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No end in sight for smoke police

Posted by: Neil Mitchell | 16 August, 2012 - 9:12 AM

A large percentage of the people who listen to me could become criminals - Crooks, lawbreakers, and it was inevitable.

The health police have had a big win with plain packaging of cigarettes.  And they are so brave now, they may not stop.

The next step as reported today - they want to ban cigarettes totally.

PLAY: Scott McIntyre from British American Tobacco speaks to Neil Mitchell

That is the suggestion in The Age.

Several health lobbyists want to ban cigarettes as a legal product.  That's madness.

You can't allow people to become addicted legally then suddenly make it illegal.

Imagine it. We'll have flying squads of smoke police raiding garages in Glen Waverley, dragging away four pensioners caught smoking.

There will be paddy wagons patrolling the streets, looking for one cigarette butt, doing DNA tests to lock up Beryl from Broadmeadows.

Or, the next step will be to allow older people to smoke but make it illegal for younger people.  Perhaps nobody under the age of twenty will be allowed to buy smokes. All of which will make it even more attractive.

That's the danger with something like this.  Those who want to run our lives are encouraged and don't know when to stop.  Perhaps plain packaging for alcohol?  Who knows...

What would you do if smoking suddenly became illegal?


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'No more mobile billboards'

Nicola Roxon NICOLA ROXON: Attorney General Nicola Roxon joined 3AW Drive on Wednesday afternoon after the high court upheld the federal government's decision to introduce plain packaging on cigarettes.


Tobacco companies lose Court battle

Plain packaging (FFX) PLAIN PACKAGING: The High Court has ruled the Federal Government's world-first plain packaging cigerette laws are constitutionally valid. Today's decision clears the way for all cigarette and tobacco products to be sold in drab olive-brown packs from December.






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  • Bring it on, I can't wait!
    Al Capone set up his family for life (and for many generations after he died - after all, the American Mafia is still one of the richest and most powerful criminal syndicates in the world today). If/when this suggestion becomes law, I'm giving up my day job!

    David Williams Tuesday 21 August, 2012 - 5:34 PM
  • I have been trying to give up smoking for years, banning might actually help me, but there is a raft of illegal tabacco out there at a much lower price, and as far as the smoke police, what a joke, it's hard enough to get a policeman for real crime out here in the country.
    The plain packaging or graphic pictures on them, that's not a turn off to anybody I know, including school kids that smoke, besides can the government afford to lose the tax, while still copping the health bill from illegal tabacco smoking.Then there is grass which is readily available as well.

    gez Friday 17 August, 2012 - 5:37 AM
  • The average 3AW listener would be on the phone 24/7 dobbing in smokers. They'd be no time for the funeral parlour, nursing home and denture commercials. :p

    mylene Thursday 16 August, 2012 - 10:32 AM

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