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Crown bouncer faces court on manslaughter charges

Posted by: Lauren Hilbert | 18 June, 2012 - 2:04 PM
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The Magistrates' Court has heard a security guard charged over the death of a patron at Crown Casino threw his victim to the ground like a bull in the first day of a committal hearing over the incident.

40-year-old Anthony Dunning died in hospital after an altercation involving six bouncers at Crown Casino in June last year.

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26-year-old Matthew Lawson, who's accused of tackling Mr Dunning to the ground, straddling him and using force around his neck, is charged with Manslaughter. Two other bouncers who grabbed Mr Dunning's arms are charged with assault.

Ian Hill QC told the hearing that the force used by his client, Matthew Lawson, was lawful because Mr Dunning had become agressive, intoxicated, and was refusing to leave.

Mr Hill argued it cannot be determined with certainty that Lawson's actions caused Mr Dunning to suffer cardiac arrest.


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  • In response to Teresa, what sound exactly is required to view the events that occurred? Why is this even relevant? I was a bouncer for over four years and this is exactly the way a dangerous individual is to be restrained. You clearly are not aware of how dangerous it is to deal with drunken and abusive individuals day in and day out. It's not like the movies, okay? One wrong decision, one instance of ignoring the abusive, drunken man who has just watched his female friend be restrained and thrown on the floor and it can cost you your life. One man I worked with in 2005 made that exact mistake and was king hit by the drunken individual he decided wasn't a threat in an almost carbon copy situation. he was bleeding from the nose and eye sockets for the rest of the night and almost died from a blood clot in the brain as a result. I, personally, have had my lip sewn back together, pieces of glass removed from my head and was once stabbed with a switch blade by a tiny, drunken, little female who, like you think here, nobody believed to be a threat. Do not pretend for one instance you understand the dangers of lenient decision making when dealing with an angry drunk. Excessive alcohol consumption inhibits the higher functions of the brain, meaning that, no matter how decent or good of a person you are sober, it brings you down to your base, animal instincts. You never risk your life with such an individual. Never.

    Anonymous Thursday 21 June, 2012 - 2:11 PM
  • This is not an isolated incident at Crown. There have been many such acts of brutality and intimidation by over zealous security. Fortunately those people lived to tell their stories. If in fact this patron was intoxicated it hardly offers an excuse for the extreme outcome of these events. Crown I assume were obviously serving alcohol to the man in breach of its "responsible serving" policy. Anyone feeling even the slightest misplaced sympathy for the security guards should take a minute to reflect on a the life taken of a a person who was a son,brother,uncle, mate.....and then imagine it was theirs.

    Chris Wednesday 20 June, 2012 - 6:49 PM
  • These 'bouncers' have obviously had no formal training in restraint, or submission. Dangerous actions on their behalf which were always going to end badly. Crown needs to improve their selection and training or hand over to someone professional.

    Graeme Tuesday 19 June, 2012 - 11:32 AM
  • This shouldn't have even gone to trial. There's no way know this guy's going to be convicted. Sack the director of public prosecutions.

    Mylene Tuesday 19 June, 2012 - 9:00 AM
  • there is no need whatsoever in restraining a drinken individual regardless off size, to use force to the extent it kills the person, I am not sure what cctv footage anonymous was watching that let them hear this man abusing the security guards, as far as i am aware cctv footage doent have sound, but regardless of abuse and size the bigger they are the harder they fall my husband is only 5 foot 7 and 80 kilos , and he can bring down a man who is 6 foot 5 without 5 other people to help and without killing the person or physcially harming them, there is no excuse for this mans death whatsoever they were being security cowboys nothing less.

    Teresa Tuesday 19 June, 2012 - 8:35 AM
  • The security manager of crown needs to answer for this.

    Ian Monday 18 June, 2012 - 9:43 PM

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