The Melbourne City Council is set to employ a resilience officer.

The Melbourne City Council is set to employ a resilience officer.

Painless way to slash health costs

drugs LISTEN: The government is paying far too much for pharmaceuticals compared with other countries and could slash millions from its health expenditure just by getting a fairer price for drugs, according to a leading think-tank.

'The Age' boss questions ALP claims

Labor leader Daniel Andrews. LISTEN: Andrew Holden, editor-in-chief of The Age, has questioned why the dictaphone involved in the leaked Ted Baillieu tapes was destroyed and not returned.

Study: Exposure leads to addiction

gambling LISTEN: Kids exposed to gambling during childhood are more likely to become serious gamblers later in life, according to a new study.

Kids bullied, adults 'unaware'

bullying LISTEN: A new study has found one in three kids have been bullied at school, while most say their parents don’t even know.

Council to employ resilience officer

fire- LISTEN: It comes with a generous $236,544 annual salary but what does Melbourne’s first ‘chief resilience officer’ actually do?

Abbott an 'unpopular' leader

Abbott LISTEN: The Victorian Young Labor president says Prime Minister Tony Abbott is one of the most unpopular leaders we’ve had in Australia.

'Drug addiction is not a disease'

Peaches, 25, was found dead at her home in Kent. (The Mirror) TOM ELLIOTT: Drug addiction is not a disease, it involves consciously sticking whatever substance it is into your veins, up your nose, into your lungs.

Children need a 'media blackout'

MH17 LISTEN: A child psychologist says there needs to be a media blackout when major disasters occur to protect children.

Drug intake 'should be made public'

Drugs in Sport LISTEN: A sports studies professor says Australian sporting clubs should manage substance intake more effectively.

Coles takes on Australian banks

coles LISTEN: Coles is set to take on Australia’s big four banks after announcing its plans to introduce personal loans in mid-2015.

Victorian town's HIV scare

HIV LATEST: Nearly 400 people in a country Victorian town have been told to undergo HIV tests after coming into contact with a health professional.

Don't 'erase' memory of Harris failing

s LISTEN: A former Howard government minister says we shouldn’t “erase the memory” of our failings by tearing down Rolf Harris’s artwork.

Death sparks dodgy charger warning

chargers USBs RIP-OFF USB: A warning has been issued against cheap USB-style chargers after a woman was found dead wearing headphones and holding her laptop, with burns to her ears and chest.

‘Head gear won’t stop concussions’

With calls for the AFL to embrace headgear following recent concussion incidents, a leading expert says helmets aren’t the solution. LISTEN: With calls for the AFL to embrace headgear following recent concussion incidents, a leading expert and AFLPA say helmets aren’t the solution.

Parent behaving 'ugly' banned

A Melbourne lawyer has been banned from all soccer matches in Victoria after abusing a teenage referee during an under-13 match. LISTEN: A Melbourne lawyer has been banned from all soccer matches in Victoria after abusing a teenage referee during an under-13 match.

Estate agent goes against the grain

House sold at auction. LISTEN: A Melbourne real estate agent is bucking the auction trend by advertising the properties reserve price ahead of the big day.

Abbott thanks Clive Palmer

abbott LISTEN: Prime Minister Tony Abbott has thanked Clive Palmer for agreeing to help scrap the carbon tax but says he doesn't like the idea of an Emissions Trading Scheme.

'Ban jumps racing'

Animal activists are calling for a ban on jumps racing after the death of a horse on Wednesday. LISTEN: Animal activists are calling for a ban on jumps racing after the death of a horse on Wednesday.

Palmer supports carbon tax abolition

Al Gore has shared his bleak view in Melbourne on Monday CANBERRA: Clive Palmer has announced his party will support the abolition of the carbon tax, but with conditions attached.

Weather clean up continues

Wayne says his neighbours trampoline has blown over his fence and into his pool. PHOTOS/VIDEOS: The clean up continues after wild weather battered the city on Tuesday with power outages, trees down, traffic chaos and floods. A Kinglake resident told Tom Elliott with power still out, this presents a new set of issues.

'We need to free Peter Greste'

Australian journalist Peter Greste faces seven years in prison after an Egyptian court found him guilty of aiding the blacklisted Muslim Brotherhood. EGYPT: The brother of Peter Greste has told Neil Mitchell he will continue to fight for Peter's release after he was sentenced to seven years in jail.

Property damage bill up to $100k

damageLEAD PHOTOS: A Kinglake resident says today’s wild weather will cost him an estimated $100,000 after having eight gum trees fall on his property.

CASA to lift in-flight phone ban

qantas LISTEN: The Civil Aviation Safety Authority says it is in talks with Qantas to lift in-flight phone bans.

Instant coffee snobs

Coffee LISTEN: Much to the dismay of cafe dwelling baristas and lovers of ‘proper coffee’ across Melbourne, it’s been revealed 75% of the coffee consumed in Australia is of the instant variety.

Foreign owned farmland on the rise

Wind farm LISTEN: Foreign investment of Australian farmland has grown by 4.7 million hectares in two-and-a-half years and Federal Agricultural Minister Barnaby Joyce says it’s essential, but we also have the right to say ‘no’.

More TAFE cuts on the way

It’s been revealed more TAFE funding cuts are to be rolled out from 1 July this year. LISTEN: It’s been revealed more TAFE funding cuts are to be rolled out from 1 July this year.

D-day at Ford

Henry Fuller, of Grovedale, leaves the Geelong Ford plant. He's worked there for 25 years. (Photo: Penny Stephens / The Age) FORD: Workers at the Broadmeadows Ford factory were told one by one on Friday if they will keep their job. Reporter Jordan Tunbridge tells Tom Elliott the mood is 'dull'.

Aussie troops off to Iraq

Australian troops are heading back to Iraq to protect the Australian embassy in Baghdad as insurgents continue to move across Iraq. Photo: Glenn Campbell IRAQ: Australian troops are heading back to Iraq. Reporter Francis Keany told Tom Elliott why.

Buyer hit with cash surcharge

taxLEAD PHOTO: A shocked 3AW Drive listener has sent in a photo of his receipt after being charged for paying cash.

'They don't want Muslims in Bendigo'

Art mosque LISTEN: Mayor of Bendigo Council - who supports the construction of a mosque in the region - believes those against the development 'just don't want Muslims in Bendigo'.

Homeowners struggling for food

fareshare LISTEN: The CEO of FareShare says the increasing cost of living is forcing more homeowners to use their food services.

'Big companies should not donate'

Fahour TOM ELLIOTT: I think it’s great for individuals to donate money to charity but I don’t like it when companies do it.

Chaplaincy program unconstitutional

The Abbott Government's School chaplains program has been struck down in a landmark ruling by the High Court. (Photo: Andrew Meares) HIGH COURT: The Abbott Government's school chaplaincy program has been struck down in a landmark ruling by the High Court, but the National School Chaplaincy Association says the decision is not 'anti-chaplaincy'.

IBAC to probe Transport Department

The state's corruption watchdog is to investigate allegations of serious corrupt conduct involving the Department of Transport and Public Transport Victoria. WATCHDOG: The state's corruption watchdog is to investigate allegations of serious corrupt conduct involving the Department of Transport and Public Transport Victoria.

Apartments with a twist of beer

Apartments with a twist of beer LISTEN: Residents of a new Collingwood apartment development are set to have their own boutique beer to reflect the site’s former life as a brewery.

P-plate V8 blanket ban reversed

V8 car MOTORING: VicRoads and Victoria Police have welcomed a move by the state government allowing P-platers to drive some V8s and turbocharged vehicles from July.

Thomson: Stabilise our population

TOM ELLIOTT: We are one of the few places on earth that can choose our own population. LISTEN: Federal MP Kelvin Thomson says Australia needs to stabilise its population numbers and reduce its overseas migration back to 70,000.

Iraqi blogger: It's deteriorating fast

Iraq LISTEN: As the Islamic extremist group ISIL approaches Baghdad, Iraqi blogger and activist tells Tom Elliott things are deteriorating rapidly.

$950 car park tax for businesses

Car Park LISTEN: Business owners in Melbourne's inner suburbs are set to face a new annual tax on their car spaces.

Report: Rich don't pay enough tax

homeless REPORT: New research has found the gap between the rich and poor is growing with the most affluent not paying enough tax.

Labor's shock ad 'misleading'

Labor leader Daniel Andrews. VIDEO: The state government says a new Labor 'shock' ad about whooping cough is misleading and it's wrong of the opposition to play politics with children's health. While the Opposition Leader says this ad simply shows the consequences of Premier Napthine's bad decisions.

Would you bank at Coles?

TOM ELLIOTT: Would you trust Coles with your banking? TOM ELLIOTT: So many of us go to Coles and Woolworths for our groceries, our household products and increasingly our petrol.

Respect, drum it into kids at school

Students enter Xavier College on Tuesday after mad muck-up day LISTEN: High school students will be taught about respect in a new State Government initiative aimed at curbing gender-based violence. Leading academic and brains behind the program told Tom Elliott it teaches children the benefits of positive relationships between genders.

No troops for Iraq says expert

Soldiers LISTEN: As the situation deteriorates in Iraq, Tony Abbott and Barak Obama refuse to rule out the possibility of future military action in Iraq. Yet international affairs commentator Dr Keith Suter told Tom Elliott he can’t imagine it would be likely President Obama will send troops into Iraq.

Should ill smokers get benefits?

smoking TOM ELLIOTT: I understand that some people are addicted to cigarettes, but really?

4WD's, what's the point?

TOM ELLIOTT: TOM ELLIOTT: Clive Palmer says he wants to get rid of the carbon tax, but there's a catch. And 4WD's that don't even go off road, what's the point?

Transsexual students to get a choice

tpoilets LISTEN: Transgender and transsexual students will soon be able to use either the boys’ or girls’ toilets under a national anti-discrimination strategy.

Veteran reflects on Australia today

Computer, lap top LISTEN: Harold, 89, has sent Tom an email which really caught his attention. He says Australia has a few things to improve on.

Push to ban real estate underquoting

House sold at auction. LISTEN: An online petition has been launched to urge the government to monitor underquoting in the real estate industry.

Man stabbed at Frankston

Police are investigating a death near Geelong. WORD ON THE STREET: A man has been stabbed in the neck at Frankston.

Gay footballer pleased with support

'I don’t know whether footy is ready for an openly gay player.' Photo: Paul Jeffers LISTEN: A suburban footballer who used a column in The Age today to reveal he's gay says he's pleased with the support he's received.

Anger over chairlift plans

save our parks ARTHURS SEAT: Mornington Shire Council has approved an application for a gondola chairlift to be built where the iconic Arthur's Seat chairlift used to be.

'We’ve got to tighten our belts'

Treasury Secretary Dr Martin Parkinson and Finance Minister Senator Mathias Cormann. TOM ELLIOTT: Money, money, money! We all have to have it and far too many of us get obsessed with it.

'Shaw's in contempt of Parliament'

shaw LISTEN: State Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews has reinforced Labor’s determination to condemn maverick MP Geoff Shaw claiming he’s in contempt of Parliament.

Palmer: Credlin criticism's a 'beat up'

Clive Palmer says wealthy women should not be paid more in the parental leave scheme. LISTEN: Clive Palmer has defended comments about the Prime Minister's chief of staff, claiming the story is a "beat-up".

'A stranger gave me new lease on life'

Kidney swap LISTEN: Last week we heard about the biggest kidney exchange program in Australian history. Today Tom Elliott spoke to two people involved in the 12-way donation.

‘Sell all the council flats’

Public Housing TOM ELLIOTT: With soaring rents making ‘cheap’ suburbs inaccessible, Tom Elliott asks how we can we get more roofs over the heads of those on low incomes.

Morrison defends refugee cuts

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says he's 'not vindictive' after scrapping four years worth of administration funding to the Refugee Council. WATCH: Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says he's not being "vindictive", after scrapping four years' worth of administration funding to the Refugee Council.

'Dedicated AFL rounds tokenistic'

dreamtime indigenous round 2013 TOM ELLIOTT: Do we really want to focus, in footy, on one racial group ahead of another? I found myself uncomfortable with it.

Employers want work experience

Unemployed 17-year-old job seeker Tabatha Tyne. TOM ELLIOTT: New research suggests employers are searching for youth with experience instead of a degree.

Australian WWI soldiers identified

Defence officials have confirmed the identification of another 20 Australians of the 250 soldiers recovered from a mass WWI burial site in France. PHOTOS: Defence officials have confirmed the names of another 20 Australian soldiers recovered from a mass WWI burial site in France.

Realtors to swot up on the Chinese

Chinese flag with AUCTION written on it.
Foreign investors buying houses /property in Australia. LISTEN: A leading real estate firm is offering training to its agents on how to sell property to Chinese investors.

'Families should be left out of this'

Tony Abbott vows to deliver on his promises as soon as possible. LISTEN: Prime Minister Tony Abbott becomes testy when questioned about a controversial scholarship given to his daughter.

Latham weighs into phone sex wink

Appearing on ABC Radio, Tony Abbott winked at host Jon Faine when an angry pensioner told him she worked on an adult sex line. LISTEN: Former Labor leader Mark Latham says he’s got his doubts over the authenticity of a call that’s thrown Prime Minister Tony Abbott into hot waters.

WATCH: Daredevil's climbing stunt

Free climbing urban explorer Drjft VIDEO: A Melbourne 'urban explorer' has posted gut-wrenching footage of him scaling a Southbank crane - without a harness or safety gear.

'Leave Frances Abbott alone'

Bridget and Frances Abbott at the David Jones Autumn/Winter show. TOM ELLIOTT: Frances Abbott, in some people’s minds, has controversially received a scholarship to study at the Whitehouse Institute of Design.

Aussies gold medallists in laziness

Fat Kids LISTEN: Australian children are among the worst in the world when it comes to getting the physical activity they need.

Women 'less ambitious' than men

women STUDY: A new study has revealed 60 per cent of businessmen feel women are not as ambitious and find it difficult to juggle work-life commitments.

An insider playing the outsiders' game

Clive Palmer LISTEN: What do we know about Clive Palmer? A Queensland academic has studied the man and says he doesn't fit the mould of other "populist" politicians.

Happy employees benefit productivity

workplace LISTEN: Beyond Blue chairman Jeff Kennett says if Australian workers are mentally healthy, productivity will increase by 1.5 per cent.

Students 'should be grateful'

students TOM ELLIOTT: Students are out in their thousands outside the State Library today protesting against the federal government’s evil budget.

Woman's petition for 'peticare'

spoodle LISTEN: A Bundoora woman has started a petition calling on pet owners to fork out cash for a Medicare-style pet scheme.

ANZ hit by skimming scam

ANZ LISTEN: Around 200 ANZ customers have had their cards de-activated after a skimming device was found at an ATM in Donvale.

Lifting pension age is the way to go

Pensioners can an expect an increase in pay this week. LISTEN: A former Labor adviser says the older generations should stop bleating about the pension age being lifted to 70.

Vaccinations and autism 'not linked'

A landmark study has found there is no causal link between vaccinations and autism spectrum disorders. LISTEN: A landmark study has found there is no causal link between vaccinations and autism spectrum disorders.

'Aussies won't take on hard work'

Migrant workers LISTEN: The owner of a Melbourne recycling plant has praised the work ethic of his refugee employees, saying he struggles to find Australians willing to do the work.

The 'free ride' has to end

MP LISTEN: The state treasurer says the Victorian government can’t keep carrying the rest of the country, claiming they can’t manage their own budgets.

'It's time we push up the fuel tax'

Petrol bowser LISTEN: Fairfax's economics editor says raising the petrol excise is a no-brainer but it should be bumped up with caution as Australia's economy is weaker than it appears.

'Dyer Street has a good ring to it'

Jack Dyer LISTEN: There's a community push to name a street in Richmond after football legend Jack Dyer.

Ice addict attacks innocent woman

ice LISTEN: A woman has been punched "black and blue" by a known ice addict after she came to the aid of a city busker.

Health policy advisor slams audit

Terry Barnes LISTEN: The former health policy advisor for the Howard government says the Commission of Audit has gone too far.

Palmer goes into battle for retirees

Clive Palmer LISTEN: Clive Palmer has vowed to use his power in the senate to block recommended changes to the aged pension system.

Tom Elliott: 'Ice is not a plague'

ice TOM ELLIOTT: At the start of every addict’s life there is a choice to take drugs – then part of the responsibility for what happens is on their head.

Boa constrictor seized from home

Boa Constrictor LISTEN: A rebellious reptile-lover in Geelong has got himself into a tight squeeze.

Obese people could pay more

obesity LISTEN: Doctors claim a proposal to charge people who smoke or are overweight more for their health insurance cover isn't fair.

Are our Catholic pollies unChristian?

Prime Minister Tony Abbott LISTEN: Do our politicians of faith practise what they preach?

Are the 'rich' set to get a haircut?

Tom Elliott money COMMENT: We don’t know if Joe Hockey is seriously considering a deficit levy or not – we won’t know until budget night – but I’ll hazard a guess that the rumour is true.

Schools to trial ethical education

ethics LISTEN: A new ethical education trial could see Victorian primary schools scrapping religious education for lessons in "good judgment".

Clearways targeted in state budget

obrien EXCLUSIVE: Motorists who park in clearways will be targeted in the state budget with extra funds diverted to enforce the law.

'East West benefits are clear'

Protesters for the East-West link. LISTEN: Premier Denis Napthine says he has been upfront when it comes to the economic benefits of the East West Link for Victorians, as one Brunswick resident launches court action in a bid to halt the project.

Disabled woman attacked by cyclist

wheelchair LISTEN: An elderly wheelchair-bound woman denied the disabled train spot by a cyclist has been attacked after photographing the woman for evidence.

Uber cars, Melbourne's new taxis?

uber3 VIDEO,PHOTOS: Drive program reporter Eliza Houghton tests the Uber car experience, a new app that's got the taxi industry up in arms.

Study: High-speed rail in 'demand'

rail LISTEN:A new study has found the proposed high-speed rail system between Melbourne and Brisbane is more commercially viable than the government has revealed.

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Tom Elliott's 'Word on the Street' for City Jeep

Tom Elliott's Word on the Street for City Jeep We like to have reporters everywhere - including you! Your suburb, your news, your eye-witness accounts.

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Cheap petrol on the horizon? Tom says likelihood is nil

Costco TOM ELLIOTT: This morning on the Rumour File a caller claimed that a major US retailer, most likely Costco, would soon start selling petrol in Australia at a reduced price. “So what” you might ask.

Teachers NOT created qual

Performance TOM ELLIOTT: Premier Napthine and his cabinet are meeting today to discuss policy priorities over the next few months. And although I’m not privy to these discussions, it’s likely that resolution of teachers’ pay dispute is at the top of the govt’s ‘to do’ list.

Health insurance a looming crisis

Emergency Ok TOM ELLIOTT: An additional problem with more people leaving expensive private health is the strain this has to be placing the public system under. Remember that people get sick and injured at the same rate whether they’re insured or not.

Melbourne in need of a bike path makeover

Bike lanes TOM ELLIOTT: As a cyclist, I want to congratulate the City of Yarra for agreeing to create a Copenhagen style bike lane down Wellington St in Collingwood. However, there’s little point in just one council doing it along one road.

Talkback Caller 'crystallises' asylum seeker debate

Colombo 3AW DRIVE: Tom Elliott has lauded a caller on his Drive Program for crystallising the Asylum seeker argument, specifically the reasons why refugees continue to flock to Australia despite a potentially fatal journey and years in detention centres.

How would YOU improve Australia?

Tony Abbott TOM ELLIOTT: "Just in case you anyone didn’t know, 2013 is a federal election year. And over the long weekend, Tony Abbott kicked off the campaign with a new ad that claims both he and his team have been travelling Australia to listen to us."

Why do we love the tennis but hate the GP?

Grand Prix TOM ELLIOTT: Why we seem to love the Australian Open Tennis, yet have mixed feelings about funding the F1 GP? The only question is why the difference? Is it nothing more than, as I suspect, tennis is a truly ‘Australian’ sport while F1 is not?

Does size matter? Not at Subway

subway SKIMPY SANGERS: Social media is currently buzzing with criticism of global Sandwich chain Subway after a Perth man snapped a photo of his 11-inch 'Footlong' Sub. The sandwich chain then dug itself in a deeper hole when it responded to the complaint.

Infrared chopper hired to monitor Melbourne's rail network

Copper COPPER THEFT: Metro has hired a low-noise infrared helicopter to monitor Melbourne's rail network following a 270 per cent increase in copper theft. Transport Minister Terry Mulder joined Tom Elliott on Drive.

How do we fix the dole?

Tom Elliott's opening to his first program - How do we fix the dole? (Photo: Ellen Feely) TOM ELLIOTT ON DRIVE: In Tom Elliott's opening of the all new Drive program on 3AW, Tom outlines his 'radical' plan on how to fix the dole. Watch the video to hear Tom's full dole proposal.

Kelly family to honour bushranger

Ned Kelly FUNERAL: Iconic outlaw and bush ranger Ned Kelly will be laid to rest by his descendents this weekend, 132 years after his last stand. Tom Elliott spoke to Kelly's great grand-nephew Anthony Griffiths this afternoon on 3AW Drive.

Australia braces for killer virus

Syringe UNITED STATES: Australian doctors are bracing for a killer flu that's claimed the lives of 20 children in the United States. Tom Elliott spoke to Dr Alan Hampson, who said the same virus infected Australians last Winter but it could strike back with a vengeance.

Turnbull Labor's saviour?

Malcolm Turnbull TOM ELLIOTT: The Gruen Transfer’s Rowan Dean posed an interesting question – could Labor revive its flagging fortunes by convincing former Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull to change sides and replace Gillard as PM?

School grades aren't everything

Melbourne High students TOM ELLIOTT: Too much emphasis on academic work at the expense of things like social activities, sport and music does not make for well rounded individuals.

Un-Australian for beer: Foreign company to buy Fosters

Fosters TOM ELLIOTT: As many of you would know, my father John Elliott was famous in the 1980s for ‘Fosterising the world’ while he ran the company. Now the process has turned full circle and Foster’s will soon become just a division of a large company.

Australians taxed too much?

Wayne Swan TOM ELLIOTT: The Tax Forum is underway in Canberra but the $1 million talkfest won't touch on the controversial carbon tax or the GST. More here, including Neil Mitchell's interview with Wayne Swan and Tom Elliott's reforms.

State of light sentences?

Prison TOM ELLIOTT: A report out today suggests that almost 90% of all convicted criminals in Victoria serve just the minimum portion of their sentence. I find this statistic amazing, as it’s hard to believe that all prisoners are impeccably behaved during their incarceration.

Welcome to the frontline

Female TOM ELLIOTT: As long as we maintain physical standards for new recruits, there’s no reason why an exceptionally fit and strong female soldier could not be considered capable for the rigours of infantry combat.

Police guilty of racial profiling?

Profiling TOM ELLIOTT: While in a perfect world we’d all be completely colour blind, and assess people for who they really are rather than on the basis of their race, religion or cultural background, the fact is that real life is unfortunately not like this.

'Nanny State alive and well'

nanny state TOM ELLIOTT: Frankly, it seems these days we are forgetting what it means to be an adult. Moves by well meaning bureaucrats and other rule makers to wrap us in cotton wool against the vicissitudes of life prevent people from growing up.

What's your say on pollies' pay?

Cash TOM ELLIOTT: "The big question that must be asked here, of course, is whether paying MPs more would result in a better class of candidate seeking political office? If this is the case, then I wouldn't have a problem increasing pollies' pay." Have your say.