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Former prime minister Gough Whitlam has died, aged 98.

Former prime minister Gough Whitlam has died, aged 98.


Gough Whitlam dead at 98

BREAKING: Former prime minister Gough Whitlam has been described as a "source of inspiration" after passing away at his Sydney nursing home this morning.


'Our flag's a symbol for racism'

Rapper 360 says the Australian flag stands for racism. OPINION: It's time for Australians to stand-up to the likes of potty-mouthed rapper 360, according to Neil Mitchell.

Printer saves a man's foot

Len Chandler LISTEN: In a world first, doctors have used a 3D printer to save a Victorian man from having his leg amputated.

Ross and John's Cox Plate Breakfast

Ross and John at Breakfast with the Best. PHOTOS: Mother nature was kind at the Cox Plate Breakfast with the Best at Moonee Valley this morning.

Luke wasn't scared of his father

Luke Batty, 11, was killed by his father at Tyabb cricket oval. REPORT: An inquest into the death of Luke Batty has heard several red flags were raised in the months leading up to his murder by his father.

'The message isn't getting through'

Joshua Hardy STREET VIOLENCE: The mother of David Cassai, who was killed on a one-punch attack, says her heart goes out to the family of a university student killed in a violent attack in Melbourne at the weekend.

'Why can't I relax & enjoy my meal?'

Munich Brauhaus EAT AND LEAVE: Neil Mitchell says "fixed-timed dining" is anathema to patrons seeking a relaxed, pleasurable restaurant experience.

Man commits to 10 citizens arrests

Uber. UBERX: A former British riot police officer and now Uber partner has committed to making ten citizens arrests this week in Sydney, against ‘UberX drivers’.

Regulating combat sports

Cage Fighting. CAGE FIGHTING: The debate regarding cage fighting in Victoria continues, as State Opposition Leader Daniel Andrew believes it is not the government’s responsibility to tell people which sports they should and shouldn’t like.

Moira Kelly set to help deformed boy

Moira Kelly, Neil Mitchell and Fatima Bakara. MOIRA KELLY: Moira Kelly is the women who bought conjoined twins Trishna and Krishna into our lives. For many years she has provided a home and health care for many underprivileged children from all over the world.

The Block's tick of approval

The Block. THE BLOCK Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Regional Metro Manager Richard Marks has given ‘The Block’ a tick of approval after the show was caught out faking a visit from EPA when they discovered thousands of litres of fuel on the building site.

Rainbow fence losing its colour

A council is ordering this fence to be painted a cream colour. FENCE FIGHT A Port Melbourne house is up for a battle against the council, all because of the colour (or should we say ‘colours’) of its fence.

Wildlife sanctuary saved

70-year-old Mary Rose Kersting, a pensioner, has run the 10-acre property at Balnarring for over 20 years. FIXED: Wealthy benefactors have thrown hundreds of wildlife animals a lifeline at the dramatic auction of a peninsula sanctuary.

Salvos attacked by ice users

Salvos commanding officer Brendan Nottle ICE EPIDEMIC: The Salvation Army is calling for urgent action after revelations that four staff have been attacked by ice users in the past two months.

Plucky pupil skirts punishment

Daniel skirt RUMOUR UPDATE: A plucky student who thumbed his nose to a school rule to raise money for charity looks set to get a much-up day reprieve.

Denis Walter on the Dawn Princess

Denis Walter broadcasting live from the 'Dawn Princess'. GALLERY: Denis Walter broadcasting live from the 'Dawn Princess' cruise-ship.

'Cage fighting is safer'

Should cage fight be legalised? HAVE YOUR SAY: The "Situ-Asian" and a boxing lawyer back Labor's claims cage fighting is safer than the alternative.

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ASADA re-issues show cause notices

ASADA will proceed with its show cause notices. ASADA: ASADA has reissued show cause notices to 34 past and present Essendon players as they ramp up their action over the 2012 supplements program.

Black Sheep ban is Baa-rmy

Black sheep WORD PLAY: A number of childcare centres are reportedly changing the lyrics of popular nursery rhyme "Baa Baa Black Sheep", claiming the children's song is racist.

Can we move on from 'porn ring'?

Matthew Guy accepts the text message. WATCH: Matthew Guy gleefully shares a mid-interview text message with Neil Mitchell.

Dog attacks and kills pet in park

Kelpie RUMOUR CONFIRMED: A pet dog has been mauled to death by another dog in a busy Melbourne park.

First home buyers superannuation?

Superannuation SUPERANNUATION: With fewer Australians buying houses, there are calls to allow young people to have access to their superannuation funds to contribute to their first home.

Jehovah's Witnesses to break record

Thousands of Jehovah's Witnesses are descending on Melbourne for a three-day convention to be held at Etihad Stadium starting today. LISTEN: Thousands of Jehovah's Witnesses are descending on Melbourne for a three-day convention to be held at Etihad Stadium starting today.

Real tastes of a far-away place

Ela chicken ELA CARTE: At Elyros, you’ll be transported to Crete – and let’s be honest, not many of us know exactly what they might entail, so we’re pretty much in their hands!

'It's a long rant. It's not banter'

Associate Professor - Poetry and Ppoetics Sydney University, Barry Spurr. LISTEN: University of Sydney has suspended Professor Barry Spurr, effective immediately, after he sent offensive emails to colleagues.

School bans cross-dressing for charity

The 'Do it in a Dress' campaign. CROSS-DRESSING: A school in Mont Albert North has prevented its students from a student-driven initiative to have a ‘cross-dressing’ day, where boys come to school dressed as girls, and vice-versa.

19-year-old arrested over bus attack

Liam's attacker. BUS ATTACK: The mother of a 14-year-old autistic boy who was attacked on a bus says her son won’t catch a bus for years and the incident as really put a dampener on his development.

Charley Boorman loves adventure

Charlie Boorman. CHARLIE BOORMAN: Charley Boorman has enjoyed a great deal of time on two wheels travelling the world with buddy Ewan McGregor in the popular "Long Way" series.

Abbott not a 'mainstream politician'

Abbott LISTEN: Prime Minister Tony Abbott should seek counselling after he threatened to physically intimidate Vladimir Putin, according to a Pravda journalist.

Man found dead in old nursing home

Police believe two men broke in to the building on Radford Rd overnight when one of them fell through the roof. LATEST: An intruder has died after falling through the roof of an abandoned nursing home at Reservoir.

Search for Swiss stonemason's heirs

Swiss heir LISTEN: A Swiss judge is hunting for heirs to a fortune and believes they may be in Australia.

Parliamentary 'porn ring'

'Bizarre' ponr ring allegations from the corridors of our Parliament House. SPRING ST: The man at the centre of allegations of a bizarre 'porn ring' within the Liberal Party says he's done nothing wrong, denying there was any illegal activity involved.

Rumour file: Wi-Fi for the 'G?

MCG (Paul Rovere/FFX) RUMOUR FILE UPDATE: Is the MCG about to get Wi-Fi?

Ebola 'a bigger threat than terrorism'

Ebola virus diagnosed in the US EBOLA: The Australian Government needs to take the Ebola outbreak far more seriously, according to Greens Health Spoke person Richard Di Natale, who said the illness is a bigger threat than terrorism.

Collingwood wins trade premiership

Travis Varcoe. TRADE PERIOD: Collingwood has won the premiership of the trade period, according to Dwayne Russell.

'We still believe that it was a poodle'

Roscoe mini poodle LISTEN: The owner of a city pet store maintains the dog he sold as a pure-bred miniature poodle is what it says on the tin.

Drug traffickers taking to online website

Drug use for teenagers is on the rise. (Picture: Jennifer Soo) AFL: There are drug traffickers taking to an online website to get their deals done, according Detective Inspector John Manly.

Essendon recruits 'wanted to come'

Adam Cooney AFL: Despite the lingering drugs saga at Essendon, each player who went to Essendon over the trade period wanted to go to the club, according to list-manager Adrian Dodoro.

Person arrested at Navy training base

HMAS Cerberus BREAKING: HMAS Cerberus, near Bittern on the Mornington Peninsula is in full lockdown after 'a combination of hazardous material' was found in the room of a 30-year-old able seaman this morning.

Schools encourage protests

Students from more than 30 schools in Melbourne and across the country will tape shut their mouths. LISTEN: Melbourne students and their teachers are set to tape their mouths shut and bound their hands in an anti-government protest.

AFL administration has 'lost control'

Jeff Kennett AFL Former Hawthorn president Jeff Kennett fears the AFL Administration has ‘lost control’ of the game and in particular Free Agency.

Uniform & performance relationship

Many public schools are starting to introduce mandatory uniforms. UNIFORM: Public schools are beginning to introduce mandatory uniforms, including blazers and ties which has begun to divide students into ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’.

Bob Hart's smoked trout pate

Smoked trout pate RECIPE: This dish is a glorious supper offering which is delicious in all weather, and dead easy to make.

Whitlam home to be wasted?

Gough Whitlam house PHOTO: Is the childhood home of former prime minister Gough Whitlam earmarked for demolition?

Kindergarten strike over pay dispute

meredith peace STRIKE: The state's kindergartens will be closed next Wednesday due to strike action. Teachers and support staff will stop work for 24 hours as part of a pay dispute.

Battle of the sexes non-issue

Family Feud. FAMILY FEUD: Television program ‘Family Feud’ has created a ‘storm in a teacup’ according to Jane Holmes, but it is not their own fault.

Police probe school chook killing

Chook ANIMAL CRUELTY: Ten pet chickens have been beheaded at a primary school in Kensington.

Northern suburbs blanketed in smoke

Fitzroy North fire. LATEST: A suspicious fire at a North Fitzroy warehouse overnight has caused $500,000 of damage.

Foreign investors flock to Melbourne

One in four new Melbourne homes are being bought by overseas investors REAL ESTATE: One in four new Melbourne homes are bought by overseas investors, but the government says that's not our biggest problem.

Boy pinned by ticket inspectors

Metro ticket inspectors holding down the boy. METRO: Footage has emerged of metro ticket inspectors forcibly detaining a boy in school uniform at Windsor Station.

Bike thieves caught on CCTV

CCTV bike VIDEO: The Neil Mitchell program has received "comical" CCTV footage of thieves stealing a scooter from a butcher's shop.

Female sport not doing itself favours

Topless body-painted models. SUPPORT WOMEN: Female sport is not nearly as widely recognised as male sport in Australia, and Monday’s ‘I Support Women in Sport’, did not do itself any favours in the promotion of women’s sport, according to Tom Elliott.

Beams delay 'a part of the show'

Dayne Beams. AFL: The Brisbane Lions have emerged from the trade period with nothing but smiles, as they secure two ‘a-grade’ players, according to CEO Greg Swann.

Boyd was always coming home

Tom Boyd. AFL: After GWS back flipped on their promise not to trade Tom Boyd ‘under any circumstances’, the Bulldogs were able to convince the Giants make the swap.

Brisbane land Beams

Dayne Beams AFL It’s the second last day of the trade period and as expected, the moves are now happening.

Explosion blows roof off units

@tim_michell LATEST: Brunswick east residents left homeless after a massive explosion overnight.

3AW boss Shane Healy resigns

Shane Healy. 3AW: Fairfax Radio Network Managing Director Adam Lang today announced that 3AW and Magic 1278 General Manager Shane Healy has resigned and will leave the network after 25 years.

Mark Holden's bizarre performance

Mark Holden DANCING: The bizarre behaviour from Mark Holden on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ on Tuesday night has viewers saying he should be kicked off the show.

Sly: the case for Roberta's compo

Roberta Williams LISTEN: Questions have been raised about the validity of Roberta Williams's claim for compensation over the death of her drugs kingpin former husband, Carl Williams.

Coal seam gas exploration website

Coal Seam Gas. FRACKING: Victorian landholders will finally be able to see if their property is earmarked for coal seam gas exploration, which often results in fracking.

Rates 'getting out of hand'

. RATES: Council rate increases are "getting out of hand" and plunging people in financial hardship, according to the Ratepayers Victoria.

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