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Jill Meagher crime scene photo shown to public

Posted by: Katherine Firkin | 28 November, 2013 - 7:00 AM
Jill Meagher

Jill Meagher's parents have told a senior homicide detective they have no problem with one of her crime scene photos being used in a public presentation.

Police Association secretary Greg Davies said Victoria Police issued an apology without talking to Detective Sen-Sgt Ron Iddles, who used the photo of the semi-naked body of Ms Meagher while addressing a fundraiser in Bendigo.

Mr Davies says Det. Sen-Sgt Iddles called Ms Meagher's family yesterday to personally apologise, but was told it was unnecessary.

WATCH: Greg Davies defends Ron Iddles

“The bigger issue is violence against women and the murder of women,” Mr Davies told Neil Mitchell.

“Once it was put in context to them and once they had spoken to Ron, unlike most other people involved in this, they were quite satisfied with what he’s done and were encouraging of his efforts to try and make a difference.”

Detective Sen-Sgt Rod Iddles was speaking at a Prostate Cancer Foundation fundraiser in Bendigo last Friday when the photograph of Ms Meagher was shown on a large screen.

The Herald Sun claims the image, taken during the investigation into the rape and murder of Ms Meagher, left many in the 400-strong crowd distressed.

Victoria Police has banned public presentations until new protocols are developed.

AUDIO SLIDESHOW: Remembering Jill, one year on


This was an unfortunate error of judgement and my sincere apologies are extended to Jill's family, friends, the community, and in particular, to her husband Tom. 

With immediate effect, Victoria Police has banned all further public presentations on operational matters until some appropriate protocols have been developed.

Snr Sgt Ron Iddles has been one of Victoria Police's most dedicated and hard working detectives for more than 30 years.

Few wearing the uniform have been more committed and loyal in their service of the community.

I am saddened that a speech he delivered in good faith - at a charity fundraiser - will have caused further emotional anguish for the family.



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  • There is an obsession from the media to talk about this crime perhaps because she was working in the media about time she was allowed to rest in peace, murder crimes against other women haven't received the same hype>!

    Steve Saturday 30 November, 2013 - 4:26 PM
  • You can always tell when Neil's having a slow news days. He harps & harps on "stuff".

    Trish Saturday 30 November, 2013 - 7:47 AM
  • I'm sick of hearing about Jill Meagher as if she is the only female this has happened too. MOVE ON!

    yeh Friday 29 November, 2013 - 2:38 PM
  • Had to laugh, apparently the Herald Sun having realised that absolutely no one is offended, has now dragged out the mother-in-law! Give it a rest Herald Sun, NO ONE IS OFFENDED EXCEPT YOU AND NEIL MITCHELL!

    Linda Friday 29 November, 2013 - 1:35 PM
  • It has occurred to me that if Sgt Iddles was doing the wrong thing by showing a photo of a victim of a crime to help build community awareness of the need to speak up, then the TAC & Vic Police, SES et al must also be doing the wrong thing with graphic images of motor vehicle accidents & victims and putting wrecked cars in the middle of the city. Surely this is exactly the same thing.

    Graham Friday 29 November, 2013 - 11:35 AM
  • Dead bodies were shown at the Walkley Awards presentation last night and broadcast on the ABC. Havent heard any outrage about that?

    Ron Friday 29 November, 2013 - 10:46 AM

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