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Men admit to domestic violence

Posted by: 3AW Radio | 25 November, 2011 - 12:24 PM

Police are using White Ribbon Day to raise awareness of the prevalence of violence against women in our community.

*Scroll down to hear men who committed acts of domestic violence tell their stories to Neil Mitchell*

Figures released today reveal women are safer on the streets than in their homes, with one in three women falling victim to an act of violence in their lifetime.

White Ribbon Day encourages Australians to speak out against violence towards women.

Chair of White Ribbon, Andrew O'Keefe, says despite aggressive men being in the minority, we all need to model positive behaviour.



LISTEN: Neil Mitchell spoke with two callers who admitted to perpetrating violence against women

Newton 'misleads' on violence

Matthew Newton pops his head up. Convincing? UPDATE: Anti-domestic violence organisation White Ribbon says Matthew Newton is not taking enough responsibility for his actions, following the actor's controversial TV interview on Monday night.

PLAY: White Ribbon criticises Matthew Newton's TV interview



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  • John Drake, you are right. Women inflict violence at men too and I think for the men it's harder to report because of the stigma of being beaten by a woman.
    All violence must stop and all bullies must be treated harshly, whether they are male or female.
    Alcohol or drugs must never be used as an excuse.
    If you have a alcohol problem or a drug problem and don't want to deal with it then you will have to deal with the law.
    It's not the victim's fault that their partner has a problem.

    Peggy Friday 25 November, 2011 - 7:05 PM
  • It is a widely held myth that women are ALWAYS the victims and men are ALWAYS the perpetrators. Stats show that domestics are actually about 60% female victim, 40% male victim. Alcohol is usually a major factor.

    John Drake Friday 25 November, 2011 - 4:41 PM
  • Personally even one case of domestic violence is too many and I think it would warrant such a campaign. If anyone has any doubts as to the existence of domestic violence spend just one night on call with Boronia Police and I'd bet you'd change your mind.

    Richard Friday 25 November, 2011 - 3:09 PM
  • What can be done to encourage women to tell when they are being abused? How do we get rid of all this shame?
    I know some women are too frightened to talk about it because they've been told of the consequences if they talk.
    One thing I know would help and that is for these women to have confidence in our police and judicial system. Until we get through to our judges that they must not treat this lightly and any breach of court orders will be punished severely, we cannot expect the victims to open up. They are too scared and for a good reason.
    Police must respond to calls from the women fast and be willing to arrest the men who are responsible.
    Enemy of the people, that is why we don't hear about domestic violece as much as we should. Women are scared and yes in some cases ashamed. They have been made to feel that it's all their fault and their self esteem is taken away from them.
    I know it's not your fault personally, but a bit of understanding would help. So much going on behind closed doors that we don't know about and we need to be prepared for.

    Peggy Friday 25 November, 2011 - 3:09 PM
  • Enemy of the People, do you genuinely doubt there are high levels of domestic violence, the tone of your comments sound as though you are very bitter & angry, what upsets you so about this issue

    Jan Friday 25 November, 2011 - 3:00 PM
  • I don't condone domestic violence,but spare a thought for some of the blokes who get food and anything else within reach thrown at them,two sides to everything.

    Mexican Friday 25 November, 2011 - 2:59 PM

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