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Ela Carte gets Grill'd with the Coat of Arms burger

Posted by: Ela Carte | 18 January, 2013 - 11:34 AM
Coat of Arms Burger

3AW foodie Ela Carte celebrated Australia Day a few days early with a Grill'd Coat of Arms Burger, a tasty concoction featuring kangaroo and emu - the two animals on Australia's coat of arms.

The burger contains lettuce, tomato, beetroot, Meredith goat feta, quandongs and thyme mayo.

Ela also dispelled the urban legend that Australia is the only country in the world which eats the animals featured on its Coat of Arms. According to Ela's '30 seconds of internet research,' 21 countries eat their coat of arms!

Grill'd will be selling the Coat of Arms burger from 19th - 31st January at selected stores. 

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  • Hey Ingrate. What has your rant go to do with the Coat of Arms Burger?

    Ozzie Tuesday 22 January, 2013 - 6:58 AM
  • From a great nation to a nation of ingrates in under 100 years. From a great nation to a desperate and essentially defunct nation in under 200 years. I am not aware of any other nation in history that has risen to such greatness and fallen to oblivion so quickly. America most certainly was a great nation at one stage. However it was not a great nation through war or force. America was once a great nation due to the honourable philosophies and laws that were put in place by the forefathers. This differentiated America from the rest of the world and the rule of other nations that had reigned supreme for millennia. Year after year generation after generation Americans have allowed their leaders to erode this greatness until none of it remains. Under the likes of Nixon Johnson Bush x2 H Clinton and Obama America has been transformed into the scourge of the world. The bane of our existence. Australia is the ONLY nation on earth that is completely subservient to America. Australia is currently the nation that is enduring the most hardship as a result of financial initiatives forced on us. Enemy or ally makes no difference. American government as it stands treats every citizen and every nation the same way. Rape destroy and pillage. To continue to follow America into the abyss would be beyond stupidity. It would be criminal.

    From Great to Ingrate Monday 21 January, 2013 - 1:28 PM
  • good for you, ela, but why cant you tell us the price of the damn thing.
    everyone fights shy of quoting the price, why may i ask...

    chris watts Monday 21 January, 2013 - 1:18 PM
  • Ela Cart here's a woman that eats our native wildlife I hope she doesn't visit one of our Australian wildlife parks shame on you for flaunting it you are a horrible person.

    mandy Monday 21 January, 2013 - 8:35 AM

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