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Lysterfield boy's heart-warming Halloween gesture

Posted by: Michael James | 13 November, 2012 - 8:36 AM
Fantails (lolly.com.au)

To the chagrin of many the Halloween juggernaut has been slowly but surely seeping into the hearts, minds and lolly-filled-hands of many Aussie children.

But regardless of those thoughts on the American holiday we couldn’t help but be touched and chuffed by Lysterfield resident Ray Hewitt’s most recent ‘trick or treating’ experience.

On Halloween last year Ray had his letter box knocked over and part of his garden trashed by a group of disgruntled teenagers when he refused to acknowledge their confectionary demands.

It was with that unfortunate occurrence in mind that Ray decided to get on the front foot to prevent any similar 'trick-or-treating' retribution.

"My wife was diagnosed with cancer five months ago and I put a note up to say: 'Please do not knock. Lady owner. Very ill with cancer',”

"It seemed to work until a group of three boys came up to the door, stood about five or six meters back from the note, two of them ran off and one stayed there,” Ray told Ross and John.

The lone doorknocker, whom Ray guessed to be aged between 10 to 12, then moved toward the house where Ray lost sight of him.

"I opened the door after he'd had gone and there on the mat was a Fantale lolly," he said.

"I'd love to meet him and shake his hand."

If you know the trick-or-treater who was responsible for the Fantale on Ray's doorstep we'd love to get in contact! Email breakfast@3aw.com.au.

LISTEN: Lysterfield resident Ray Hewitt speaks woth Ross and John

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