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Get behind the Little Dreamers

Posted by: 3AW Radio | 15 February, 2012 - 5:00 PM
Little Dreamers

Neil Mitchell is getting behind the Little Dreamers' celebrity cook book concept.

Little Dreamers are trying to raise money for siblings of terminally ill children, who sometimes get a little bit forgotten.

Along with Neil, the charity is being supported by the likes of Jason Alexander (Seinfeld), Jimmy Barnes and Shane Warne.

*Scroll down to hear the Neil Mitchell program do what it does best; put the generous people of Melbourne in contact with those who need a hand*


The bread must be sour dough wholemeal, perhaps with grain, perhaps without. I'm told this is healthy but I reckon it is tasty. Cut it reasonably thick, but not so thick and mountainous that you can't open your mouth wide enough. It must be baked that day.

Smear one side of one piece with fresh avocado, thick. It is healthier and nicer than butter. Smear one side of the other piece with a good strong hummus. Make your own if you are really keen, it isn't too hard.

The meat can be anything. I love rare lamb fillet from the BBQ or smoked salmon. But I can't have a sandwich without meat. Chicken is OK too.

Slice whatever it is thinly and lay on the avocado. If it is salmon you might want to use tzatziki instead of the hummus.

On top of the meat place thinly-sliced tomato. Grind some fresh black pepper and a little salt on top.

Thinly chop a spring onion, sprinkle that on top of the tomato, take a few leaves of cold COS lettuce and finish off with that.

Slam the other piece of bread on top, slice across the angle and ENJOY!

PLAY: Neil Mitchell and Hoyts Spices pitch in to help

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