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Waugh reveals his personal life’s ‘luck’

Posted by: Fenella Wagener | 22 August, 2013 - 12:46 PM
Steve Waugh

Cricket legend Steve Waugh has opened up about his private life and his wife's journey to recovery.

In 2008, the former test captain’s wife Lynette Waugh went into hospital with a blood clot in her brain.

Waugh was on a book tour when he received the “dreaded phone call” from his father-in-law telling him he needed to be in Sydney as quick as possible.

According to Waugh, with every subsequent phone call that night his wife’s condition worsened.

WATCH: See the full interview with Steve Waugh here

The star cricketer, who managed to find a private plane after no domestic flights were available, described the solo trip from Melbourne to Sydney as the longest hour of his life after a close friend asked him to prepare himself “for the worst case scenario”.

“Sitting on a plane by myself, just wondering what was going to happen, whether she was still going to be alive, if she wasn’t I’ve got three young kids, how am I going to cope with that, so everything I’d achieved on the sporting field went out the window,” he told Neil Mitchell this morning.

“Everything gets put into perspective when one of your family members is ill or sick.

Waugh’s wife has now recovered in what he believes was a testament to her positive attitude.

“She never complained once … she just said ‘how am I going to get better?’.

“That’s where the title of the book came from, The Meaning of Luck, and it was really inspired by Lynette when she said her stroke was a stroke of ‘luck’.”


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  • Inspiring - both Lynette and Steve Waugh.

    What a contrast to James Hird!!

    Jake Friday 23 August, 2013 - 5:48 AM

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