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Mowbray College: The plot thickens

Posted by: Derryn Hinch | 31 May, 2012 - 4:43 PM

Mowbray College. The plot thickens. After the administrators were called in and the education of more than 1100 kids was put under threat, I said :

How come a much-lauded private school that has been going for 30 years can rack up debts of $18 million?

How come a private, ostensibly not-for-profit, business that ASIC was asking questions about as long ago as 2009 was still operating – running up even more debts – for another three years?

How come in 2010 Mowbray College pocketed  nearly $15 million of taxpayers’ money in Federal and State money according to MySchool? And I presume another $15 million last year.

Yesterday I mentioned The China Syndrome. Mowbray was mining China for lucrative student deals  and also got involved in a college in China. Lots of teachers and board members  made expensive trips there. Harvey World travel in Bacchus Marsh would have details.

I suggest the administrators dig deep into the China Syndrome.  Also Mowbray International in Singapore. Also ask some questions about what I believe was a cosy relationship between some old board members and Migration and Education agents.

Is it true that some agents were running unregistered boarding houses in Melton South for Chinese students? Were there reports of international students being mistreated?  Was one of those agents close to board chairman John Wallace?

What was behind the mass exodus of teachers in 2009, threats of teachers being bullied and the high turnover in principals?  Was it wise for the board, under  the ubiquitous, Mr. Wallace, to take over the actual running of the college.

In most business collapses - and in many crimes - the golden rule is: Follow the money.

Let’s hope the Administrators have their hiking shoes on for this one.


Plea to PM: 'Save our school'

Plead VIDEO: The future of more than 1000 Mowbray College students is up in the air after the independent school was placed into voluntary administration. Two young students at Mowbray College have posted an emotional video on YouTube.


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  • I am sick of Peggy's ignorant remarks too.
    How dare she say my grandchildren have no manners because they are at a private school.
    Get yourself more education re state and private education Peggy before you write more rubbish.Remember that word choice also.

    Nicky Wednesday 6 June, 2012 - 7:15 PM
  • @Jodie, they can vent but not at me. Now why don't you kindly step in and let them vent at you and allow yourself to be called a muppet?
    If you read my original post you would've seen that I do sympathise with VCE students and I did say they need assistance. As I explained from the beginning I was speaking about public funding to private schools in general but obviously instead of people debating the subject they chose to ignore what I originally wrote and started with being smart.
    I don't care how frustrated they are, I am not about to allow myself to be anyone's punching bag. I don't call anyone names and don't appreciate when they call me names.
    Again, I repeat, I am not the only one with this point of view. There are many posts agreeing with me, but for some reason they have chosen to call me a muppet and a know it all. How about respect being taught in these private schools. Seems to me these kids feel privileged and can dispense with basic manners.

    Peggy Wednesday 6 June, 2012 - 3:24 PM
  • @ Peggy
    Let the kids vent.
    Do you remember graduating with your friends? Attending your Year 10 & 12 Formals ? By no fault of their own they will be missing out on all of the above as well as losing teachers and their education support system. They are losing more than a school.
    P.S. why would you call the kids out for a spell check?
    populataion ?
    priate ?
    nurtered ?
    shools ?

    Jodie Wednesday 6 June, 2012 - 1:30 PM
  • Kyle and Carly, your private school education obviously didn't teach you basic manners. Thank you for calling me names. It's good to know that when you don't have sensible ways of arguing your point, you resort to name calling.

    There will always be private schools because there will always be parents who can pay for them so no, they will not close.
    You want something better than the rest of the populataion, you pay for it.
    My children did not have a priate education and one has just graduated from uni and the other one is in her second year. BTW, the one still at uni was a high achiever in VCE. If a child is nurtered, loved and supported they will do well in public education too. How many delinquents do private shools churn out? Are they all high achievers?
    Carly, you in particular should have better manners.
    I don't agree with your opinion but I have not resorted to being rude and that is my public education showing here.
    Kyle, if you don't like my opinion then don't read my comments and you won't be driven insane.
    You cannot force someone to change their opinion just because you insist on it.
    Get a grip you two.

    Carly said "Are your kids to good for private schools?"?

    Carly it's 'too good' not 'to good'. Your parents clearly wasted their money.

    Peggy Wednesday 6 June, 2012 - 11:02 AM
  • Peggy your comments are driving me insane. Whilst I don't think the government should save this school they do need to do something to help its students, in particular those who are in year 12. Whilst I don't facts and figures like others have tried explaining to you it simple if all private schools were to close schools would be no better off. These parents are paying for part of their child education, if they are in public schools they would not be doing this, meaning either taxes rise to cover the increasing number of students in public system or public schools receive less money per student! Its not a simple close all private schools and then public schools will have more money you muppet! I don't know why you can't understand this.

    Kyle Tuesday 5 June, 2012 - 10:52 PM
  • I am shocked to see people putting down the children and their families who chose to send their children to Mowbray College. I taught there for 4 years. I adored the community, children and parents. These children are going through massive turmoil. They need consideration and support, not judgment. Want to know what Mowbray kids and the teachers were like...the school rallied around many staff, children and parents that died, yet the memory of the senior boys carrying the coffin of their home room teacher was a life changing moment for me.

    Simone Tuesday 5 June, 2012 - 9:28 PM

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