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Ken Lay accepts the top job

Posted by: 3AW Radio | 14 November, 2011 - 10:01 AM
Ken Lay is the new Victoria Police Chief Commissioner

UPDATE: The Police Association says it is very comfortable with Ken Lay's appointment as the new Police Commissioner in Victoria.

The association's Greg Davies says Mr Lay is a straight-down-the-line man.

The new chief is a former member of the Liberal party but Mr Davies says he must steer clear of the political unrest that has plagued the post in recent years.

Chief Commissioner Lay says he is looking forward to challenge of leading the force over the next five years.

*Scroll down for an interview with Ken Lay on 3AW Drive*


- Police Minister Peter Ryan says Ken Lay's handling of the Occupy Melbourne protesters showed he has the respect of his force.

- Opposition leader Daniel Andrews hopes he receives more support from the Baillieu government than his predecessor.

- Ken Lay says reducing assaults and reducing organised crime, fraud, e-crime and illicit drugs will be his major focuses.

- Premier Ted Baillieu says one of Ken Lay's first jobs will be to bring stability to the force in the wake of Simon Overland's controversial resignation.

- Mr Baillieu says Mr Lay beat 16 other applicants for the job.

BELOW: Back in September, Ken Lay explained on the Neil Mitchell program why he was going for the job.

PLAY: Neil Mitchell summarises Lay's appointment

PLAY: Ken Lay speaks to Tom Elliott on 3AW Drive


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A non-political protest?

Occupy Melb KEN LAY'S SAY: Neil Mitchell came out firing against the Occupy Melbourne protesters this morning, revealing that one of the main organisers of the movement, Jake Wishart, works for Greens MP Adam Bandt. This is the story that Police Minister Peter Ryan earned Ken Lay the respect from rank and file officers.

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  • You clearly have no idea J KNIGHT. Ken Lay won't go for dinner when Victoria is burning.

    The Cynic Monday 16 January, 2012 - 9:48 AM
  • God help us. Gone from bad to worse. Hasnt seen or been in contact with a angry man for at least 20yrs. Just another paper jockey, member of the boys club.

    J KNIGHT Sunday 15 January, 2012 - 8:47 PM
  • It is good to see a decision finally made on this, although I am not sure Mr. Lay is the best choice. Although many could argue that Vic needed new blood, it is clear that did not happen with Nixon and Overland. So let's see he Mr. Lay performs. Hopefully he won't be caught speeding anymore!

    Now Mr. Premier, why not start fixing up the VPS senior executive service, especially as contracts come up for review. DON'T RENEW the Labor-appointed bunglers. How did the senior executive VPS ever become so inbred with such a pathetic gene pool bereft of talent, vision and ethics.
    So please clean out some of the other public sector bunglers, starting from the top with Hi Ho Silver Away at Premier and Cabinet. Her performance is like death warmed up. She most definitely personifies Newton's First Law - Inertia.

    Work your way across the other Labor-appointed bunglers and don't stop until you are inside DSE's top echelon amongst others, and replace the Land Victoria IT contract bunglers including the mumbling technology challenged ED, the bumbling Surveyor General and the big-spending policy-failure DSE CIO - all of these preachers of spatial IT bungles that keep industry mates ever so happy.

    Mr. Premier please recruit talented, ethical, committed executives. Do not follow Labor's example of setting a low standard and then recruiting even lower.

    TF of LV Friday 18 November, 2011 - 2:07 AM
  • Mike, It is with great shame that I announce I once received a speeding fine too for travelling 7 kms over the limit. Should I resign?
    Labor's ridiculous FOI requests are becoming boring. You lost the last election for a reason...soft on crime and hiring Nixon and Overland. Labor seem to be the only ones disappointed with Ken Lay getting the job.

    grumpy old man Tuesday 15 November, 2011 - 10:03 PM
  • Totally agree with you Dazza; in the '60's I was a bit of a "naughty boy" as a teenager and had a look at the "Coppers" from the other side. At that time we would see what we could get away with, but at all times we respected their authority and power. I reckon Ken Lay has the balls and the support to help us get back to a respectful and law-abiding society.

    David Tuesday 15 November, 2011 - 6:09 PM
  • In the early 50 s , my grandfather was a copper. The respect was there, firm but fair, looked upon from the community of the ones we can trust and rely upon. The new Chief Commisioner Of Victoria Police Ken Lay...You are the right person sir, please do your best and Bring Victoria Police back to where they should be. My Grandfather would be proud to serve as he was many years back...

    Dazza Tuesday 15 November, 2011 - 5:03 PM

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