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Labradoodle creator needs new hip

Posted by: 3AW Radio | 20 July, 2012 - 12:08 PM
Wally Conron

IMAGE: Screengrab of Wally Conron's interview with 60 Minutes New Zealand (INSET: Labradoodle puppies)

The Australian inventor of the Labradoodle has been waiting years for a hip replacement.

Melbourne native Wally Conron, who's now 83, developed the Labrador-Poodle cross when he was working for Guide Dogs Australia.

He wanted to develop a breed suitable for vision-impaired people with allergies.

Wally Conron told Neil Mitchell while the breed he's developed helps people stay mobile, he's lost his down mobility waiting four years for a new hip.

The humble dog-lover contacted the Neil Mitchell Program a few days ago about his predicament.

"For four years I've been seeing Doctors and keep being told to come back and see others specialists and GP's," Wally said.

"I've given so many people mobility with the labradoodle and as soon as I have an ailment myself, I get fogged off."

Neil pointed out that If Wally had 10 cents for every labradoodle in the world right now he would've gotten that hip a long time ago.

Oddly enough, Wally owns a Labrador.

Listen to his interview below.

PLAY: Wally Conron, creator of the labradoodle, needs a new hip

'Blackman' a racist name for a horse?

Charles Blackman POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: "We've reached a new level of political correctness. Racing authorities have banned the name of a horse here in Victoria because it's racist. What else do we ban? The White House, Yellow Fever, kiwi fruit?



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  • What a crying shame when a decent Australian has to wait that long for the proper medical treatment I feel quite dissapointed about how this country has gone backwards instead of forward.

    mandy Friday 20 July, 2012 - 8:52 PM

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