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Growing pressure on Wilson to release legal files

Posted by: Michael Pachi | 27 November, 2012 - 7:30 AM
Julia Gillard addresses the media at Parliament House (Photo: Andrew Meares)

There's growing pressure on Julia Gillard's former boyfriend to release all legal files in relation to alleged union fraud almost 20-years ago.

Bruce Wilson claims the Prime Minister is right when she says she had no knowledge about the inner workings of a union slush fund she helped set up in the early 90s.

But Mr Wilson's former colleague, the disgraced unionist Ralph Blewett argues Ms Gillard does have questions to answer and has provided Victorian police with piles of documention.

Mr Blewett has urged Mr Wilson to do the same and release all his paperwork relating to that period.

Ms Gillard maintains she's done nothing wrong, and has described Mr Blewett as nothing but a "lying idiot".


PLAY: Mark Baker, Editor at large at The Age says the Prime Minister still has questions to answer

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'This week it will come to a head'

<b>NEIL MITCHELL:</b> 'It will be a bruising week in federal parliament'. NEIL MITCHELL: Julia Gillard and the slush fund scandal....Do you care? Is this a media obsession or something that really goes to the heart of the integrity of the Prime Minister and the government? Have your say here.


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  • Australian have every right to know the character or this Country's leader is unempeachable.

    The corruption uncovered by the NSW ICAC is a wakeup call to all right thinking Aussies that demand and expect to receive the highest standards of conduct from our leaders. Otherwise, as has been shown by ICAC , the corrupt are emboldened to "ROB US BLIND".

    Skep Ticuss Wednesday 6 March, 2013 - 2:35 PM
  • Paul...
    Do you think before mashing the keypad or is it just another lefty monkey like reflex's?.
    The fact that you think nothing is wrong with this show's that you lefty lovers will tolerate anything from your comrades, Like, Thompson slipper and now gillard.. Hmmm something about those union folks i think.

    The Dean Tuesday 27 November, 2012 - 2:34 PM
  • Julia has been complaining about abbots personality and his worthiness to be head of liberals going on and on about it, yet when the pressure is on her she calls foul.
    I believe this should be fully investigated same as it would any one else. if she has nothing to hide why is she making such a fuss about it all

    michael Tuesday 27 November, 2012 - 1:30 PM
  • Neal , no evidence?nothing wrong! That is not the bigger picture ! For Australia !!!!! On your part that is ! Again Cheap radio! Cheers Paul

    Paul boncristiano Tuesday 27 November, 2012 - 12:16 PM

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