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Andrew Demetriou just doesn't get it

Posted by: Tom Elliott | 8 February, 2013 - 4:18 PM
Andrew Demetriou

This morning Andrew Demetriou said he’d done a good job running the AFL over the past 10 years.

He said there wasn’t much more the AFL could do about drugs, while at the same committing to do more in the wake of yesterday's revelations by the ACC.

Back in 2002, former Sydney Swan Dale Lewis was ridiculed for claiming that many AFL players use drugs – yet now we have the 3 strikes policy.

Demetriou also denied ferociously any suggestion that tanking occurred in the AFL – until players like Brock McLean began putting their hands up and saying they did indeed lose games in order to secure draft picks.

The use of performance enhancing drugs is now front and centre since Essendon’s revelations just days ago, yet AD was nowhere to be seen for a couple of days.

Like all big businesses, the AFL hates bad news and will do what it can to suppress any story that might tarnish its reputation.

It is in the nature of companies to cover things up so that their customers don’t take their business elsewhere and in the AFL’s case, that means kids taking up alternative sports, and fans not stumping up cash for seats, memberships and foxtel subs to watch games.

Any other business that suffered the equivalent of tanking and widespread drug use in its ranks would see the CEO sacked, but is this likely at the AFL?

For some reason it seems not…


Shaw: 'No one will miss a game'

Tony Shaw DRUGS IN SPORT: Former Collingwood Captain Tony Shaw doesn't believe a single AFL player will miss a match as a result of the drug scandal that has rocked Australian sport.


'The apology better be bloody good'

Syringe JUSTIN SMITH: When this is all over, and the full story runs onto the field, the people who paid their money, sat in the cold and cried at losses will be owed an apology. And it had better be a bloody good one.


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  • A lot of big talk here for an investigation not even completed! I find it amazing so many trolls come out of the wood work to bask AD and AFL. I for one have serious questions about the investigation, 1st if they had these informants/wire tapes and other evidence why did they wait a year for the report to be given prior to investigation......If you have the evidence do you let other innocent parties get caught up in it by waiting or do you act.
    2nd why was the report tabled after a Federal election was announced......wouldn't it be prudent to anounce findings at the begining of the off season rather than the week before the footy season launch
    3rd why gloss over serious issues with match fixing overseas with soccer............but say although 40 mil bet on one A League match there's nothing to worry about....then there is announcements of Melb Vic playing Liverpool less than one week after report.

    Now there is talk of amnesty's for offenders in NRL

    Call me synical but there is alot that doesnt add up......

    Fitz Tuesday 12 February, 2013 - 10:17 PM
  • News Flash! the AFL has just signed Lance Armstrong to sing at the Grand Final!
    He's to sing Neil Young's "Needle and the Damage Done" and Essendon's coaching squad are to sing backing vocals...should be good!

    Jim Monday 11 February, 2013 - 3:31 PM
  • Andrew Dimitriou,

    Thanks for stuffing-up the AFL.
    Rampant drug taking and "tanking ' have ruined the game while on your watch.
    What a poor example for young supporters!
    Why should I take my kids to an AFL game knowing it has probably been fixed and the players are likely high on steroids!
    No more AFL games for my family.
    Will not renew my Essendon membership until you either quit as CEO or are sacked!

    AllanP Monday 11 February, 2013 - 1:07 PM
  • Andrew Demetriou needs a reality check quick.
    He is paid handsomely for his job as is job as CEO of the AFL but it seems you have you have taken little interest in the welfare of the AFL as you travel the world and swan around your 7 million dollar house and drive your luxury car(s).
    Seems Andrew you have been sleeping on the job and now you been caught out.
    No Andrew, no amount of talking is going to save you or your job this time.
    You are obviously avoiding the media to avoid further damage control to yourself . You seem to be saying "to hell "with the AFL and its genuine supporters.
    I have a truism for you Andrew.
    Where there is big money criminal activities closely follow.
    Look about you. You a bound to lose your privileged position and salary. Perhaps even, dare I say, you might not be able to afford to be a member of the Qantas Club!
    Maybe I'll see you at the MCG sitting with other mums and dads eating a meat pie.
    No more executive box for you!
    Why is this bound to happen Andrew?
    It is because you have been a dismal failure os CEO of the once proud AFL!

    AllanP Monday 11 February, 2013 - 12:49 PM
  • @Phillip Malone ... learn the difference between your and you're .... YOU'RE doing my head in with YOUR ignorance.

    Sue Monday 11 February, 2013 - 9:22 AM
  • The Big Fat Greek should stand down; like a parliamentarian he is full of hot air.

    Barraman Monday 11 February, 2013 - 9:10 AM

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