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EXCLUSIVE VISION: The moments before Geoff Shaw altercation

Posted by: Neil Mitchell | 12 February, 2014 - 8:32 AM

My views on the Member for Fankston Geoff Shaw are very well known

I think he is a political bully.

I think he should not be in the Parliament.

And I think he is a traitor to the people of Frankston because he was elected a Liberal and now spends his days frustrating a Liberal government.

That's what I think.

But now I believe there is even more reason to doubt the bona fides of the Member for Frankston.

I have been leaked a video, and it raises very serious questions about this man.

It is a video that I believe is now also in the hands of the Victoria Police and the Parliamentary Privileges Committee.

And it is here.

Although we have seen video of the incident before, we have never seen the lead-up.

This video is from security cameras placed around the state Parliament.

It goes back to October last year and the ugly scenes involving Geoff Shaw and the taxi drivers who were protesting on the steps of Parliament.

Several of those drivers now face charges but that is a matter for the courts. Four of them were charged including two men in their mid-seventies.

That is not what I am talking about.

Geoff Shaw has always claimed that he was simply going about his business trying to get up the front steps when this turned ugly and he was attacked.

In fact, in a statement on his own website, which is still there, he says: “Today I was walking up the front steps of Parliament House when I observed taxi operators protesting.”

Well, when you look at this video there is reason to doubt that.

There is reason to question whether in fact Geoff Shaw went out of his way to confront the protestors and perhaps even provoke them.

The video clearly shows him walking along the street and into the side entrance of Parliament House on Spring Street the south end of the building.

This leads to the back door where most other members of Parliament apparently entered that day.

As he is walking to this entrance he seems to twice look towards the front steps where the protest was underway and the media was gathered.

Mr Shaw proceeds to the side entrance, heading to the back of Parliament House.

And when he is almost to the door - probably about 20 yards away - he suddenly turns and goes back on his tracks to the side gate and out on to Spring Street.

There he turns right and heads down towards the front steps and the protest.

He appears to wave his hands at the protestors and then climbs up the steps where the altercation occurs.

Now - why?

Why did he head towards the side door apparently after seeing the protesters and apparently change his mind?

Did he deliberately provoke them?

Did he deliberately confront them?

Was it part of a stunt?

Why was it good enough for other members of Parliament to use that entrance on that day?

Why was it good enough for Mr Shaw to intend to do exactly that - to avoid the protest - and then suddenly change his mind and walk into a confrontation?

Was it deliberate?

Only he knows, and only he can say.

He won’t talk to me - he never does - although the offer is there. We called his office about this late yesterday.

But he must answer this at some stage.

It goes to the heart of his credibility and indeed what he has said to his own electorate.

As I said, this tape has been, I believe, handed to police and to the privileges committee.

That is not to say he has done anything wrong.

But it is to say he has questions to answer.

And if he won’t answer me, at least he must answer the committee or the police.


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