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In a horrible week for crimes against women, statistics show a 21% rise

Posted by: Neil Mitchell | 20 November, 2012 - 8:33 AM
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I think there is something going on here. I don’t know what and I don’t know why. You may have some theories.

I was thinking this morning about the death of Sarah Cafferkey. It is an extraordinary case and I cannot remember Police releasing such detail of a suspect.

A 'person of interest' in this case has had contact with Sarah through Facebook and now can’t be found.

Now this does not seem to have any similarities to what alleged in the case of Jill Meagher, but the Courts are involved there and we can’t discuss it.

What got me thinking last night was the murder of Sarah and the murder of another woman in the street in West Footscray which Police have charged a man over. I thought, hang on, is there something going on here? And I got some statistics.

There is something to look at further. Think about this. The latest Police statistics show a significant increase in female victims. The most recent statistics, to June this year, show that crimes against women, crimes against the person involving women, increased 21 per cent.

READ: Victoria Police Crime Statistics 2011/2012 - Victims of Crime Against the Person

Crimes against men increased only eight per cent. Of the female victims, 75.4 per cent were victims of assault, 19.9 per cent were victims of rape and sex offences.

Rape was up 16.6 per cent. That is horrendous.

The murder figures are on the way up too. Homicide of female victims up 10.3 per cent. Men were up more, but a 10 per cent increase for women.

We will try to drill down to these figures. Perhaps they are because of a greater reporting of domestic violence. Perhaps there is a more aggressive, more violent approach to women, or perhaps it is about respect – or lack of it.

I really don’t know. I guess it could be a statistical glitch too. But it needs a closer look.

Is there a more aggressive, more violent approach to women developing? If there is, if we identify it, the question then is what in God’s name do we do about it?

Australia must be a better place than this. We can’t cop it.

Sadly, this Saturday’s White Ribbon Day has never been so appropriately timed or so needed.

The 'person of interest' had contact with Sarah. He can’t be found. He is entitled to be considered innocent until proven otherwise.

The Police have to release details. It could be a public safety issue if nothing else.

This case is causing deep trauma in the Bacchus Marsh area. She was only 22, had a lot of friends and was an avid Facebook user – as was the man Police want.

LISTEN: Detective Superintendent Rod Jouning from Victoria Police Sexual and Family Violence squad speaks with Neil Mitchell:

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  • Hey Gloria....FYI.
    "Someone gave me a chocolate"
    "Who gave it to you?"
    "I don't know - it's just an opinion."
    That's how much sense you are making.
    Oh I forgot I'm on 3AW where all right wing reactionaries find a home.
    Actually why am I even responding to this?

    citygirl Monday 26 November, 2012 - 8:31 PM
  • Wow, hey @Steve, you certainly did hit a raw bone with @citygirl. 'Methinks the girl protests too much' and another adage, 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned' are certainly fitting for citygirls' rants. I don't think her arguments hold any water she sounds like a woman on a mission to desecrate men!

    Gloria Friday 23 November, 2012 - 5:31 PM
  • @ Steve.....Wow, what a riveting and convincing argument labeling me "a man hater".YOU do realize that a woman being attacked by a man,causes far more psychological and physical suffering,simply by virtue of the man's strength and the violation.I should also clarify SOME men(not all) cannot handle being sexually rejected by a woman so they lash out and retailiate in the only way they know how-by sheer physical brute force.Im sorry if my comments offended your sensibilities but your response was so lame..statistics are usually based on EVIDENCE that men committ more violent acts not just sexual violence -Robbery, rape, murder, road rage, etc. Who commits them MUCH more, men or women?-irrespective for the reasoning-the man was led on or tempted by the woman by what she was wearing and other forms of rationalization.That was my point in my original comment.So your counter response doesnt hold much sway therefore dont make assumptions about my character and my psyche You do not have a case.At all.

    citygirl Friday 23 November, 2012 - 2:53 PM
  • @ Steve..re read my post please.no where did i state i hated men-my MALE partner would be very surprised to hear that..do realize that violence is not JUST sexual violence? Robbery, rape, murder, road rage, etc. Who commits them MUCH more, men or women? That was my point in my original comment.Some men(i should have stressed SOME previously) who are sexually rejected by a woman they are attracted to cant deal so they flip,thats what I was referring to..It may offend your sensibilities to read this but deal.So dear Steve please dont read things into my character which are simply not true. You do not have a case.At all.

    citygirl Thursday 22 November, 2012 - 4:45 PM
  • @citygirl;And you are obviously a man hater I feel sorry for you what a pathetic comment>!

    Steve Thursday 22 November, 2012 - 10:51 AM
  • BS stat's, look at the number of malicious DVO's brought about to get advantage in the Family Court. Thats why the instances 74.5% are assualt. That figure includes txt messages !

    John F Wednesday 21 November, 2012 - 8:40 AM

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