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Portsea locals lay challenge down to Port Corporation

Posted by: 3AW NEWS | 4 December, 2012 - 11:16 AM
The sandbagging in Portsea in March this year <i>(FFX)</i>

Portsea locals are challenging the Port of Melbourne Corporation to back its claim that bay beaches haven't been damaged by channel deepening.

IMAGE: The sandbagging in Portsea in March this year (FFX)

They're asking the Corporation to leave its $100-million environmental bond in state coffers until the eroded beaches come back.

Jenny Warfe from the group Blue Wedges says if the Port believes the beaches will return it should be happy to wait until then before the bond is refunded.

"They have a lot of science to prove, they say, that channel deepening has had no impact on the problems at Portsea beach,"

"Therefore, if it is weather related and cyclical events have caused it then the cycle should come around again and the beach should come back. So lets wait until it does" she told 3AW News.

Warren Neale, who ran the Sorrento-Queenscliff ferry from 1975-2004, told the Herald Sun in November that area changed after dredging began.

"We've never had conditions like this before and now the beach has disappeared," Mr Neale said.

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