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Teachers ban comments on report cards

Posted by: Ned Franklin | 4 December, 2012 - 9:06 AM

The bitter dispute between Victorian Teachers and the State government rages on, with both sides refusing to back down over Ted Baillieu's pre-election pay rise promise.

Meanwhile, fed-up parents are demanding an end to the dispute before Christmas in order for their children to get full reports on their performance.

Teachers have banned written feedback on students' report cards in a move their union says has the overwhelming support of parents.

Ross and John spoke to Michael Butler, teacher from Reservoir High School who said Baillieu is just another typical politician breaking promises.

"We don't accept those conditions, if you are going to make a statement about valuing what teachers do, you need to follow through with that," Butler said.

"You can't just tell the public that my priorities have changed."

Regarding kids' report cards, Butler said parents will be spoken to about teachers' current job limitations due to the ongoing dispute.

On a related topic, school students say they are not getting enough sex education according to a new Victorian study.

The research from the University of Ballarat shows students want information on topics such as puberty and pregnancy to be discussed in classes from primary school.

Family Planning Victoria says children will benefit from sex education from as early as grade 3.

NEIL MITCHELL: The herald sun has wound up this debate about the schools and industrial action by teachers.

I know parents are furious about schools not providing report cards and that really in punishing children when the dispute is with the government.

I'd like to do a quick survey:

Is your school providing reports for the kids?

Some are refusing to tell the principals what is happening.

Is there industrial action by teachers in your child’s school?


PLAY: Michael Butler, teacher from Reservoir High School

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  • Just heard on 3AW news that Catholic school teachers will be joining their union counterparts in their February strike. Will the parents, who pay fees at these schools, be refunded for the time their children will not be in school.

    Willow Friday 25 January, 2013 - 3:18 PM
  • Teacher contracts are the biggest concern for teachers. Why shoud your job be advertised when you are still working? Schools are full of nepotism and corruption for employment including bullying. Interviews are a waste of time and resources when you know you have someone for the job already just to appease the department's process.. As a result, thousands of unemployed teachers are applying for advertised jobs that are not really there.

    Deeann Friday 25 January, 2013 - 11:57 AM
  • Teachers in our country have the best working conditions & pay, yet they never stop whinging, how can Ted pull out a miracle after the mess Labor has left behind, get back to work, or go find another job.

    janet p Wednesday 19 December, 2012 - 8:36 AM
  • Te Victorian Government were happy to accept teachers votes then went back on their election promise one they had won. In the real world (ie outside the empty world of politics) that would be considered fraud.

    Peter Hillster Tuesday 18 December, 2012 - 4:10 PM
  • So bloody wild about this. My son finishes grade 6 this year. I can handle it if it was other years, but not grade 6.

    Jane Tuesday 18 December, 2012 - 4:02 PM
  • Well I just got my child's end of year report card for their first year of school.No comments due to industrial action!! Absolutely gobsmacked that they would do this to the kids and their parents! How is that helping them? Just do the job YOU applied and studied for. Selfish!

    Miss M Tuesday 18 December, 2012 - 1:01 PM

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