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Rolf Harris named as Australian TV star arrested in UK with sex offences

Posted by: Ellen Feely | 19 April, 2013 - 3:08 PM
Rolf Harris

UK tabloid The Sun has become the first media outlet in the world to identify Australian TV star and singer Rolf Harris as the man who was arrested in connection with sex offence allegations.

The Sun reported Harris 'vehemently denies' any wrongdoing and no charges have been laid.

The 82-year-old was held by local police as part of a police operation arising from an inquiry into late BBC entertainer Jimmy Savile.

The Murdoch-owned paper said police first raided Harris' Berkshire home on 24th November last year while he was not home. He was later interviewed under caution on 29th November after attending a South London police station by appointment.

Harris was widely named on social media as the man whom news outlets were quoting was the '82-year-old Australian entertainer' arrested in relation to the Jimmy Savile investigation.


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