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Government finds money for Crime Stoppers at eleventh hour

Posted by: Neil Mitchell | 9 November, 2012 - 8:54 AM
Crime Stoppers.

This is another example of the style of the Baillieu government. This is ugly, sloppy, lazy and indecisive.

Crime Stoppers is a great institution which catches crooks. Since it started it has led to 60,000 arrests; There were 14,000 calls trying to help over the Jill Meagher case alone.

It leads to seizures of goods with hundreds of millions, but it struggles for money. It needs a maximum of $500,000 a year to survive, and it was in danger.

Corporate Australia doesn’t help which is amazing – they should throw money at it. And the Baillieu government was sitting on its hands for months as Crime Stoppers was headed into oblivion.

And finally yesterday, when the organisation decided to go public, when they ran out of patience, with the Herald Sun and this program, within an hour of them telling government they were about to go public, guess what: the government found some money. That stinks.

The government mucked around for months, the future of Crime Stoppers was endangered and within an hour of a plan to go public and beg for help, the Baillieu government acted.

That is not government, that is crisis management. That is ridiculous.


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