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Akermanis: Stynes was a 'nasty man'

Posted by: 3AW Radio | 22 March, 2012 - 2:06 PM
Jason Akermanis

UPDATE: The Sunshine Coast's Mix 92.7 confirmed they have terminated their "casual agreement" with Jason Akermanis.

Jason Akermanis has called Jim Stynes a 'nasty man' and questioned his deservedness of his State Funeral two days after his passing.

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"Jim was no saint," Jason Akermanis said on Mix 92.7 on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

"He was a nasty man in his day."

Interestingly, Akermanis was the recipient of the Jim Stynes Medal in 1999, awarded to the best Australian player in the International Rules series.

"He was a legend of the game and did a great job and wonderful things with kids, but you know there are a bunch of people who have done just as much who don't get any recognition. I just think it's a bit out of kilter."

"He got a State funeral - do all football players get a State funeral? There's something about it all that just made me feel uncomfortable. Jim's good but is he that good?"

Akermanis' past controversial comments include advising gay AFL players to stay in the closet and speculating that an opposing AFL player had taken performance-enhancing drugs.

Akermanis will appear on Channel 9's Celebrity Apprentice next month.

Some AFL players have turned to Twitter to hit out at Akermanis:

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HAVE YOUR SAY: How do you feel about Akermanis' comments?

Jim Stynes remembered

Jim Stynes Tributes have been flowing in for AFL Legend, philanthropist, father and friend Jim Stynes who passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer. The thoughts of everyone here at 3AW are with Jim's family at this sad time. Leave your tribute to Jim here.

Wish my grandma had known Jim

Olivia Newton-John & Jim Stynes DERRYN HINCH: At a time when I was being forced to confront my own mortality I thought that if I could face what lay ahead with a skerrick of that Jim Stynes' strength, passion and continued love of life, then I was half way there.

Bye Jim, Thanks

Jim Stynes JUSTIN SMITH: It's a beautiful morning, a real Melbourne bottler. Jim Stynes' family & mates would have been greeted with the beautiful sun, just after saying goodbye. You can only hope it was warm on their faces & made them feel a little better.

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  • could it be a simple case of aker being in love with the sound of his own voice? because if that is the case, which i think is a credible theory, he just comes out with any old shit for the simple pleasure of hearing how it sounds. he does tend to gibber at times.

    jack Sunday 1 April, 2012 - 3:44 PM
  • If there was an Arsehole of the year award, we would have 2 winners. Jason & Yummi. Kick these 2 to the kirb.

    Jenny Sunday 25 March, 2012 - 3:27 AM
  • I never had the honour of meeting Jim Stynes, but we were previleged to be able to "follow" his "ups and downs" of his illness for nearly 3 years...and because of that, I feel like I have lost a dear dear friend...To hear that sleazy little tool say those things, regardless of WHAT he really meant, makes my blood boil..zip up your filthy mouth boy, and go hide under a rock...If I hear your voice or see your face again on tv/radio, it will be too soon...DERRYN.. think you better zip it too mate! I too have vivid memories of you slagging the late great Graham Kennedy....

    wendy Saturday 24 March, 2012 - 7:42 PM
  • STATEsman Jason, STATEsman that is why he is getting a STATE funeral!

    Neil W Friday 23 March, 2012 - 4:11 PM
  • It's not about what he said, it's about the timing. The silly man is being crucified for his insensitivity and his lack of common sense expressed in a public forum. Use some common sense for Christ sake Akka. Express your opinions in private when someone's just died or you'll end up unemployable.

    Bert Friday 23 March, 2012 - 10:09 AM
  • I think it is very sad that Jim Stynes has lost the fight against cancer.I feel for his wife and family. BUT I have to agree with Akermanis. There should be No state funeral for Jim. As Jason said there are many people out there who have done as much, and more over the years and do not get a state funeral.I am surprised hi family went along with it.

    Judi Burgin Friday 23 March, 2012 - 7:58 AM

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