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No leadership change, PM says

Posted by: 3AW Radio | 6 February, 2012 - 12:21 AM
Julia Gillard confident she'll be leading in 2013

As speculation continues Kevin Rudd will challenge Julia Gillard for the leadership, the Prime Minister has received some encouraging results in the latest polling.

Ms Gillard leads Tony Abbott 48% to 46% as the preferred Prime Minister in the latest Age/Nielsen poll.

*Scroll down for Neil Mitchell's say*

Labor's primary vote has also risen 4 points to 33% and Ms Gillard's approval is up 5 points to 40%.

The Age reports the government has improved its two-party vote by 4 points to 47% but trails the Coalition (53%).

The Coalition would win an election held now on a swing of about 3%, the newspaper says.

However, despite the improving figures the Age/Nielsen poll indicates more than one in two voters - 57%, down 4 points since October - prefer Kevin Rudd as leader compared with 35%, up 5 points, who favour Ms Gillard.

The PM is only marginally ahead of Mr Rudd among Labor voters. Nearly a quarter (23%) of the Rudd supporters say, however, that the party should stick with Ms Gillard, in the poll of 1,400 taken from Thursday to Saturday.

In an interview aired on Channel 7 on Sunday night the Prime Minister said she will lead the ALP to the 2013 election, which she believes the government will win.


If Kevin Rudd challenges for the ALP leadership, who would you prefer to emerge as leader?

Julia Gillard OR Kevin Rudd

PLAY: Neil Mitchell discusses the Prime Minister's interview


Back-watching time for the PM?

rudd HINCH BLOG: "No wonder the Gillard camp is jittery. Kevin Rudd just won't go away and a by-election in his seat could mean curtains for the lot of them." What good would leadership change achieve, Hinch asks.


Greens' downfall imminent?

Bob Brown HINCH BLOG: On the surface, The Greens have never been so strong. But as Sally Neighbour points out in today’s issue of The Monthly: The Australian Democrats were powerful with the balance of power in the Senate and now not one of them is left.


'Kevin Rudd no team player'

unity VIDEO: Simon Crean has taken a swipe at former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, saying one of the reasons he lost the leadership is that he was not a team player. Watch Neil Mitchell's hard-hitting editorial and listen to Simon Crean.


AFP won't investigate leak

Tony Hodges has resigned from Julia Gillard's team MONDAY: Neil Mitchell says a senior Labor minister recently told him Julia Gillard 'has got a talent for the stuff-up .. when everything seems to be going well for her she somehow manages to blow it'. More details here.


'Cynical, grubby dodgy politics'

Poker Macvhines HAVE YOUR SAY: The Prime Minister is standing by decision to back away from a deal on poker machine reforms, saying there is no point to parliament engaging in political argy-bargy over the issue. Neil Mitchell came out swinging at the PM this morning. Listen here.

Blog comments Your Say

  • Get rid of this rubbish and bring back Simon Crean.
    Simon Crean for PM!!
    Simon has the maturity needed for the top job. Julia and Kevin are never going to stop bickering for long enough to get the attention back on running our country.

    Anne Monday 20 February, 2012 - 9:47 AM
  • Fully agree with Another Proud Aussie @ Tuesday 7 February, 2012 - 8:42 AM on the huge, extravagant waste that AusAID pours down the drain. Most of it is ineffective or serves non-humanitarian purposes anyway. The Auditor-Generalâ??s staunch criticisms of AusAID over these past years is strong proof of AusAID incompetence and corruption. Of course weasel word Rudd denies and covers up.
    The Auditor General has continued to criticize AusAIDâ??s high costs and incompetence, especially in contracting out. It seems to have become a mates affair, with little scrutiny in contracting.
    Rudd - how did Australia get its embassy in Phnom Penh? Please explain to the families violently evicted by police and military those paid by Keth Meng (ANZ Royal Bank.)
    Rudd please explain about those evicted without compensation from the AusAID funded railway line project from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville.
    Look at the huge waste spent on the Bali boy and the over-engineered engagement of Ambassador Moriarty .

    Jake Tuesday 7 February, 2012 - 5:36 PM
  • The people do NOT want JuLIAR but we certainly do NOT want the $billion dollar man & do NOT support his quest to the UN as Ruler of the World.
    The $Billions of taxpayers money Rudd is sending in Aid to impress the UN is disgusting.
    The hundreds of millions of taxpayer funds Rudd is spending wining & dining UN & EU officials jet setting around the world 1st class for this delusional grandiose self serving dictator.
    The people are NOT bloody conned by this pretender with the fake grin & the imbecile who calls us folks.
    The same bloke who was the right hand man of Goss who was at the centre of the Heiner Affair, with the shredding of critical evidence in the rape of a child in State care & a political cover up, should have stopped him years ago.
    The same pretender who tried to dupe the people with $900 cheques, $billions for BER, Pink Batts, Moral BS of the Century SCAM & SCAM Mining Tax.
    The $230 Billion Dollars in debt we are in costing $100 million a day, which will take a decade or more to pay back.
    Rudd was the instigator of the dismantling of our border security & instead of having 4 people remaining in detention we have had over 14,000 unidentified unauthorised illegal Middle Eastern Muslims arrive by boat & allowed entry to gain welfare, permanent residency, use our courts & bring thousands more with family reunion scams.
    This is now costing $3Billion Dollars & they still will NOT stop the boats, reopen the Rudd/Gillard dismantled Nauru & issue only Temporary Protection Visas to stop the pull factors.
    Neither Rudd or JuLIAR can be trusted just like the dire entire LIEbor Party!

    Another Proud Aussie Tuesday 7 February, 2012 - 8:42 AM

    ASH Monday 6 February, 2012 - 8:18 PM
  • Labor (read Gillard) is trying to find some marketable reason for the largest amount of criticism they have ever experienced. Doing the "poor me, you're mean because I'm a woman" bit is insulting to the Australian public and the Australian press. It will get Labor nowhere, and the "Greens"; they are desperate for her to retain control. Without Gillard, the Greens are out.

    David T. Monday 6 February, 2012 - 6:27 PM
  • Mylene, I thought your radio's dial was "glued" to MTV/MFG/MSG or whatever. How do you know everything Mitchell and Hinch have to say?

    David T. Monday 6 February, 2012 - 4:08 PM

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