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Photos: Kangaroo loose in pharmacy

Posted by: Matt Cram | 16 October, 2013 - 11:36 AM
Police are on the scene and, judging by these photos, the boomer is proving hard to catch!

A kangaroo on the loose at the Melbourne Airport this morning has been rescued.

A caller told 3AW Breakfast about the unusual customer at a Tullamarine pharmacy.

After a lot of careful coaxing and corralling, the roo was cornered and wrangled into a bag by rescuers.

The distressed animal was injured on an arterial road before it made its way into the airport.

Amy Amato, Spokesperson for Wildlife Victoria, said the young male roo also did minor damage to his teeth, but no significant damage to the store.

"I think there was a bit of blood ... but as far as I know the damage wasn't too bad," she said.

Ms Amato said 'Cyrus' - he's named after one of his rescuers - would be monitored for stress until he returns to normal health.

Neil Mitchell said the kangaroo should get used to attention.

"That kangaroo will be world famous soon - the English, Chinese, they'll be fascinated!"







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  • I thought the headline was 'Kangaroos Loose in Top Paddock' and the story was about Geoff Shaw :p

    mylene Wednesday 16 October, 2013 - 9:58 AM

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