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Look out Burnso, 'Ross and Pat the Poet Cabbie' has a ring to it!

Look out Burnso, 'Ross and Pat the Poet Cabbie' has a ring to it!


Prince Harry 'doesn't like selfies'

harrylead LISTEN: Another photo involving the Hockeyroos has gone viral after Brooke Peris and teammates managed to get a second royal snap.

Daniel Andrews comes clean

<b>WATCH:</b> Daniel Andrews in the studio with Neil Mitchell. EXCLUSIVE ONE-ON-ONE: Watch the full interview in which Daniel Andrews speaks out about the tape scandal that has embroiled state politics.

'What do you gain by potting Tyrone?'

Walker Hanley TWEETS: Essendon champ Matthew Lloyd has slammed the current AFL players who took to Twitter to censure Ty Vickery for his hit on Dean Cox.

'Drug addiction is not a disease'

Peaches, 25, was found dead at her home in Kent. (The Mirror) TOM ELLIOTT: Drug addiction is not a disease, it involves consciously sticking whatever substance it is into your veins, up your nose, into your lungs.

Malceski set to reunite with Roos?

Nick Malceski LISTEN: Melbourne has emerged as one of the front-runners in the scramble to sign free agent Nick Malceski from the Swans, reports Sam McClure.

Seal swims to South Yarra

Seal South Yarra PHOTOS: A seal has swum all the way along the Yarra River from Port Phillip Bay, playing and catching two big fish before ending up in South Yarra.

'The Age' boss questions ALP claims

Labor leader Daniel Andrews. LISTEN: Andrew Holden, editor-in-chief of The Age, has questioned why the dictaphone involved in the leaked Ted Baillieu tapes was destroyed and not returned.

Work for the dole 'unfair' on jobless

queue jobless dole,  unemployment benefits , unemployed LISTEN: "Unfair" - that's the way the Victoria's peak body for social services has summed up Abbott government plans to increase the expectations placed upon the unemployed.

Vickery heading straight to tribunal

Tyrone Vickery MRP: Richmond ruckman Tyrone Vickery has been referred directly to the tribunal by the Match Review Panel for whacking Eagle Dean Cox in the face during Friday night's game.

'He was left lying in a pool of blood'

Lights and sirens weren't going to stop this father from getting his wife to the hospital! LISTEN: Police are not happy with a sentence handed to a motorist who fled the scene of a fatal hit-run in Forest Hill last year.

'Fake' cramp costs winning goal

A goal umpire forced play to pause because nature called on Saturday. (Picture: Gary Sissons) RUMOUR CONFIRMED: A junior footy team is livid after it lost a game on the weekend after an injured player was forced to retake a crucial kick for goal after the siren.

Woman disgusted over 'death' plate

d NEIL'S PICS: 3AW Mornings has been sent a photo of a car donning a homemade number plate which reads 'DEATH to all Israeli militant Nazis'.

'Once My Mother' - Sophia Turkiewicz

SophiaHeadshot WATCH: When filmmaker Sophia Turkiewicz was seven her Polish mother put her in an Adelaide orphanage for two years. This lead to a deeply held resentment that lasted a long time, though - luckily - not a life time.

Melbourne's biggest parking fee?

s NEIL'S PICS: A Melbourne man has been left stunned after being billed $1095 for one night in a secure parking lot in the city.

Tracey Ryan ticks off her bucket list

Tracey Ryan was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. LISTEN: We often joke about bucket lists, and what you want to get done before you die.

Video: Ross and John tour Glasgow

WATCH: Take a tour of Glasgow with Ross and John. VIDEOS: Look out, Glasgow - Ross and John have landed!

Pedestrians urged to unplug in CBD

Pedestrians urged to unplug. LISTEN: Pedestrians are being urged to take extra care when listening to music and speaking on their mobile phone in busy areas.

Where were the (U)sain questions?

selfie GLASGOW: There are silly questions and there are irrelevant questions and irrelevancy took over in the Usain Bolt press conference at Glasgow.

Labor official admits role in tapes

Labor leader Daniel Andrews. ALP: Senior Labor officials have admitted to listening to and downloading the contents of a dictaphone belonging to an Age journalist.

Woman badly burned in assault

Police are investigating a death near Geelong. LATEST NEWS: A young woman has serious burns following an assault in Ardeer overnight.

Tony Shaw does Open [radio] Mike

Tony Shaw and Greg Williams. AFL: Mike Sheahan interviews Tony Shaw.

Richo does Open [radio] Mike

Mike Sheahan interviews Matthew Richardson. AFL: Mike Sheahan interviews Matthew Richardson.

Nick Maxwell on 3AW Football

Collingwood's Nick Maxwell in action. AFL: Nick Maxwell joined 3AW Football for an extended discussion on his career.

Buy, Swap & Sell: July 27

Buy, Swap and Sell: Garage Sale List BAG A BARGAIN: Check out the 3AW Weekends' Buy Swap and Sell List for July 27. Find a bargain every week with Darren James!

Buy, Swap & Sell: July 26

Buy, Swap and Sell BAG A BARGAIN: Check out the 3AW Weekends' Buy Swap and Sell List for July 26. Find a bargain every week with Darren James!

Asylum seekers to be taken to shore

Asylum Seekers IMMIGRATION: The Abbott government has confirmed 157 asylum seekers intercepted last month will soon be sent to the Australian mainland.

MH17 recovery gathers pace

abbottmh17 MH17: Prime Minister Tony Abbott says a further 100 federal police officers will be sent to Ukraine as the MH17 recovery effort gathers pace.

Scrapping bus line will hurt elderly

Buses LISTEN: A Blackburn resident is outraged that his local bus route is will be taken out of service this weekend.

Jim's movie cheat sheet, July 25

The Shining MOVIE NEWS: Director Mark Romanek is lacing up to preside over Overlook Hotel, a prequel to Stanley Kubrick's 1980 horror flick The Shining.

Hird to steer clear of coach's box

James Hird (Photo: Luis Enrique Ascui) CONFIRMED: Suspended Essendon coach James Hird will play no part in the rest of the Bombers' 2014 season.

Man arrested after home invasion

Lights and sirens weren't going to stop this father from getting his wife to the hospital! CRIME: Police have arrested a man wanted over a terrifying home invasion in South Yarra earlier this week.

Melbourne's most successful camera

Melbourne's most successful speed camera is raking in the cash. LISTEN: A speed camera at a busy St Kilda intersection has raked in nearly $2 million in fines within a 27-day period, but Neil Mitchell has questioned its fairness.

The McClymonts perform live

The McClymonts sisters perform live in the studio. WATCH: The McClymonts sisters join Denis Walter in the studio and perform live.

Lions unveil new club boss

AFL arlton CEO Greg Swann arrives for the AFL drug summit.30th January 2013 FOOTBALL Brisbane Lions have officially announced Greg Swann as the club's new chief executive officer, as first reported by Sports Today.

Study: Exposure leads to addiction

gambling LISTEN: Kids exposed to gambling during childhood are more likely to become serious gamblers later in life, according to a new study.

Can you read Neil's writing? We can't

Neil Mitchell's had a crack at left-handed writers, but we reckon this right-hander isn't helping his case... PHOTO: Neil Mitchell's had a crack at left-handed writers, but we reckon this right-hander isn't helping his case...

Queen photobombs Aussies' selfie

Jade Taylor, Brooke Peris and the Queen. PHOTO: A selfie by two Australian hockey players at the Commonwealth Games is gaining world wide notoriety, after it was photobombed by royalty.

AFL boss unsure about odd timeslot

coll LISTEN: AFL boss Gillon McLachlan says he doesn’t know why the Pies and Crows' final-like clash is being held in such an unpopular timeslot.

Is this Myer's most loyal employee?

sue RUMOUR CONFIRMED: Most people wouldn’t last 10 years in a job, let alone a decade times four and more.

'Most players want fewer games'

Colllingwood's Luke Ball LISTEN: Collingwood star Luke Ball says the majority of AFL players would be prepared to take a pay cut if it meant playing fewer matches.

Lambie: 'I'm a normal Aussie girl'

jlambie LISTEN: Senator Jacqui Lambie says she was just being a "normal Aussie girl" when she said she likes her men well-endowed.

Jim's movie cheat sheet, July 22

Beatles MOVIE NEWS: Ron Howard is preparing to make a Beatles documentary charting their touring life from the Cavern to their final gig in San Francisco's Candlestick Park in 1966.

Open (radio) Mike with Lloydy

Matthew Lloyd AFL: Mike Sheahan goes one on one with Matthew Lloyd on the media, diving, Brad Sewell, Matthew Knights and much more.

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