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Charges laid over the tragic death of bashing victim David Cassai

Posted by: Phil Johnson and Ellen Feely | 2 January, 2013 - 7:26 AM
22-year-old Templestowe man David Cassai.

UPDATE: A third man has been charged over an alleged fight that led to the death of David Cassai at Rye.

The 21-year-old West Australian man has been charged today with affray and two counts of intentionally causing injury.

He's been bailed to appear in court next month.

THURSDAY: The man accused of killing David Cassai at Rye on New Years Eve is behind bars.

A magistrate has refused bail for 18-year-old Milgrove man Dylan Closter who appeared in court on four charges including manslaughter.

Opposing bail police gave evidence that in the early hours of New Years Eve Closter was with friends when he confronted 22-year-old David Cassai, who was walking with his own friends along Pt Nepean Road at Rye.

Police gave evidence that Closter initiated contact with a hip and shoulder and encouraged Mr Cassai to fight as Mr Cassai walked away before Closter hit Mr Cassai at least three times causing him to fall to the footpath and lose consciousness.

He died in hospital later that day.

Police told the court that as Closter walked away he laughed and joked and said "That's what we're here for".

Police said they opposed bail on the ground there was another suspect who was flying in from Perth tomorrow to talk to police and they were concerned Closter would talk to him before they did.

Closter was ordered to reappear in April. Outside court his lawyer said they would re-apply for bail on Monday.

LISTEN HERE: Phil Johnson reports back to Justin Smith.

EARLIER: A second man has been charged over the tragic death of Templestowe man David Cassai, 22, who was killed in an allegedly unprovoked attacked outside a pizza shop in the early hours of New Year’s Eve.

Dylan John Closter, 18, of Millgrove, was charged with manslaughter, affray and intentionally cause serious injury, and appeared before an out-of-sessions court hearing last night. He has been remanded in custody to appear in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court this morning.


Dylan Closter, 18, leaves St Kilda Road Police Complex. (Photo: Michael Clayton-Jones)

Yesterday, a 24-year-old Kilsyth man was charged with intentionally causing injury and affray, and was bailed to appear in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on 20th February. 

The charges come after a 20-year-old Kilsyth man and a 22-year-old Yarra Junction man were released from custody after assisting with Police enquiries.

Tributes have been flowing over David’s death, who passed away in hospital hours after being punched and knocked unconscious on Rye’s main shopping strip.

Police believe five men set upon the David and his friends in the alleged unprovoked attack. 

Police are urging anyone who witnessed the incident to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or crimestoppers.com.au.

LISTEN: Sandro, Uncle of David Cassai, speaks with Justin Smith:

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  • It is a very tragic incident, the death of a young life definitely brings the utmost shock and misery to his family, which might take a long long time to heal up this scar of loss. The whole social system and people who are benefited in any direct or indirect way should be brought under fair trail, some criminal are pushed forward through the fuel of alcohol, drugs and sex to do crime, satisfy cruelty, make victims, increase the number of incident. These criminal minds need to be punished till rectified or destroyed and every single person or group of person who are directly and indirectly benefited should bring under trial. Blamed, opposed or confronted by individually or collectively by the group of ordinary people.
    Where ever any monetary or other form of benefit comes up evil gets in.
    Need to be assessed who is benefited in any from. by the deaths in hospital, Govt, company or individual, Govt, or company is nothing but a group of individuals. administrating and / or initiating, altering laws.
    Organ donation must be free form any form or monitory transaction, gifts or benefits. People who works in this sector should be worked on voluntary basis, No life should be shorten for the benefit of others. It is that simple.
    ( Kevin were nothing wrong bringing organ donation issue, another doubtful case of accident victim organ donation where an accident victim is proclaimed death while he is alive. http://www.smh.com.au/national/man-given-up-for-dead-found-alive-20120401-1w6eq.html )
    there might be many happening like this.
    Strict law need to be imposed to stop transaction of money or benefit for human body parts or organ. This will also help to reduce death rate and criminal activities in hospital, nursing homes,

    VIEW Saturday 5 January, 2013 - 2:43 AM
  • sparky and Kenneth you are both deluded!
    the sentence should be 25 yrs with a good session in the public flogging stocks every 12 months?
    victims of crime would love to make the 'cat of nine tails sing'
    and yes baylifail could have a tafe course for all that are interested in volunteering for the job!

    rob puljic Friday 4 January, 2013 - 4:03 PM
  • Kenneth, I believe that a frontal lobotomy would be the best form of treatment for what ails you.

    David T. Friday 4 January, 2013 - 3:28 PM
  • Welcome to Australia's drinking culture, it's ugly, it's violent & most of all it's celebrated. Time to ban this evil drug before more young men die, more defenceless women are bashed & more children lives are ruined.

    Matt - proudly Un-Australia n Friday 4 January, 2013 - 2:31 PM

    IAN Friday 4 January, 2013 - 12:43 PM
  • Firstly. Condolences to the victims family. What has happened here is tragic and concerning. A clear message must be sent to the community that this sort of violence is not accepted or tolerated in Australia. The outcome of the pending court trial must be the maximum penalty for this charge. Finally. Kenneth. Your comments are so ignorant. Educate yourself before posting such nonsense.

    Paul Friday 4 January, 2013 - 12:26 AM

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