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Bob Hart's veal schnitzel sanger

Posted by: Bob Hart | 6 December, 2012 - 1:15 PM
Bob Hart

Has anyone else noticed how much our hot and serious sangers are improving?

Every decent cafe seems to be offering freshly-made pork belly beauties, steak sangers, braised lamb neck on sourdough, and many more. Even lobster rolls - which are nothing more than posh shellfish sangers with mayo, after all - are everywhere, also.

But I have another favourite which seems to have been forgotten in all the pork belly and lobster excitement. And if you understand the joy of biting into a sanger with a crunch as well as flavour, you will love my veal schnitzel sanger. Try this:

Mash a small tin of anchovies with a few chopped cloves of garlic, some of the anchovy oil, and a few capers using a mortar and pestle. Shred some iceberg lettuce. Finely slice a small red onion.

Now, crumb one veal scaloppini per person, which means per sanger, by dusting with seasoned flour, dipping into beaten egg and then into a bowl of Panko Japanese breadcrumbs, which are easy to find these days.

Cook the veal, quite quickly, in a hot pan in which you have melted a generous knob of unsalted butter with a good splash of EV olive oil. Cook it until the veal is lightly cooked and the crumbs are evenly crisp and golden. Remove to paper kitchen towels on a plate to drain.

Brush two slices of good sourdough bread per person with EV olive oil and lightly grill, ideally on a hot ribbed grill. Good grill marks look cool, and add to the flavour.

Now, lightly spread both slices of grilled bread with Best Foods mayo, place some shredded lettuce on the bottom slice, top with the veal schnitzel, spread a little of the mashed anchovies on top, place a thin slice or two of raw red onion on top of that, and then top with the second slice of bread. Cut in half. Eat.


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