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'Wake up, is this a game?'

Posted by: 3AW Radio | 8 December, 2012 - 9:10 AM
Lara Smash

A car travelling on the wrong side of the road has led to a crash claiming the lives of five people in Lara at the weekend.

Victoria Police believe a car carrying one female was driving on the wrong side of the Princes Freeway near Avalon Road, when it collided with a Melbourne-bound car just after 1:00am on Saturday morning.

The sole female, and two males and two females from the other car, all died at the scene.

Geelong Journalist Jacinta Bolling was one of the first arrivals at the scene and said she witnessed the driver of the overloaded crashed car plead with his passengers to "stop playing" as they lay dead in the mangled wreckage.

"The driver who was behind the wheel started shouting and screaming," Ms Bolling told Neil Mitchell.

"He was saying to them 'Guys wake up, is this a game? I don't want to play any more this isn't funny, I just want to stop playing this game'."

PLAY: Neil Mitchell speaks to one of the first arrivals at the scene, Journalist Jacinta Bolling

Jacinta considers herself lucky she and her husband weren't involved in the crash.

"That could have been us.  It was so eerie.

"We're just counting our lucky stars actually," she said.

Two other males passengers were seriously injured and were transported to The Alfred Hospital. One was airlifted in a critical condition.

Flowers are placed on Princes Highway. Photo: Joseph Feil

Anyone with information or anyone who may have witnessed the vehicle on the Freeway prior to the collision is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit www.crimestoppers.com.au.


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  • Chris I am entitled to my opinion and I will stick with it and don't tell me to be careful about what I write you idiot!

    mandy Tuesday 11 December, 2012 - 1:45 PM
  • some people have good opinions some bad we should'nt be blaming people on what they done or how unlucky other's where we should be looking at how this happened and how we can not make this happen again i'm sure the police don't want to see this sort of carnage on our roads and i have seen a car crash like this before and that was the worst thing ive seen in my life so normal people driving there cars don't want to come accross that carnage on our roads if goverments where really wanting to do something slow the cars down for starters make it harder to get licence make us go back to sit exam every 5 years

    darrin Monday 10 December, 2012 - 10:03 PM
  • Mandy - you're an idiot
    of course people should say RIP - do you not want them to REST IN PEACE ?????

    I understand what you're saying but think before you type next time, if their friends and family read your comment they would be disgusted.

    Chris Monday 10 December, 2012 - 7:17 PM
  • It makes me so dam angry and frustrated that these innocent people were killed due to this stupid moron and also what annoys me is people saying RIP its not at all appropriate when someone has been violently killed in a car crash there's nothing peaceful about that let's get real.

    mandy Monday 10 December, 2012 - 4:27 PM
  • So allegedly drove for 25 km on the wrong side of the road? Yet nothing done to stop this driver during this time. where was the highway patrol police? More importantly why didn't the speed cameras do something? After all they save lives and slow drivers down! Wake up oz until we can admit that we have a bad culture, bad driver behaviour together with a drug and alcohol problem in society nothing will change. Lives will be lost whilst the cash still rolls in! Shall we buy some more cameras Mr Bailleu

    Mighty mick Monday 10 December, 2012 - 1:44 PM
  • No this is not a game, it is a car accident. People don't respawn in real life, and you cannot restart this game. Because of your criminal negligence, those passengers are now dead. Congradulations.

    As an important side note: It is common for people to fall unconcious after a crash. When this happens the head can slump forward and block the wind pipe. YOU SHOULD HAVE IMMEDIATELY TILTED THEIR HEADS BACK SO THEY CAN BREATHE. They may not have died from the impact. But instead died because you didn't know what to do in an emergency!

    Benjamin Monday 10 December, 2012 - 1:08 PM

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