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Code of conduct for parents at schools

Posted by: Neil Mitchell | 15 November, 2012 - 9:55 AM

Something strange seems to be happening in our school yards: tension.

Tension so extreme that there is going to be a code of conduct for parents - not kids – to stop them belting each other, arguing or bullying kids.

For Heaven’s sake, is it that bad? Are the parents that badly behaved at pick up and drop off time? Or at parent teacher interviews?

What is going on in schools? And if it is this bad, why? Why the increased tension? Is it a sign the world is more aggressive?

There are other changes coming too – a huge shake up for education. Principals will draw up these codes of conduct for parents.

In other changes, teachers will move around in different schools. Schools will move around different schools. Schools will have more control over their own curriculum.

We seem to have to have revolution after revolution in education. This looks like another one.


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  • Loud mouth parents who live vicariously through their kids are the ones causing the most conflict at school events or on school pickups and dropoffs..This is how most of these bogans ferals spend their time-fighting their darling offspring's battles.Very productive.Pity most people dont give a s..t about your darling Brianna or Sebastion's failing at Tween Yoga "as the teacher has it in for them" or complaining that their kids are being ignored by the popular cliques.Gimme a break.Mose of these parents who cause trouble need intensive back to school classes in social manners and decorum.Just pick your kids up and go home.Too much time on their hands.Grrrrr!

    citygirl Thursday 15 November, 2012 - 4:59 PM
  • Hi Neil. The parent code of conduct to me is more about them upholding their duties to their children. The code of conduct is about respect, true, but that is respect for their children, the school, the staff and learning in general. The codes of conduct schools produce and those that already exist contain the things that should be inherently followed by parents: Feeding a child properly, ensuring that they are well-rested from going to bed at an appropriate hour, sleeping, and then arriving at school on time.Perhaps the most important aspect of the codes of conduct for parents is that they will be expected to be interested in their children's learning; to encourage their children to achieve to the best of their ability, to ensure their children have homework time, to attend information sessions and compel their children to actually go to school, not give them days off and take them shopping or let them go to school when they feel like it.

    Schools will expect parents / carers to sign these 'Codes of Conduct'that, in essence, are really a reinforcing of middle class values that we expect people to have, but are often unsurprised when they haven't. It is not just economic poverty that is hurting our efforts in education, but cultural and social poverty as well.

    Dean Thursday 15 November, 2012 - 3:12 PM

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