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'Old world' services YOU want back

Posted by: 3AW Radio | 17 January, 2012 - 7:45 AM
Tram Conductors; what 'old world' service do you want back?

"The doors will slide shut on a little piece of Melbourne culture soon when the 10-storey Nicholas building in Swanston Street, home to 100 artists, alternative-fashion types and quirky small businesses, loses its two lift attendants.," writes Carolyn Webb in The Age on Tuesday.

The article in the newspaper prompted Neil Mitchell to ponder what other 'old world' services we used to have in Australian society, and which ones people want to bring back.

@3AW693 posed the question on Twitter and some of the suggestions are published below.

Please leave a suggestion on what service that used to be available that you would like to see implemented again.

@oli_via "@3AW693 @3AWNeilMitchell waiting on line for 20minutes to speak to a person rather than a computer."

@notalegend "@3AW693 people taking responsibility for their own actions instead of always looking for someone else to blame. I'd like to see that"

@danielauhlig "@3AW693 @3AWNeilMitchell really just miss service with a smile. Lack of workplace flex has left us with complacent workers consumers pay"

@jasontrethowan "@3AWNeilMitchell @3aw693 bring back kids who wash your wind screen at stop lights or at servo's."

@simieboy "@3AW693 real neighbourhood community instead of an online one"

@hgo7627 "@3AW693 @3awneilmitchell A full copy of weekend Age for Regional Victorians - so that we can read property and career sections!

@JuliaLovich "@3AW693 Staff on all railway stations & train guards"

@Lady_Beer "@3AW693 @3awneilmitchell milk bars where u can get 1c and 2c lollies"

@simieboy "@3AW693 @3AWNeilMitchell a huge bag of mixed lollies for 20 cents"

@bruceinessendon "@3AW693 @3awneilmitchell how about tram conductors - customer service and a bouncer at the same time!"

@docsherrin "@3AW693 Gas Station attendants & Milk delivered in glass bottles again thanks."

@yyarni "@3AW693 Petrol stations driveway service where they fill up your tank. The 013 service where u actually spoke to a real person on the phone."

@hypergamer2 "@3AW693 Conductors on trams and trains. Instead of rude Ticket Inspectors"

@ali_yesilyurt "@3AW693 I'd like to see a Bank teller in less than five minutes of waiting and not turn branches into delicatessen's."

@3awneilmitchell "@3AW693 Paper boys on street corners. Bring them back."

@happychappy0987 "@3AW693 I'd be happy enough if people just smiled and said good morning. No cost involved for anyone either!"

@correllio "@3AW693 Live human beings answering phones. Preferably with mildly comprehensible Aussie accents."

@kimmee_gee "@3AW693 running under the sprinkler in the back yard sunny boy in hand! I'd like to see that!"

@gmcallahan "@3AW693 the tea lady knew everyone's tea/coffee preference and could tell if you needed a bikkie too. Bring back the tea lady."

@pwnolan "@JustinSmith3AW @3AWNeilMitchell bring back people to fill up your car at the petrol station."

@ejgdy "@3AW693 service stations where they fill your car up for you"

@SNStrategies "@3AW693 @3awneilmitchell What about good old hand written letters"

@Elitrian "@3AW693 @3AWNeilMitchell Conductors on Trams and Trains! Plus a Government not stuck to opinion polls and party politics"

@danieljohnlloyd "@3AW693 @3awneilmitchell windscreen washers at servos. Complimentary tea & coffee at truckstops. U fill up $1500+ every Day or so."

@MaryPatrish "@3AW693 @3AWNeilMitchell Having the Petrol Station attendant come to the drivers window, filll her up and clean the windscreen"

@julieholmes1955 "@3AW693 bring back thick brown paper bags in the supermarkets to put groceries in"


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  • Didnt take long for racism rants to start.Ho Hum i am sure you site name matches your personality BORING !! get a life idiot

    Darrell Wednesday 18 January, 2012 - 12:57 PM
  • Tram conductors; Service in Department stores and whitegoods/electronics suppliers; Service at retailers generally; Toilets open at railway stations and other venues/centres making their money from the public; a Human Being to take your money at a supermarket; etc. Am I being an idealist? Possibly, (my God, I'm doing a "Kevin Rudd"), but I will ignore any company that does not give me the service that I, as a customer, believe I deserve.

    David T. Tuesday 17 January, 2012 - 5:53 PM
  • @ Darrell 9.26am - couldn't agree more. Chatting to a neighbour who is gardening etc is long gone. My neighbourhood is slowly being infiltrated by Asians and they do not communicate. Call me racist, it's a fact. They either cannot or will not speak English and a lot will avoid eye contact to boot. I always greet passersby with a smile and greeting when walking around the neighbourhood and it makes me angry that this pleasant courtesy is dying out because 99% of 'them' do not return the courtesy. Australia as we knew it is sadly disappearing.

    wendy Tuesday 17 January, 2012 - 2:55 PM
  • wow a light article about lift attendants to blatant racism. There are some 'old world' opinions that need to be left behind.

    Ho hum Tuesday 17 January, 2012 - 12:17 PM
  • no attendents at petrol stations it will be another reason to put petrol up,but i would like all help lines to be real people and in this country.

    craig Tuesday 17 January, 2012 - 12:02 PM
  • @Steve. The TAC and the ambulance service are crying out to be privatized. What could possibly go wrong?? :p

    Mylene Tuesday 17 January, 2012 - 11:29 AM

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