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Exclusive: Taser first 'saves man's life'

Posted by: Matt Cram | 12 August, 2013 - 9:20 AM
The Neil Mitchell program revealed it was the first time a taser has been used by a frontline officer.

EXCLUSIVE: A frontline officer used a taser to save a man's life in a first for Victoria Police.

The Neil Mitchell program revealed that it was the first time a taser has been used by a frontline officer.

Police were called to a Princess Highway overpass at Newborough about 10.30pm on Saturday where a man, 43, wielding a noose and a large kitchen knife was making threats.

An officer successfully used a taser from a long distance followed by capsicum spray to

"This is the first time it's been done by a frontline officer, as opposed to one of the specialists," Neil Mitchell revealed.

"It has probably saved the man's life."

The man was arrested and taken to La Trobe Regional Hospital but not admitted under Mental Health Act.

He was taken to Morwell police station to be interviewed in relation to weapons and threats to kill offences.

While in custody, the man has again attempted self harm. He was taken to La Trobe Regional Hospital where he was admitted for assessment.

Victoria Police confirmed it was the "first time there has been a successful probe deployment of a conducted energy device by frontline police since the pilot began three years ago".

"It looks like good work from the police, it looks like effective action by the taser," Neil Mitchell said.


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  • There's a man crying out for help.
    Too bad most of society doesnt understand mental illness and see that.
    Through bad luck any of us could fall into a mental illness which snowballs.
    Does any one wonder how the hell he even got to that point?

    Caz Wednesday 14 August, 2013 - 2:05 PM
  • I wonder if our delusional, paranoid, hater of all things in uniform, will have a typically negative comment to post. If the member had not subdued this man, he my well have ended his own life, but no doubt 'fruitloop' will scream about brutality, the boy's club, Masons, conspiracies, poisoned tofu and magic snails ! Her contemptuous, offensive, poorly spelt and grammatically incorrect ravings about ambo's, coppers, fire fighters any any other evil authority figure is testament to a very damaged or chemically altered mind !

    Sinbad Monday 12 August, 2013 - 2:24 PM

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