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Bikie won't deal with police

Posted by: 3AW Radio | 28 November, 2011 - 5:04 PM
An armed officer patrols Brunswick (Angus Mordant Photos)

TUESDAY 4PM: Police have executed search warrants in Brunswick following the shooting of a Bandido's bikie on Monday.

Police have seized CCTV footage from Doherty's Gym and the neighbouring Bandidos clubhouse.

Bandidos 'sergeant at arms', Toby Mitchell, was shot three times outside the gym. The gunman and his accomplice remain on the loose.

Detective Superintendent Brett Guerin says a crime like this takes seconds to execute but the investigations are usually very lengthy.

He told 3AW on Tuesday afternoon the witness descriptions of the two men wanted in relation to the crime are sketchy, the Detective Inspector saying they may have 'been wearing wigs'.

PLAY: Brett Guerin speaks to Tom Elliott at 4pm, Tuesday

*Scroll below the article and image to hear Sly Of The Underworld's colourful segment on 3AW Breakfast and Neil Mitchell's interview with the very candid Brett Guerin*

TUESDAY 12PM: Taskforce Echo police are speaking with members of the Bandidos motorcycle gang after their 'sergeant at arms' was shot just metres from their Brunswick clubhouse on Monday.

Toby Mitchell, 37, is refusing to co-operate with police as he recovers in hospital from three gunshot wounds to his hip and back.

Two unidentified gunmen fired more than half a dozen shots at him as he stood on the footpath outside Doherty's Gym at 4:30pm. They remain at large.

Detective Superintendent Brett Guerin says while it appears Mitchell was the target he doesn't believe professional gunmen were involved.

TUESDAY 10AM: Police investigating the shooting of Bandido bikie Toby Mitchell claim the spray of shots from a moving car just missed a man and his two children.

Mitchell remains in hospital after undergoing surgery.

Investigators are setting up an information caravan at the Barkly Shopping Centre carpark in Brunswick todayto appeal for witnesses.

Detective Superintendent Brett Guerin says it appears two gunmen shot at Mitchell as he left nearby Doherty's Gym and one of the bullets hit a car, being driven by a man with two young children on board.

TUESDAY 9AM: The getaway car involved in the shooting of a Bandido bikie in Brunswick has been found, torched.

The charcoal grey Ford Territory was set alight outside a construction site off Galada Avenue around 10.30pm on Monday.

It's close to some residental homes, and this morning residents were shocked to learn it is linked to yesterday's shooting of Bandido bikie Toby Mitchell.

The charred remains of the vehicle has now been removed to be forensically examined.

Mitchell has undergone surgery after being shot in the stomach outside Doherty's Gym near the Barkly Square Shopping Centre.

Scroll down for The Age's detailed report into the links the shooting victim has to some of the biggest names in Melbourne underworld.


UPDATE: A senior member of an outlaw motorcycle gang was shot in broad daylight in what was believed to be a revenge attack linked to prominent underworld figures.

Police are investigating whether yesterday afternoon's shooting of Bandidos' sergeant-at-arms Toby Mitchell was payback for the recent bashing of a man with links to the camp of slain underworld killer Carl Williams.

Mitchell is a former champion heavyweight kickboxer and has been linked romantically with Danielle McGuire, the former partner of Tony Mokbel, who is in jail on drugs charges.

In 2003, Mitchell was interviewed by detectives from the Purana Taskforce over the death of Mark Mallia, although he was not charged. Williams pleaded guilty to Mallia's murder in 2007.

Gunshots rang out across Brunswick's Barkly Square shopping centre car park about 4.30pm, when Mitchell was shot up to six times outside Doherty's Gym on Weston Street. It is believed there is also a bikie clubhouse in the street.

Mitchell, 37, was treated at the scene by paramedics and taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital in a serious but stable condition to receive emergency surgery. It is believed several members of his motorcycle gang attended the hospital.

One female witness emerged from the rear of a police car, where she was asked by police to remove her blood-stained singlet, replacing it with one provided by the nearby gym.

After the shooting, Mitchell is believed to have made his way into the car park. Heavily armed police later cordoned off the area where several bloodied towels lay. Members of the Special Operations Group also attended the scene.

The gunman drove off in a charcoal-grey 2011 Ford Territory with stolen plates, WIA 651.

''The situation is we have a gunman loose and we don't know where he is,'' Acting Superintendent Stephen Mutton said at the scene. ''We have a shopping centre here. There are a lot of families doing their day-to-day business. Fortunately, there was only one [person] seriously injured.''

One regular at the gym said it was a quiet, family run gym. ''Sure there were some big guys around but it was pretty friendly, people usually respected each other,'' he said.

It is uncertain whether the Brunswick shooting is linked to another shooting at the weekend in which a Comanchero gang member was shot in the foot. 

IMAGE: Toby Mitchell in action (Fairfax Photos).


- Paul Millar, Andy Park of The Age

PLAY: Sly Of The Underworld and a frank Victoria Police interview

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