN: A man suffering with sleep apnoea wants his driver’s license taken away from him and others with similar sleeping disorders.

'I wasn't given a fair go'

Driving Test LISTEN: The man who failed his driving test for being 1km over the limit says VicRoads has not been "fair and reasonable".

'A pension is not a right'

Pensioners LISTEN: Tom Elliott says well-heeled retirees should have to sell their family home before they can access the old-age pension.

More East-West link protests

East-West Link protesters at Clifton Hill this morning. LISTEN: Protests against the East-West tunnel continue this weekend, as the ‘Moreland community against the East-West tunnel’ take to the streets of Brunswick.

Norrie: I'm neither man nor woman

norrie LISTEN: A Sydney person who today won the right to be identified as neither male nor female says she pursued the issue all the way to the High Court to avoid there being any question or confusion over who they are.

'It's time we embrace a higher GST'

GST TOM ELLIOTT: Treasury secretary Martin Parkinson has come out and said ‘if the government doesn’t either increase or widen, or do both to the GST then budget deficits will be with us for decades to come’.

Search for MH370 moves closer

search MH370: The search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane is moving closer to Australia.

'Victoria only needs six councils'

Tom Elliott SLASH THE SHIRES: Tom Elliott has called for a major overhaul of the state's municipal districts.

'Q&A's full of bias, makes me angry'

Q&A host Tony Jones. TOM ELLIOTT: I haven’t watched Q&A as much as I used to because it’s become a bit predictable, a bit boring and displays the same typical bias week-in week-out, but last night I did watch it and it made me bloody angry.

Mayor's 'walk and talk' initiative

park LISTEN: The Hume Council mayor has started an initiative combining the community’s concerns with a healthy lifestyle.

'Stop dividing Australians'

Tom Elliott says he 'absolutely disagrees' with this opinion piece in today's paper. TOM ELLIOTT: I read a rather astonishing editorial in The Age today by Waleed Aly; and what he said just made me angry.

Latham: Abbott's stuck in the 1950s

tony LISTEN: Former Labor leader Mark Latham says he’s not surprised by Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s decision to reintroduce knights and dames.

Sale of Medibank Private confirmed

medibank SALE: The Abbott government has formally announced it will proceed with the sale of Medibank Private through an initial public offering from the next year.

Could this be our new flag?

flag FLAG PROPOSAL: There's been a lot of talk about this flag which has been described as an "inclusive flag symbolising reconciliation".

'One week for concussed players'

harley LISTEN: Former Geelong captain Tom Harley says players need a mandatory week off after suffering a concussion.

Is it OK to be a bigot?

Brandis bigotry cartoon LISTEN: Prime Minister Tony Abbott says no one wants to see bigotry in Australia, as the Coalition outline controversial changes to race hate laws.

Graduate: 'I've applied for 387 jobs'

renatalead LISTEN: A social work graduate says she's applied for 387 jobs since completing her university degree and the only job she’s been able to land is in rural NSW.

MH370 families demand answers

A three-year-old girl, family member of a passenger onboard Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 MH370: A world-leading aviation attorney says it's "appalling" that Malaysia Airlines notified families of the 239 passengers on board flight MH370 by text message.

Have we become a throw-away society?

Broken TVs COMMENT: When something breaks, the idea that you would get it fixed rather than buy a new one is completely foreign to most people nowadays.

'I'm doing it for the kids'

Alex Leapai World heavyweight title contender Alex Leapai told Tom Elliott reigning long-reigning champion Wladimir Klitschko "is just another human being" as he prepares for their title bout in April.

Doctor's push to legalise marijuana

cannabis LISTEN: A medical professor says Australia should follow Colorado’s initiative and legalise the purchase and use of marijuana.

ADHD or naughty child?

ADHD LISTEN: The clinical director at Behavioural Neurotherapy Clinic has brushed off new research which claims ADHD is not real.

Big BBQ in store for thieves?

A medieval artistic rendition of Pope Joan with a papal tiara. Illustrated Manuscript. Bibliothèque nationale de France, circa 1560s. LISTEN: Mystery surrounds a spate of recent break-in's at Melbourne Cafe Pope Joan, and cafe co-owner speculates someone may be having a really big BBQ after thousands of dollars of meat produce were stolen.

Cafe charges 'rude' phone users

cafeletter LISTEN: A cafe has taken the bold step and introduced a surcharge fee for customers who use their mobile phones at the counter.

Man comes forward over dooring

WATCH: Cyclist riding along Collins Street 'doored' and abused. WATCH: A man has contacted police over the Collins Street dooring that has split Melbourne.

Petrol price rise causes dismay

Petrol price fluctuations cause dismay amongst consumers LISTEN: Petrol prices at two stations just outside Melbourne last night hit $1.72.9 per litre and dropped to $1.52 this morning. Fluctuations like this are common and continue to cause dismay among consumers.

Should cyber-bullying be a crime?

Former chief justice of the Family Court, Alastair Nicholson, has suggested cyber-bullying should be a crime that carries a three-month prison sentence for the worst adult offenders. LISTEN: Former chief justice of the Family Court, Alastair Nicholson, has suggested cyber-bullying should be a crime that carries a three-month prison sentence for the worst adult offenders.

Bad news for surfers

Latest findings by the Bureau of Meteorology predict big surf will increasingly become a thing of the past. LISTEN: Latest findings by the Bureau of Meteorology predict big surf will increasingly become a thing of the past.

Reports of plane sighting in Maldives

The search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 enters its 12th day. LISTEN: As the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet enters its 12th day, new reports reveal the plane may have reached the Maldives.

Health insurance premiums on the rise

Health insurance premiums on the rise LISTEN: Health insurance is set to cost you a lot more this year and according to Medibank Private spokesperson, we can blame ageing population, an increase in chronic disease and the high costs of new technology.

Does Pope rethink gay civil unions?

Pope LISTEN: Ash Wednesday in Rome saw Pope Francis, leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics, hint at the church potentially recognising gay civil unions.

WA publican bars indigenous people

The publican at the Denver City Hotel has apologised for decision banning indigenous patrons. A West Australian publican has banned Indigenous Australians from her premises after her mobile phone was allegedly stolen.

Expensive Melbourne

Melbourne Laneway LISTEN: Melbourne ranks in the top 10 most expensive cities on earth behind Singapore, Paris, Oslo, Zurich and Sydney, according to the Worldwide Cost of Living Index compiled by the Economist's intelligence unit.

Mohawk mayor takes on the world

Darren Lyons LISTEN: Geelong mayor Darryn Lyons has made the long-list of 50 in the World Mayor competition.

Australian reporters to be deported

Channel Ten reporter Daniel Sutton will be deported by Indonesia today. Photo: @danielsutton10 BALI: An Australian journalist and photographer have been blacklisted from entering Indonesia for the next six months after they were caught with the wrong visa.

ACCC takes on Coles and Woolies

coles COURT: Australia's competition watchdog has launched legal action against Woolworths and Coles for allegedly breaching undertakings over fuel shopper dockets.

Parks Victoria authorises deer cull

deer LISTEN: Parks Victoria has authorised a deer cull in three parks in the Dandenong Ranges.

'We need to keep working to 70'

Pensioners PENSIONS: Tom Elliott has urged Treasurer Joe Hockey to raise the retirement age - the age when people are eligible to receive the aged pension - to 70.

Fox: Guy got his wires crossed

Fox WATCH: Lindsay Fox says the state's Planning Minister has got his wires crossed after he announced he'd do everything in his power to reclaim a piece of prime Mornington Peninsula beach land.

Banner blues for Pies cheer squad

Banner It's a decision that has caused ructions within the Magpie Army, but Collingwood has stripped the Pies' cheer squad of its privilege of making the club banner.

'Relax the Qantas Sale Act'

alan TOM ELLIOTT: Should Qantas remain the flying kangaroo? It’s been an iconic brand, an iconic part of Australia for years.

Talking Geelong with its key figures

Tomlead VIDEO, PHOTOS: The issues, the people and the future of Geelong.

Geelong refinery sold by Shell

shell LISTEN: The Geelong refinery has been sold to international fuel trader Vitol, prompting speculation the plant may be shut down.

One dead in Manus Island riots

Manus Island LISTEN: An investigation is underway into a chaotic riot at the Manus Island detention centre, which left one person dead.

Four crosses for health report card

Hospital LISTEN: A major report into the state of Australia's hospitals showed that Victoria failed to meet all its performance targets.

Council trials more smoking bans

laneway LISTEN: More open-air laneways in Melbourne’s CBD will be trialled as no smoking zones as part of a Melbourne City Council initiative.

When I swapped my hijab for a hat

Leena Suleiman When Leena Suleiman, an American Muslim living in Chicago, wrapped up warm to guard herself against the debilitating cold, she didn't realise she was unwittingly conducting a kind of social experiment.

How do you spot an arsonist?

BT Fires TOM ELLIOTT: People who light fires during adverse weather conditions are the lowest of the low, and what they do is up there with mass murder

11yo's app makes best-selling list

happy LISTEN: An 11-year-old Melbourne boy has launched his own mobile app which has reached #123 on the best-selling app list.

AMA's push for vending machines

Syringe SYRINGE USE: The Australian Medical Association has thrown its support behind the introduction of syringe vending machines in Victoria.

Kids can tweet, but can't tie shoes

Shoelaces LISTEN: Tom Elliott says kids are soft these days. A study shows that techno-savvy kids can work their way around an iPad or iPhone with ease, but don't know how to tie their shoelaces.

Writer's plea: Give me my dignity

jobs LISTEN: A Melbourne screenwriter says she's desperate for a job but can't seem to find work.

Snowboarder tells parents 'stay away'

Scotty James. LISTEN: Snowboarder Scotty James has told his parents to stay away from the Sochi Winter Olympics amid fears of more attacks.

60 horses survive terrifying fire

horses WATCH: Emotional scenes as a family discover all 60 of their horses survived a terrifying fire at Bylands.

Drivers nabbed in number plate sting

Number plates LISTEN: A well-heeled sports car driver has paid an eye-watering $36,000 on the spot to settle outstanding fines.

Home buyers grant 'wasted money'

Property. Property experts and economists have slammed the first-home buyers scheme as one of the biggest policy failures in recent history.

New Speaker, but chaos reigns

Ken Smith. FULL COVERAGE: Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews has told 3AW Drive that he's happy with Christine Fyffe's appointment as Speaker but Parliament is still a "circus".

Is the Queen about to step down?

The Queen's visit - are you excited or not? A leading bookmaker in the United Kingdom has suspended betting on the Queen announcing that she will step down by the end of the year after a large wager was placed in the Windsor area. 

Labor pledges $30m to save SPC jobs

Victorian Labor leader Daniel Andrews and Trevor Vidler at the SPC Ardmona factory in Shepparton. LISTEN: Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews says a pledge of $30 million for SPC Ardmona would be a partnership and not just a payout.

Gatto lashes out at 'fictional' reports

Mick Gatto LISTEN: Mick Gatto has denied claims he’s linked to dirty deals in the building industry, taking a swipe at journalists covering the story.

Shorten brands Tony Abbott a 'oncer'

Bill Shorten Bill Shorten has thrown down the gauntlet to Prime Minister Tony Abbott, 100 days after taking over as federal opposition leader.

PHOTO: Melburnians beat the heat

POOL375 PHOTOS: A Word On The Street caller yesterday claimed girls in bikinis were hanging out in a skip lined with plastic and full of water, so we sent our program reporter to check it out.

Green launches 'One Punch, Can Kill'

Green WATCH: World champion boxer Danny Green has released an educational TV ad campaign to tackle violence in young men.

Water meter trial set for south-east

water LISTEN: South East Water is set to install 1,000 water meters in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs as part of a 12-month trial.

Protestors park van in disabled space

van PHOTO: Disability advocates are outraged with the Yarra City Council allowing East-West Link protestors to park a caravan in a disabled spot.

Rafter’s comeback and bouffants!

What do Darren Lehmann and Tom Elliott have in common? TOM ELLIOTT: What do Darren Lehmann and Tom Elliott have in common?

Tom's five-point budget plan

Health insurance premiums on the rise TOM ELLIOTT: Today Treasurer Joe Hockey admitted that Australia’s public debt could easily shoot through the half a billion dollar ceiling he had contemplated just weeks ago.

Holden to depart Australia

Holden announces closure. UPDATE: Holden has confirmed it will cease to make cars in Australia by the end of 2017.

'How to spot a con a mile off'

How To Spot A Con A Mile Off. TOM ELLIOTT: News that hundreds of people have collectively lost tens of millions of dollars in Bill Vlahos’ so-called “Punters’ Club” surprises me not at all.

Teen's drink spiked in Bali nightclub

Cocktails. SCHOOLIES: A teenage girl celebrating schoolies week in Bali has been airlifted home to Australia after having her drink spiked.

The church without a God

Church. SUNDAY ASSEMBLY: Each Sunday in Brisbane and in up to 40 other places around the world, a contingent of atheists join together for their ‘atheist Church’.

Pyne: Labor short-changed students

Education Minister Christopher Pyne addresses the media during a press conference. LISTEN: The Abbott government has denied breaking a promise on school funding, as it announces it's walking away from the Gonski reforms.

Psychic predicts baby Elliott

Tom Elliott LISTEN: A veteran psychic has predicted Tom Elliott and his wife Elise will be having another baby.

Man dies after falling from cliff

Image: Channel Seven UPDATE: A teenager has died after falling off a cliff at Flinders on the Mornington Peninsular yesterday afternoon.

Why I hate tipping

A court's heard a gambling addict got onto his daughter's preschool committee and stole nearly $250,000 from its bank accounts. TOM ELLIOTT: Here in Australia, it used to be the case that tips were only provided in cases of exceptional service. Now, however, it seems that a tip of 10 to 15 per cent is regarded as the norm...

US reports Holden will close by 2016

The Wall Street Journal today reported GM intended to close in Australia. CAR INDUSTRY: A prominent South Australian senator does not believe Holden's US parent company General Motors is planning to quit Australia, despite a US report.

'Smith may not survive another week'

MP Geoff Shaw sides with Labor. LISTEN: The Victorian Parliament has been thrown into turmoil with rebel independent MP Geoff Shaw turning on the Napthine Government, supporting Labor in a vote of no confidence in the Speaker.

Elliott: We should spy on Indonesia

Tom Elliott says the government would be mad not to spy on Indonesia. TOM ELLIOTT: In order to defuse the ongoing spy row with Indonesia, Tony Abbott has sent Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono a letter that makes a number of promises regarding future relations between the two countries.

Tom's mum dishes the dirt

Did you hear Tom's mum Lorraine filling in for his dad John this afternoon? VIDEO: We asked Tom's mum Lorraine what Tom was like as a kid.

Yet another public transport debacle

3AW News has learned that more than $802,000 has been spent over the past 15 months putting a new brand-name on the city's trains, trams, buses and transport stops. TOM ELLIOTT: I reckon our public transport system might have another mini-Myki debacle on its hands. Today The Age reported that a programme to install GPS trackers on all Melbourne’s buses has been quietly scrapped.

Taxi ploughes into power pole

Taxi flipped in Hampton. PHOTOS: A taxi has flipped and is on its roof after crashing into a power pole in Hampton.

'We do not do adoption well'

Deborra-Lee Furness joined Tom Elliott for Adoption Awareness Week. WATCH: Deborra-Lee Furness says there are 18,000 children in foster care needing a family but only 70 of those were adopted last year.

'Schoolies Week circus heads north'

The first day of Schoolies 2013 on the Gold Coast. TOM ELLIOTT: I’d like to recount a few of my experiences at Schoolies Week on the Gold Coast way back in 1985!

Internet retail to be charged GST?

GST TOM ELLIOTT: News that the Federal Treasury is examining the $1000 online threshold for GST exempt purchases should have all you internet shoppers worried...

Man dies in recycling factory accident

A man has been killed at a factory in Braeside. BRAESIDE: A WorkSafe spokesman says 2013 is "heading in a bad way" with the seventh workplace death in just six weeks reported this morning.

Tom Elliott: All of us are the victims

Tom Elliott says State Parliament is a mess. TOM ELLIOTT: State Parliament is in a big mess right now, and all of us are the victims!

Protesters 'a matter for the police'

State Treasurer Michael O'Brien. WATCH: State Treasurer Michael O'Brien says East-West Link protesters need to learn the difference between a lawful protest and an illegal picket.

'Some breeds are bred to fight'

Tom Elliott says some breeds are just bred to fight. TOM ELLIOTT: I would like to look at the new dangerous dog breed legislation that’s been introduced into state parliament today.

'Just stick to the speed limit!'

There are reports today that police have rewritten their speed camera rules so that cameras can be hidden. TOM ELLIOTT: There’s a lot of chatter about today as to whether it’s OK for the police to conceal speed cameras from motorists.

Tom Elliott's 'Word on the Street' for City Jeep

Tom Elliott's Word on the Street for City Jeep We like to have reporters everywhere - including you! Your suburb, your news, your eye-witness accounts.

Win Free Fuel with LeasePlan

Imagine how many fill ups at the bowser you’ll get with $500 in fuel vouchers. Free Fuel Friday with Tom Elliott. Tell us what you'd do with the free fuel for the chance to win $500 in fuel thanks to Leaseplan. Be listening Friday’s 3-6pm to find out if you’ve won!

Cheap petrol on the horizon? Tom says likelihood is nil

Costco TOM ELLIOTT: This morning on the Rumour File a caller claimed that a major US retailer, most likely Costco, would soon start selling petrol in Australia at a reduced price. “So what” you might ask.

Teachers NOT created qual

Performance TOM ELLIOTT: Premier Napthine and his cabinet are meeting today to discuss policy priorities over the next few months. And although I’m not privy to these discussions, it’s likely that resolution of teachers’ pay dispute is at the top of the govt’s ‘to do’ list.

Health insurance a looming crisis

Emergency Ok TOM ELLIOTT: An additional problem with more people leaving expensive private health is the strain this has to be placing the public system under. Remember that people get sick and injured at the same rate whether they’re insured or not.

Melbourne in need of a bike path makeover

Bike lanes TOM ELLIOTT: As a cyclist, I want to congratulate the City of Yarra for agreeing to create a Copenhagen style bike lane down Wellington St in Collingwood. However, there’s little point in just one council doing it along one road.

Talkback Caller 'crystallises' asylum seeker debate

Colombo 3AW DRIVE: Tom Elliott has lauded a caller on his Drive Program for crystallising the Asylum seeker argument, specifically the reasons why refugees continue to flock to Australia despite a potentially fatal journey and years in detention centres.

How would YOU improve Australia?

Tony Abbott TOM ELLIOTT: "Just in case you anyone didn’t know, 2013 is a federal election year. And over the long weekend, Tony Abbott kicked off the campaign with a new ad that claims both he and his team have been travelling Australia to listen to us."

Why do we love the tennis but hate the GP?

Grand Prix TOM ELLIOTT: Why we seem to love the Australian Open Tennis, yet have mixed feelings about funding the F1 GP? The only question is why the difference? Is it nothing more than, as I suspect, tennis is a truly ‘Australian’ sport while F1 is not?

Does size matter? Not at Subway

subway SKIMPY SANGERS: Social media is currently buzzing with criticism of global Sandwich chain Subway after a Perth man snapped a photo of his 11-inch 'Footlong' Sub. The sandwich chain then dug itself in a deeper hole when it responded to the complaint.

Infrared chopper hired to monitor Melbourne's rail network

Copper COPPER THEFT: Metro has hired a low-noise infrared helicopter to monitor Melbourne's rail network following a 270 per cent increase in copper theft. Transport Minister Terry Mulder joined Tom Elliott on Drive.

How do we fix the dole?

Tom Elliott's opening to his first program - How do we fix the dole? (Photo: Ellen Feely) TOM ELLIOTT ON DRIVE: In Tom Elliott's opening of the all new Drive program on 3AW, Tom outlines his 'radical' plan on how to fix the dole. Watch the video to hear Tom's full dole proposal.

Kelly family to honour bushranger

Ned Kelly FUNERAL: Iconic outlaw and bush ranger Ned Kelly will be laid to rest by his descendents this weekend, 132 years after his last stand. Tom Elliott spoke to Kelly's great grand-nephew Anthony Griffiths this afternoon on 3AW Drive.

Australia braces for killer virus

Syringe UNITED STATES: Australian doctors are bracing for a killer flu that's claimed the lives of 20 children in the United States. Tom Elliott spoke to Dr Alan Hampson, who said the same virus infected Australians last Winter but it could strike back with a vengeance.

Turnbull Labor's saviour?

Malcolm Turnbull TOM ELLIOTT: The Gruen Transfer’s Rowan Dean posed an interesting question – could Labor revive its flagging fortunes by convincing former Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull to change sides and replace Gillard as PM?

School grades aren't everything

Melbourne High students TOM ELLIOTT: Too much emphasis on academic work at the expense of things like social activities, sport and music does not make for well rounded individuals.

Un-Australian for beer: Foreign company to buy Fosters

Fosters TOM ELLIOTT: As many of you would know, my father John Elliott was famous in the 1980s for ‘Fosterising the world’ while he ran the company. Now the process has turned full circle and Foster’s will soon become just a division of a large company.

Australians taxed too much?

Wayne Swan TOM ELLIOTT: The Tax Forum is underway in Canberra but the $1 million talkfest won't touch on the controversial carbon tax or the GST. More here, including Neil Mitchell's interview with Wayne Swan and Tom Elliott's reforms.

State of light sentences?

Prison TOM ELLIOTT: A report out today suggests that almost 90% of all convicted criminals in Victoria serve just the minimum portion of their sentence. I find this statistic amazing, as it’s hard to believe that all prisoners are impeccably behaved during their incarceration.

Welcome to the frontline

Female TOM ELLIOTT: As long as we maintain physical standards for new recruits, there’s no reason why an exceptionally fit and strong female soldier could not be considered capable for the rigours of infantry combat.

Police guilty of racial profiling?

Profiling TOM ELLIOTT: While in a perfect world we’d all be completely colour blind, and assess people for who they really are rather than on the basis of their race, religion or cultural background, the fact is that real life is unfortunately not like this.

'Nanny State alive and well'

nanny state TOM ELLIOTT: Frankly, it seems these days we are forgetting what it means to be an adult. Moves by well meaning bureaucrats and other rule makers to wrap us in cotton wool against the vicissitudes of life prevent people from growing up.

What's your say on pollies' pay?

Cash TOM ELLIOTT: "The big question that must be asked here, of course, is whether paying MPs more would result in a better class of candidate seeking political office? If this is the case, then I wouldn't have a problem increasing pollies' pay." Have your say.