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Mick & Christi Malthouse: When football and family intersects

Posted by: Ellen Feely | 24 October, 2012 - 12:24 PM
VIDEO: Mick and Christi Malthouse speak candidly about their footballing life.

Christi Malthouse joined her famous football father Mick in studio with Neil Mitchell to speak openly about how her surname impacted her and her siblings’ upbringing, and the falling out with Collingwood president Eddie McGuire.

The newly-appointed Carlton coach said he always thought he had the Magpie president’s great friendship, but it was ‘put on the table’ during a contract negotiation on one occasion during McGuire’s tenure as Channel 9 chief executive.

"I’m Collingwood first, you’re second," Malthouse told Neil Mitchell McGuire said.

"I work the other way where it’s people first, the organisation second.

"The organisation is made up of people; People first."

VIDEO: Mick and Christi Malthouse with Neil Mitchell

Download the Neil Mitchell podcast to hear the full half-hour interview

Malthouse said while he doesn’t hold any resentment towards McGuire, he hasn’t spoken to McGuire his former friend in nearly a year and "won’t be going out of his way" to do so.

"I don’t hold grudges, but I do remember things."

Christi Malthouse spoke frankly of how the family was against Mick signing the succession deal, which led to Nathan Buckley taking over the Magpie helm.

"What we thought at the time was...are you going to be ready to stop coaching in two years? And he said, I don’t think I will be," she said.

"And we said well, that’s the main point for us. When you sign this contract, you’re going to have to stop coaching."

Mick’s family were immersed in the football culture from the outset. Christi described how football brought the family closer and gained them wonderful friends which they refer to as their ‘football family’. But with their involvement in high-profile footballing life can pitfalls.

"We all faced quite a lot of bullying. (For) my sister and I, it would be more abusive. For my brothers it was physical at times," she said.

"I do worry about my own children when they go to school."

Christi Malthouse's book 'Malthouse: A Football Life' will be released on 1st November.

Malthouse: A Football Life

LISTEN: Neil's full interview with Mick and Christi Malthouse

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3AW Mornings with Neil Mitchell

Neil Mitchell Neil is one of Australia’s most experienced journalists with success in newspapers, radio and television. He was one of the youngest editors of a daily metropolitan newspaper, The Herald.


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  • People first!
    Eddie offered Mick a cushy job so he could spend more time with his family.
    People first!
    Eddie ensured a much loved son of the club Nathan Buckley was given an opportunity to flourish in a coaching career. Not tossed in like Tony Shaw, Tim Watson, Spud Frawley etc who all failed.
    People First!
    The fans finally got a premiership once the rocket was lit under Micks behind.
    Well done Eddie, pity Mick cant see the forest for his own wooden mind.

    Wayne Friday 26 October, 2012 - 9:28 AM
  • Good on you Eddie because your legacy to our club is that you always put Collingwood first.

    matt mumme Thursday 25 October, 2012 - 7:17 PM
  • Malthouse is the text book Egomaniac. It will NEVER be he who is the problem. He will sacrifice his friends, colleagues and other dispensables to achieve what HE wants. Carlton it is your turn.........he has arrived!

    Roy F Thursday 25 October, 2012 - 8:02 AM
  • Spot on David - well said. I am always confused that Mick signed a contract that he didnt want to sign. He appears to be very strong minded - I just cant see him being bullied into doing something he didnt want to do. This book release is turning into a circus. Who would buy it, we've heard all the stories a hundred times already - now they are just coming from his daughter - that must be accurate - no bias there.

    Kathy Wednesday 24 October, 2012 - 9:49 PM
  • Malthouse gets too much air-time on 3AW. Hey Neil, can you chat with someone else for a change?

    Having said that, I fully agree with Mick's sentiments towards McGuire. People first and don't shaft your mates.

    I am sure Mick will make a big difference to Carlton.

    Jake Wednesday 24 October, 2012 - 5:57 PM
  • "Iâ??m Collingwood first, youâ??re second," Malthouse told Neil Mitchell

    McGuire said. "I work the other way where itâ??s people first, the organisation second.

    Good on ya Mick! That statement just confirms everything that has been written about you - a self serving, selfish and conflicted individual who thought himself to be bigger than the Collingwood Football Club.

    How dare McGuire think that he should put the interests of the Collingwood Football Club before the interests of Mick Malthouse!!

    And that's right Mick, of course you should "remember" how you were treated by McGuire and not speak to him as a result. After all, here was a bloke who extended your tenure year-after-year despite 10 winless years. Probably ensured that you were delivered an additional $ 5M - $ 6M in the process. Why should you show McGuire any respect or gratitude Mick? It's just not in your nature!!

    Your delusions of grandeur and sense of entitlement, just leaves me shaking my head in amazement!

    David Wednesday 24 October, 2012 - 4:01 PM

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