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Top ten reasons to see Titanic again

Posted by: Jim Schembri | 17 April, 2012 - 12:21 PM
Titanic 3D

The special 3D re-release of James Cameron's 1997 boat-versus-iceberg classic Titanic has been a huge hit worldwide. It's taken $4.5 million locally, topped the box office in Britain and Italy, went gangbusters in Russia and has really pleased the Chinese, where the 3D version is set to out-perform the original. The doomed romantic adventure of freedom-loving drifter Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and freedom-hungry, upper-class gal Rose (Kate Winslet) has proved timelessly enchanting. Here are ten things to look out for should you take the ride once again.

10. A Great Bad Guy Veteran British character actor David Warner actually holds the film together as the henchman to Rose's stuffy fiance Cal (Billy Zane). And he has the film's best line. The ship is sinking, Cal has just lost Rose to Jack, realises she's taken the precious diamond with her and starts laughing. Asks Warner, dry as a bone: "What could possibly be funny?" Also, it's not his first time on the ship; in 1979 Warner had a starring role in the tele-movie S.O.S Titanic. No wonder he knows the layout so well!

9. The Unsung Hero With the waters rapidly rising Jack and Rose are stuck behind a locked gate when an anonymous extra stops to unlock it. He fumbles and drops the key, which they then use to get to the deck. Were it not for him, the film would have ended there.

8. A Classic Shot The stunning bow-to-stern aerial shot of the Titanic as it powers out to sea was the first of its kind to showcase the realism possible with digital effects. Director Ridley Scott later used the same technique in Gladiator (2000) with his overhead shot of the Colosseum in all its glory.

7. Copycat Villain The arrogance Billy Zane pours into his character is a tribute to Richard Chamberlain's unforgettable bad guy in Irwin Allen's 1974 disaster epic The Towering Inferno.

6. Copycat Cause In fact, the disasters in both films are caused by the same thing: hubris. Both structures are supposed to be indestructible symbols of industrial might.

5. The Final Voyage Does Rose merely fall asleep at the end of the film? Or does she die?

4. Lights Out It's when the power fails and the ship's lights blink out that you realise these people are really in the poo.

3. Frozen Assets It's long been a joke about why Jack doesn't get out of the freezing water and join Rose on the floating debris. In fact, he does try but it can't take his weight. Talk about sacrifice.

2. Now That's Love Though she is safely aboard a lifeboat, Rose can't bear to leave Jack behind and causes a mini-panic when she climbs back onto the ship! This is, without doubt, the most powerful romantic gesture in movie history.

1. Who's fault is it, anyway? Jack and Rose actually cause the Titanic to hit the iceberg. Watch closely. Their gleeful, postcoital frolicking on the deck attracts the attention of the two guys in the crow's nest. It's only after that they look ahead, see the berg and sound the alarm. Had they not been distracted by Jack and Rose they would have spotted it a few crucial seconds earlier, thus allowing the ship to steer away in time. Just goes to show that true love does exact a price.


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