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The Kiwis want our 'Big Pineapple'

Posted by: Ellen Feely | 27 September, 2012 - 8:52 AM
Big Pineapple

The Kiwis want to borrow the Big Pineapple in the hope that if it’s there – we'll go!

HAVE YOUR SAY: What else of ours can New Zeland borrow? Comment below

Speaking with 3AW Breakfast, Mayor of Christchurch Bob Parker said New Zealand’s South Island was one of the most beautiful islands on the planet, but since the Christchurch earthquakes 40 per cent less of us are making the journey across the ditch.

”During that terrible period of the earthquakes, more than any other country around the world, you guys big interest and were exposed to that on a sort of rolling coverage and daily basis,” he said.

”What we've noticed is that all the other tourism groups from around the world are coming here in the numbers that they used to come.

”But Aussies, it's down by about 40 odd per cent and we're really missing you over here.”


Ross embraces Christchurch's campaign to borrow the 'Big Pineapple', while simultaneously supporting Hawthorn's Grand Final campaign for the flag.

Ross Stevenson described the Big Pineapple as ‘the world’s most pathetic tourist display’, and on behalf of the township of Nambour in Queensland, invited Christchurch to borrow it.

"We realised all Australians love big things. You're big hearted, you're generous people but you're mad about these big things,” Mr Parker said.

”We thought, let's make you feel more comfortable; Let's bring a big thing here.”

Christchurch’s Mayor has written an open letter to us, urging us to make the short trip over.

Dear People of Australia,

You are not coming to Christchurch on holidays.

We thought this might be because of the earthquakes. Except that we’re back up and running, and people from all around the world are coming back here.

Christchurch has been undergoing a transformation. Interesting, eclectic things are popping up all over the place: a shopping mall made of shipping containers here, a cardboard cathedral there, and art projects in the gaps in between. Add all the stuff that’s always been here, like sweet as wine and breath-taking natural beauty, and you’ve got a choice holiday.

Just not for you Australians, apparently.

So we’ve decided to use some Christchurch ingenuity to get you back. Australians like Big Things.

Christchurch has a lot of really exciting big things happening. Just not a Big Thing, per se.

So may we borrow your Big Pineapple?* Please.

We’ll plonk it smack bang in the middle of the city. Ask Trevor Chappell to officially open it. And then you Australians will start coming back here.

It’s all part of our plan to widen our appeal to Aussies and get you coming back to Christchurch for holidays.

Let me know at christchurchnz.com


His Worship Bob Parker
Mayor of Christchurch

On behalf of the People of Christchurch, NZ.


A big... self explanatory, really.

While it turns out there is already a Big Kiwi on New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula (see above), we thought they might like to also borrow one of the following:


The obvious choice for New Zealand - Goulburn's 'Big Merino'. One more sheep can't hurt?


Berri's 'Big Orange'. We're not sure who these two women are, but they can borrow them too.


Glenrowan's 'Big Ned Kelly'. What could make an Australian more comfortable than a statue of an armed bandit?

LISTEN: His Worship Bob Parker, Mayor of Christchurch, speaks with Ross and John:

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  • Please, Please, Take it, take all of them! And while we're in this very giving mood, let's drop off a few other things, like every winging pom, every bludging aussie and any other vermon that calls themselves an Aussie!

    leemob55 Sunday 7 October, 2012 - 12:09 PM
  • No they should not take our big pineapple we need it for our tourism industry its an Aussie icon its really a ridiculous idea. I saw their big kiwi fruit 2yrs ago its great.

    poptart Saturday 29 September, 2012 - 2:31 PM
  • Melissa & I say If New Zealand want pur Big pineapple they shouldf allow our two Rugby Union teams to become one forever.

    JASON & MELISSA FROM BORONIA & FERNTREE GULLY Saturday 29 September, 2012 - 9:52 AM

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