Talking Melbourne

Sly's insights into Bayley's past

Sly of the Underworld shared his thoughts with Ross and John.

9:30 AM   The law is rarely black and white, Sly of the Underworld says, but the parole system failed Jill Meagher,

Bayley found guilty of rapes

Adrian Bayley.

Pat Mitchell 8:11 PM   Adrian Bayley has been found guilty of raping three women before he killed Jill Meagher.

'You can't put a price on life'

Greg Davies.

10:09 AM   Victims of Crime Commissioner Greg Davies has backed calls for a wide-ranging inquiry into the failings of the Adrian Bayley case.

'I am sick to my stomach'

Police and Corrections Minister Wade Noonan.

5:14 PM   Victoria's Minister for Police and Corrections says Victorians were shocked to learn of Adrian Bayley's disturbing criminal past.

Jignesh lands in Australia

Jignesh Sanghrajka (right) with his brother Mehul Sanghrajka (left) in India.

9:23 AM   The Indian cricket lover who Ross and John helped overcome stingy red tape has landed in Melbourne - and he's ready to cheer for Australia!

Germanwings crash 'deliberate'

A picture from Facebook of a man believed to be 28-year-old co-pilot Andreas Lubitz.

7:31 AM   The 28-year-old German co-pilot of Germanwings Flight 4U9525 appears to have deliberately crashed the plane, French prosecutors have said.

Scammers send fake speeding tickets


8:11 AM   RUMOUR CONFIRMED: Scammers are sending fake speeding tickets to Victorian drivers to trick people into forwarding money into their bank accounts.

Melbourne's congestion woes

Scott Charlton said Melbourne's congestion level is on par with New York.

11:56 AM   So what, exactly, is the government doing?


Rumour File is back!

The Rumour File is back for 2015, thanks to Lexus of Blackburn. Phone in with your Rumour and have the chance to win a brand new Lexus NX 200t Luxury Crossover valued at $58,000 driveaway.

Be the NVP: Win an Alfa

Win an Alfa.

The AFL has one. Most footy clubs have one. Now Neil has one. It's Neil's most Valuable Player award.

Word on the Street

Word on the Street thanks to City Jeep

What’s your Word on the Street? Call Tom Elliott’s Drive Show with your Word on the Street and you could win a brand new Jeep Cherokee Sport Longitude thanks to City Jeep!

Small Business Success Awards

Momentum Small Business Awards

Momentum and 3AW reward Small Business success and celebrate the exciting and sometimes challenging lives of Small Business Owners.


'Captain Carlton' and his hovercraft set to return to Blues' pre-game entertainment

1:20 PM   RUMOUR FILE: 'Captain Carlton' mascot looks set to be back to his best this season.

Etihad joins the party

Etihad Stadium.

Jake Bourke 1:47 PM   Etihad Stadium will sell the cheapest pies in the AFL this season

Young Bulldog cleared

Lachie Hunter has been cleared by the AFL Integrity Unit.

Jake Bourke   Western Bulldogs youngster Lachie Hunter has been cleared of breaching the AFL's betting code.

Life and Culture

Bob Hart's river cottage pound cake recipe

Bob Hart 1:02 PM   I have always loved pound-cakes, so-called because the basic recipe requires a “pound” of each of the four main ingredients – flour, eggs, butter and sugar.

Donna Demaio's gossip: March 25

Kanye West.

Donna Demaio   3AW's entertainment guru with the latest gossip from the entertainment world.

Bob Hart's recipe for pork chops

Pork chops.

Bob Hart   There are few cuts of meat better suited to a close encounter with a blistering hot cast-iron grill than a mighty pork chop.

Network News

Should we switch off at the pump?

Myths are constantly being bandied about and believed after getting enough people thinking they are real.

Are we at risk from home grown jihadists?

In September, October last year, Kurdish fighters and about 200,000 people from the Syrian City of Kobani fled into Turkey. Photo: Getty Images

Up to 400 Aussies could be fighting with ISIS slipping out and back into the country.

Health insurance premiums to soar

Premiums could rise by up to seven per cent. Photo: Glenn Hunt

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says he doesn't want to interfere with plans to increase the cost of private health insurance.