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What are smart homes nowadays

Posted by: James Hatzimoisis | 1 February, 2013 - 5:50 PM
Smart homes. (Photo: Natalie Boog)

We all recall when someone we knew had a remote garage door and we thought, wow, how lucky are they? Nowadays, most new homes have things like, video intercoms, home theatre systems, we are seeing a lot of homes with keyless entry and surveillance/camera systems that can be viewed from iPads or smart phones remotely and people can even turn their heating & cooling on and off remotely.

Now we are seeing:

Smart Integration

It’s the buzzword-smart homes can work out what a home needs before it’s owner does. They can be programmed to maximize solar heat and light in Winter and minimize it in Summer with automated blinds, shutters and curtains as well as temperature control systems. If there is a fault, the system can email the owner and let them know of the fault.

There’s also a system where you can press one button to lock your doors and be sure all the lights are off and the TV!

Smart Energy

There are systems that can measure the power use from each appliance. It can take the guesswork out of what the best setting is in order to run your heating and cooling efficiently and cost effectively.

Smart Media

Things like Sonos wireless sound systems streaming music through your home are now common. There are also tablet devices and apps that can control every component of a home media system, like the Television, DVD player, Foxtel and home theatre.

Smart Kitchens

Self-cleaning pyrolytic ovens, steam ovens, steam dishwashers, fridges with wi-fi and LCD screens.

Smart Cleaning

Robomaid automatic vacuum cleaners are becoming popular. Nono coatings for shower screens and mirrors to reduce cleaning are also becoming popular.

Clearly, as time goes on, we will continue to see advances in technology and whilst some of these things may seem a little bit like gimmicks, the more they are accepted and the more they are used by consumers, the more demand will increase and prices will come down and they will become more accessible and a part of our daily life & routines.

James Hatzimoisis is a Director and Auctioneer with Barry Plant Real Estate.


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