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David Galbally QC's red light fine letter

Posted by: David Galbally | 5 October, 2012 - 10:45 AM
Red light fine letter

Leading Australian QC David Galbally has provided 3AW listeners with the following template letter to send to the Minister for Roads and the Department of Justice  if they believe they have been wrongly fined by dodgy red-light cameras.


Dept of Justice
GPO Box 4356  
Melbourne VIC 3000




To the Minister for Roads and the Department of Justice,

On the [insert date] I was fined [$ insert details] for proceeding through a red light situated on [insert details of road/street] of [insert details of suburb]. 

It has now become apparent that the red light camera was not correctly calibrated and I should not have been fined.  [**If the writer has lost their licence - add the following - **Furthermore, as a consequence of paying the fine, I received demerit points resulting in my loss of licence.  The loss of licence has caused me financial loss which can only be attributed to the failure of the red light camera to operate properly.]

Please advise as to what steps you are taking to refund the fine, remove my demerit points and compensate me for the loss caused as a consequence of a demerit point being recorded against my licence.

In the event that you do not respond within 14 days, I will have no alternative but to look to my legal rights.

Yours faithfully,

[Insert details]



Thousands of red-light fines in doubt

Millions of dollars in fines & thousands of demerit points are in doubt after a state government audit of red light cameras. VICROADS: The validity of thousands of red light camera fines are being questioned following an audit. Last month the Rumour File revealed Altona Meadows man Gordon Bishop had challenged a red light camera fine in court and won. Details here.

'Vicroads have conned motorists'

<b>RUMOUR FILE CONFIRMED:</b> Red light fine overturned. NEIL MITCHELL: Vicroads has known about this since January this year and they didn’t tell anybody. Now they were forced into an audit they should have done almost a year ago. They have been slow, incompetent and misleading to motorists.

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  • @ Dan Connelly,

    You wouldn't have lost your licence just for one red light ticket. You were obviously just a poor driver to have racked up so many points already. There are driving courses you can do to improve.

    Peter Hillster Monday 12 November, 2012 - 7:07 AM
  • I was aledgely caught at Doncaster and Williamsons rd intercection, missed my due date to respond for option 1 and lost my licence for 3 months. I have since been paying $200 a day for a drive as i am self employed and needed to get to jobs.
    So thanks for your input here

    Dan Connolly Friday 9 November, 2012 - 2:17 PM
  • Has anyone had a response to their letter yet? The letter states that after 14days legal action will be taken. We're still waiting.

    Pat Cavalot Friday 9 November, 2012 - 9:47 AM
  • Hi Neil
    As with Vince I was caught at the intersection of Williamson Road and Doncaster Road on 14 Nov 2011. I knew something was wrong so asked for the photographs from Civic Compliance and then wrote a letter to them. I eventually paid, not before videoing the traffic lights and comparing with other major intersections. I to wanted to go to court but told process too hard. Can you please also provide me with the relevent address for the Minister of Roads and Dept of Justice.
    Keep up the good work - I also will get an apology from my wife who says I am a steed merchant which I am not. I had 0 demerit points, now have 3

    Andrew Monday 22 October, 2012 - 1:24 PM
  • Thanks,Neil for a stirling job.
    I was nabbed at the intersection of Doncaster Rd.and Willimsons Rd.during that period.I was convinced that I had not committed the offence,but felt it a waste of time appealing against it.The time on the red was deemed to be 1.5 seconds.
    Could you please post the address for the Minister for Roads and the Dept.of Justice
    Much Appreciated

    Vince O' Connor Friday 19 October, 2012 - 5:33 PM
  • Thanks so much for providing the letter and information as to how to deal with these red light infringements.

    I was drafting my own when i found your template online.

    What a Gentleman!!

    Romy Hendel Thursday 11 October, 2012 - 10:02 PM

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