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Alarming increase in methamphetamine use in Victoria

Posted by: Neil Mitchell Program | 28 November, 2012 - 9:44 AM
Methamphetamine Pipe (FFX)

LISTEN BELOW: Assistant Commissioner Steven Fontana speaks with Neil Mitchell

NEIL MITCHELL: Drugs are a big issue today.

We have Collingwood Football club saying there is an illegal drug problem in football. At last that is being recognised

And I agree with Jon Anderson on 3AW Breakfast. This says to me there is a drug scandal that will break in football.

I’ve heard whispers it was brewing last season and I haven’t confirmed it so I won’t broadcast a rumour.

Also today we have surf life saving with a drug scandal emerging..

And we have police figures that show ice usage in Victoria. Meth amphetamine has increased 58.2 per cent in a year.

That is massive. That is terrifying.

But is it a surprise? A gold medallist Matthew Mitcham was in to it.

He told me this on Friday: "I wasn’t using it to party. I wasn’t using to get really messed up. I was using it just to dull and numb the feelings that I was feeling, the depression that I was feeling because I just didn’t want to feel that way anymore".

So we have footballers, elite athletes. Little wonder it is popular.

But the problem here. In fact there are two problems.

Cannabis is more broadly used but ice is soaring and cost up to $1000 a gram.

That means crime is up, the crime to pay for it (I guess unless you are an elite athlete with a lot of money).

And the other issue: How do you get the message through?

We will pursue both issues today.

The increase, the danger to us in crime and what to do about it.

This remember is one of the most dangerous illegal drugs around and our drug culture clearly is growing.

LISTEN: Assistant Commissioner Steven Fontana speaks with Neil Mitchell

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  • Absolutely terrifying to think of the damage caused by this evil filthy stuff, I work with someone who said his niece was using the stuff, and only in her early 20รข??s has serious kidney & liver damage, I have heard that some of the ingredients put into this garbage are caustic soda, traces of rat poison etc. don't know if that's correct, but the users can never possibly know what is in the garbage, manufactures of this evil menace should be jailed for life.

    Jan Friday 14 December, 2012 - 1:08 PM
  • You all said the same thing 9 years ago and you will be saying the same thing in another 9 years.

    Matt Thursday 13 December, 2012 - 1:59 PM
  • My nephew has been a cannabis smoker since his mid-teensand was introduced to Ice by his then girlfriend about 5 years ago. Since then,he has had two stints in a psychiatric facility to treat drug induced psychosis and schizophrenia and can no longer work and is supported by his mother who has gone back to work to pay his rent and bills> He says he doesn't steal he just keeps "borrowing" money from family and friends but now everyone has wised up so who knows how he will pay for his drug use now. It has affected not only his life (he is 40!his mother is an emotional/physical wreck who can never relax or sleep properly as is always waiting for "that" call and there have been many incidences with the CAT team and police. It alters the brain chemistry and is far worse than heroin...

    Michelle A Friday 30 November, 2012 - 11:53 AM
  • It is time we stop treating illegal drug users softly, hand out on the spot fines if caught with ANY quantity.
    Educate people that it is not only harmful but anti social. The money spent on drugs is taken out of the legal system - so there is less money for Governments to spend on infrastructure, such as hospitals, but drug users also actively support the evil criminal gangs who use violence, stand over tactics and murder to get their way. Imagine living in Mexico with over 11,000 deaths in 2010. OUR drug users bear the shame and guilt associated with this crime.

    Ray in Berwick Thursday 29 November, 2012 - 6:17 PM
  • The increase in drug use does not surprise me. Many people use drugs to numb their feelings. But man has been using drugs to alter his thoughts/mind for centuries too.

    Greg Wednesday 28 November, 2012 - 4:37 PM

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