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3AW and Digital Radio

Digital Radio

Digital radio is a new, exciting and involving way for listeners to tune into their favourite radio stations, with Fairfax Radio stations - incuding 3AW - going digital in 2009.

Offering an exceptionally high sound and signal quality, digital radio offers a range of exciting features to enhance your listening experience.

With digital radio all you need is a digital receiver or a device with a DAB+ chip in it and that’s it – no subscription fees, no messing about with signing up or logging on, just tune in.

The Australian commercial radio industry is set to launch digital broadcasting in five capital cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth in May 2009, creating a new wave of consumer interest and excitement about this well-loved medium.

Australia is ahead of countries like Germany, Italy and China in adopting DAB+, a superior new technology that will enable radio stations to multichannel as well as broadcast a variety of multimedia, data and interactive programming – all free to air.

You will need a new radio to tune into digital radio and these will be available from partner retailers listed off the home page. Simply type in your post code to see where your local digital radio stockist is.

Click here for more details on how the release of digital radio in Australia will affect you.