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Inebriated young girl at the Melbourne Cup

Posted by: Neil Mitchell | 8 November, 2012 - 10:29 AM
<b>WATCH:</b> Disturbing footage of an inebriated girl at the Melbourne Cup.

UPDATE: The girl at the centre of a YouTube video filmed at the Melbourne Cup claims she was drugged.

Yesterday, a YouTube user named 'catherinejyoung78' posted a comment on the video saying:

"I'm ashamed. And was drugged!! This is out of character and at this point, it's a police matter. Thank you for all the comments. Articulate people when your (sic) sober abusing someone you have no clue what happened to. Nothing is ever as it seems."

NEIL MITCHELL: I have been sent via YouTube the most awful film of a young woman, probably in her mid-twenties or so, drunk at the Melbourne Cup.

She's falling over, throwing punches, and screaming obscenities. It is ugly, dangerous lunacy.

She is finally subdued by security who have to hold her down, but only after she has attacked a number of the crowd, apparently at random.

(via Youtube/gavincaporn85)

It is genuinely awful stuff. And it just makes you wonder - why?

One of the worst things is, as she is doing this - clearly in trouble - the crowd is mocking her and laughing at her.

This was a very dangerous thing - not funny.

If you think you may have a problem with alcohol, please contact Alcoholics Anonymous on 1300 22 22 22 or www.aa.org.au


Daily Mail features loutish Cup antics

Daily Mail takes Melburnians to task over Cup Day antics. (Photo: Daily Mail)AT OUR NOT-SO BEST: British newspaper the ‘Daily Mail’ has highlighted the loutish behaviour of Melbourne Cup racegoers, featuring 19 embarrassing pictures of revellers.        


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  • @Justine.
    it's always someone else's fault isn't Justine.
    Such a prejudiced woman you are. Nobody but the rapist likes rape. The movie showed a drunken idiot who just happened to be a girl. Would there be all of this hype if it was a drunken man?....honest answer now Justine.... Like I said it was an idiot drunk who just happened to be a girl....and not the only drunken girl there. If you saw many other pictures taken that day, you would have seen plenty of other drunken girls. Were they all drugged and in need of medical help? No. They were just drunk and they did it to themselves and we all laughed at the drunks because that is what you do if you're not a dried up poncho wearing hysteric.

    Eddy Wednesday 14 November, 2012 - 3:47 PM
  • Actually Kraig, you've got it the wrong way around. It is male perpetrators of crime who blame the female victims. How many times have we heard "she was asking for it"? FYI: women do NOT asked to be sexually assaulted or raped, but the men who rape them often try to offload the responsibilty onto them, with plenty of support from bozos like you, Eddy, Paul, Gav and others.

    Justine Tuesday 13 November, 2012 - 11:11 PM
  • Wow, look at the animosity here. I guess Eddy & Co would also have blamed her if she actually had been raped. As long as we have Eddies (and there are plenty of them) we will continue to tolerate sexism and violence against women. The woman needed medical help in that condition, not a bunch of brainless yobbos jeering. How THICK are you?

    Justine Tuesday 13 November, 2012 - 11:05 PM
  • It seems to be mainly other females with sympathy for this drunken mole.
    Eddie and John F have hit the nail on the head. This is the usual behavior of drunken females that always gets twisted around so other people can get blamed.
    I like to have a laugh at a joke and this female is a joke, as are most females who get pissed.
    Maybe ban alcohol and de-criminalize marijuana, the non-aggressive drug.
    Plus she cries rape. That is the usual comment from a female who has made a fool of herself or broken the law. And all the false cries of rape just make it harder for the 'real' victims.

    Kraig Monday 12 November, 2012 - 9:50 AM
  • YES typical 3aw, this station mostly Neil Mitchell is fast becoming as trashy as the girl in question, played Allan Jones comments on Julia Gillard 3 times while other well known presenters just spoke on the issues.Mr Mitchell, you keep making excuses for these fools, that is why so many young girls are out flashing them selves every weekend,someone will bubble wrap them for their actions, oh and well said Eddy...

    paul Monday 12 November, 2012 - 12:10 AM
  • one of the funniest ive seen in a while...

    garry Sunday 11 November, 2012 - 9:06 AM

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