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Serial killer Peter Dupas loses appeal against murder conviction

Posted by: 3AW Online | 21 December, 2012 - 10:52 AM
George Halvagis, father of Mersina Halvagis

NEWSROOM: Serial killer Peter Dupas has lost his appeal against his conviction for the 1997 murder of Mersina Halvagis.

The family of Mersina Halvagis say the slain woman can finally rest in peace after her killer lost an appeal against his conviction.

Peter Norris Dupas, 58, was jailed for life for the 1997 murder of Ms Halvagis near her grandmother's grave at Fawkner Cemetery in 2007, but was granted a retrial. A second jury again found him guilty in 2010.

He appealed against his conviction on several grounds, including that the evidence of some evidence should not have been allowed.

The appeal this morning was dismissed by the Court of Appeal.

Duaps is serving three life sentences for the murder of Ms Halvagis and two other women.


Everytime I think of the Halvagis family I can’t help but get emotional.

They have suffered an unimaginable tragedy . Yet, time after time I have seen George Halvagis going into court here in Melbourne assisting other victims of crime with grace, dignity and compassion.

In fact helping others has become a way of life for him now.

George’s daughter 25-year-old Mersina was brutally murdered 15-years ago while visiting her Grandmother’s grave at Fawkner cemetery. She was stabbed in a frenzied attack.

Peter Dupas, a fair dinkum animal, serving life for two other murders and a suspect in others was found guilty of Mersina’s murder in 2007.

He appealed and won a retrial. He was found guilty again in 2010.

But today thankfully he lost another appeal.

The Halvagis family celebrated outside court as they deserved to. They believe justice has finally been served for Mersina.

I hope this is it for them. I hope Dupas take this no further and he rots in jail. Forgotten.

But we should always remember the Halvagis’s devotion and their story.

It took a long time but finally the good guys won they did their absolute best for Mersina.

And this Christmas I hope that brings them some comfort and joy.

LISTEN: George Halvagis speaks with Nick McCallum

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  • Poptart, I believe that scientists should use criminals like Peter Dupas as genuina pigs instead of rats for medical research and to extend Peter dupas life and misery and prison time indefinitely forever on earth. Now that's a fate much worse than death.

    William Walker Tuesday 25 December, 2012 - 4:08 PM
  • Most times are for good, but there are times for bad. It is bad to kill, but on rare occasions, the law should allow for it.

    David T. Saturday 22 December, 2012 - 5:58 PM
  • Isn't it absurd how one maniac can absolutely ruin so many lives over his selfish sick actions that murderer changed the Helvagis family's lives forever I hope he dies real soon.

    poptart Saturday 22 December, 2012 - 11:54 AM
  • Its taken 16 years for a result what a pack of spin doctors in this joke of a judicial system come on he should never of had the right for an appeal in the first place he's an evil monster not an animal.

    mandy Friday 21 December, 2012 - 5:36 PM
  • Let's hope,for the sake of the innocent victims in this case that the members of the legal fraternity,who,would say are acting on "their client's instructions" or what is commonly known as courtroom jousting(My ego is bigger than yours)will know put their respective briefs to bed,as it were.

    jgl Melb Friday 21 December, 2012 - 3:50 PM
  • Dupas is the reason capital punishment should be looked at. Why should my taxes be used to feed this animal. If our courts did their job initially, he wouldn't have been out on the streets and killing innocent women.

    Graham T Friday 21 December, 2012 - 1:48 PM

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