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Gillard misjudged gay marriage issue: Mark Latham

Posted by: Ellen Feely | 6 February, 2013 - 1:03 PM
gay marriage

Former ALP leader Mark Latham has said Australia is ready to legalise gay marriage and the Prime Minister has misjudged the Australian public by opposing a bill's introduction.

The UK is a step closer to legalising same-sex marriage with legislation passing its first step this morning, prompting calls for Australia to follow suit.

Britain's House of Commons voted in favour of the bill 400 votes to 175, which would allow equal rights of marriage to gay and lesbian couples.

The bill is expected to pass the upper house, the House of Lords.

Speaking with Tom Elliott, Mr Latham said it would be a shame for Australia to lag behind the rest of the world.

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"The question is why does the Prime Minister oppose it," Mr Latham said.

"I think it's one of those things that way back when she wanted to have a pillar of conservatism out there to let people know that as a new Prime Minister she wasn't a radical.

LISTEN: Mark Latham speaks with Tom Elliott

"She's misjudged it, I don't think this is a radical step."

Speaking with Denis Walter, Spokesperson for the Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby Anna Brown said she was not surprised by the UK’s move given Prime Minister David Cameron’s support of the bill.

”It's even despite some criticism from within the party, there's managed to be such an overwhelming show of support so I think it's a great day for gay and lesbians and supporters of equality everywhere,” he said.

Ms Brown said it was now time for Australia to follow Britain’s lead.

"I think we just need to get this done," she told Denis Walter.

"People can realise the sky won't fall in and same-sex couples can start getting married as they can in many other countries and it's not going to lead to any radical change. "

In the UK, the changes will mean homosexual couples can be married under civil ceremonies and in religious ceremonies – if the Church allowed it. Ms Brown said it was important to note the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby was arguing for the same deal in Australia.

"The lobby is not arguing for religious organisations to be forced to marry same-sex couples," she said.

LISTEN: Spokesperson for the Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby Anna Brown speaks with Denis Walter:

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  • The minority fringe who have hijacked the term 'Gay' are probably the only ones who could like Latham. His own personal fan club.

    Milton Monday 11 February, 2013 - 6:25 PM
  • Marriage was never instated to allow people to have sex,live together or what adults generally do with each other. It was instituted to protect the rights of children especially the unborn.

    As such, marriage is for the benefit of children to know both their parents and their extended families.

    Same sex, by its implication sets out not for the benefit of children but to satisfy the lusts of the adults.

    That is why marriage has never been afforded to homosexuals and lesbians.

    In every situation of homosexual involvement, children and the unborn are denied to know and be reared (in a family environment) both their parents and know the extended families of both the mother and the father.

    Some claim that the United Convention affords so called same sex couples to marry and have children.

    In the first instance, same sex couples cannot have children. And in the second instance, every child in a sex sex relationship is denied what is rightly the child's.

    As such, same sex claims upon a child is contrary to article 21 (I believe) on the UN convention that every child, where possible, knows and is reared by both his/her parents.

    Therefore, the argument should not be what is the right of the adult but what is the right of the child/ren.

    John Abbott

    John Abbott Monday 11 February, 2013 - 12:58 PM
  • It's good to see you can still put your head in the sand when you want to. This is an inevitable change get a grip and move on and let the legal system allow same sex marriage. Just because someone is "Gay or Lesbian" doesn't mean they will instantly try and take you to bed.

    Heather Sunday 10 February, 2013 - 4:42 PM
  • I thought that it was already legal for Gays to marry in England as my nephew and his partner, who work over there, married but the their marriage is not recognised here in Australia.

    Confused! Friday 8 February, 2013 - 4:02 PM
  • For those who don't like same-sex marriage, don't marry someone of the same sex. Simple.

    Jenp Friday 8 February, 2013 - 12:39 AM
  • The minority fringe who have hijacked the term 'Gay' are probably the only ones who could like Latham. His own personal fan club.

    Milton Thursday 7 February, 2013 - 3:17 PM

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