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The Melbourne Foodie's dream

Posted by: Ela Carte | 20 February, 2013 - 2:28 PM

ELA CARTE: As we approach the 2013 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, I had a chat this week to a bloke who certainly made the most of his time at last year's event - namely by entering a pretty simple competition. 

Originally from Sydney, Lloyd Jones was about to embrace vegetarianism when he won every foodie's dream prize. He entered a competition that festival sponsor Bank of Melbourne which offered up a year's worth of dining at Victoria's best. 

Needless to say, when Lloyd somehow managed to bag that major prize - the all-vegie diet was put on hold for what was bound to be an amazing opportunity. The results are all laid out in his blog - (link to http://edwinjones.co/tag/bank-of-melbourne/).

Stays at Chateau Yering and Daylesford's famed Lakehouse were among his favourite experiences, and he says one of the trends that stood but most was the efforts by some of our top chefs to really try to utilise native ingredients.

I asked Lloyd how he'll go about returning to normal dining after this experience, he reckons he’ll make more of a conscious effort to go and experience new venues in Melbourne - one of the reason he moved here in the first place. This prize just happened to give him a 12 month head start.

It's a tough read, only because it's not you doing the complimentary eating, but it's not a bad way to vicariously experience some of the best restaurants this fabulous state of ours has to offer. 

And about that plan for vegetarianism? Well, it’s off the cards for now, but he’ll makes sure he’s more aware of where meat is sourced and won’t eat so much of it, “much better for me and my health”.



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  • Can anyone out there tell me who Ela Carte really is? Has she got a website? I believe Ela's real name is Kate???!!!???

    CHRISTOPHER MAT Monday 4 March, 2013 - 3:56 AM

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