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After years of tears and pain, this is our chance

Posted by: Neil Mitchell | 13 November, 2012 - 8:47 AM

Ring 1 800 099 340 if you'd like to speak to someone from the Royal Commission

UPDATE: Catholic Archbishop Denis Hart has decided not to speak with Neil Mitchell this morning after originally agreeing to an interview. 

The Australian Catholic Bishops conference contacted senior Producer Justin Smith at 10AM and accused Neil of pushing "an unfair agenda" in his opening editorial at the start of the program.

"This is just absurd," Neil said.

Read the powerful editorial below.

NEIL MITCHELL: On Friday on this program I said that the obscenity of child abuse in the Catholic Church was not Julia Gillard’s fault, but it was her problem.

Yesterday she agreed, and announced a royal commission into child abuse.

Not just in the church, anywhere else, the scouts, other churches and youth organisations.

This inquiry will run for years.

In Ireland the inquiry they called ran nine years.

This could run for many many years and it could finish anywhere.

Last night I spoke to a number of people with close knowledge of this.

Some say it goes well beyond the church.

Some believe this reaches into police members and judiciary in some parts of the country.

These people talked about cover ups and conspiracies.

I don’t know if it is right, but I know they are people of credibility who seriously suspect it.

Others have told me in detail about cover up within the church. 

They have evidence, and I have urged them to come forward now and give that evidence.

Once you start a royal commission it digs and delves and chases.

This will chase pedophiles down burrows and it will chase the despicable people who have protected them.

It will chase them and deal with them.

There is much work to do and it will cost a great deal of money, but if we can’t spend our tax money protecting children then there is no point to paying taxation.

This must work.

This must change the world.

After years of tears and pain, after all the arguments and lobbying, this is our chance.

We must seize it for the kids, for the future, for decency.

I believe Victoria Police has already started work on this and today we should be very proud of our police force.

They played a crucial role in forcing this Royal Commission. 

Remember Graham Ashton?

Deputy Commissioner Graham Ashton started it on this program.

He finally lost patience with the Catholic Church and their continued determination to frustrate justice, to cover up.

I said at the time this was one of the most extraordinary interviews I had conducted with police on the issue.

He didn’t hold back, he nailed it and he really started the movement towards what has happened now.

Then, the police followed it through with an extraordinarily powerful submission to the state inquiry where they said the church was far more culpable than other organisations and had not notified police of one pedophile priest.

Graham Ashton said if a child is abused in a church by a stranger, they call the Police.

If a child is abused by a priest, they don’t call the police, they cover it up. 

That was the simple damning truth.

Victoria Police has helped convince the Federal Government to take this step.

We should be proud of them.

So what else?

Cardinal George Pell? He still doesn't get it.

He said yesterday he didn't support a royal commission.

Today, he does support a royal commission because he says it is all a matter of public opinion.

He suggests the church has done the right thing and the public doesn't know that because the media has been unfair.

For god’s sake Cardinal Pell, you just don’t get it do you.

It is not just the media.

It is the Police.

It is the community.

It is your church’s appalling record.

Not one Pedophile notified to Police in Victoria.

Not one, and more, it is not just the media.

It is good priests and good Catholics.

Cardinal Pell still doesn't get it.

He wants an inquiry into the media by the look of it.

I really look forward to the day cardinal Pell is in the witness box at this Royal Commission.

Under oath, under forensic cross examination, unable to hide behind the dignity and sanctity of the pulpit, forced to answer questions and face reality.

Finally, I would urge you, if you are a victim, if you have evidence, if you know what has been going on and you have evidence of these atrocities and the obscenity of the cover up in the Catholic Church, come forward.

Now is the time for decency to strike back.

And if you care about children and decency, now is the time to do it.


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  • For thousands of years the world has been ruled by two parties. Royalty and Religion. They seized control of the world when it was never their right. The Catholic Church is by far the most powerful on the Religion side. We are going to tear down that power and I think that is a good thing and long overdue. But what does that action really mean. When we demonstrate tearing down that pillar of power is acceptable then the other pillar will closely follow. Again I think that is a good thing and long overdue. But then what. The financiers have created a monetary system that exerts more power and control over the world than the two pillars. Their system must be continually fed with ever increasing amounts of capital or it will collapse. The two pillars are examples of the VERY few sources of wealth large enough to stave off collapse. But what then. After the two pillars and China and India are drained of wealth what then. The system was always going to collapse at some stage. It was designed to collapse. Then the financiers will own all capital and all assets. They will have removed all effective opponents. The fact they are attacking the two pillars covertly indicates clearly they are attempting to assume more power rather than provide a service to the people. Cast your eyes back to the Holocaust or take off the blinkers and look at the systematic extermination of the Palestinians or the financial destruction of the Greeks and every other nation. How do you think your quality of life will be affected if we allow them to continue their path of worldwide control. If the pillars can be toppled what makes you think you can survive.

    The REAL Objective Wednesday 14 November, 2012 - 1:09 PM
  • I agree with you @Roger. Sadly, pedophilia exists in all areas of society and child victims outside of the Catholic Church also have a right to be considered in any Royal Commission Inquiry.
    Sadly the bigots will ignore this and cynically use this situation as a means of bashing George Pell and Catholic beliefs. In which case it can be said that the welfare of children is far from being the motivating factor for Neil Mitchell and Derryn Hinch. It's anti-Catholic bigotry that motivates them and this is already raising its ugly head on this forum.

    Cynicism Wednesday 14 November, 2012 - 11:28 AM
  • Mr Derryn Hinch should be given a bit of credit here. He was treated as the criminal for hounding Glennon. Pity politics and religion get confused when helpless children are involved.

    Michael Wednesday 14 November, 2012 - 7:57 AM
  • The way it looks at the moment, all Catholics are condoning paedophiles (sorry if the spelling is incorrect) this surely is not the case. It is time to come out and say these priests,and above, are vermon and do not belong to any religion that has a good and loving God as the boss.

    Maggie Pye Tuesday 13 November, 2012 - 11:13 PM
  • The child abuse that has occurred is terrible and must be investigated and punished. However, it is disappointing to see the 'catholic bashing' that occurs in the Australian media and is institutionalised in the Victorian Police. If you read and listen to the media the Catholic Church and Cardinal George Pell are guilty before the Royal Commission has heard one bit of evidence. It appears that catholic bashing is an acceptable form of prejudice in this country's media elite. I am just waiting to see a lynch mob with Cardinal Pellâ??s head on a stick.

    Roger Tuesday 13 November, 2012 - 9:40 PM
  • Yes, Neil. It's all because of you. It all revolves around you, doesn't it? NM, the mover and shaker: the man who gets things done...


    the serial pest Tuesday 13 November, 2012 - 3:32 PM

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