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Bruce Mansfield: Profile

Bruce Mansfield

Bruce won a junior announcer's competition at radio 3UZ in 1960. The prize was 100 pounds and a week on the air. Bruce joined radio 3KZ in 1962 as a panel operator and late night announcer (not much has changed).

In 1964 he joined radio 3XY compering the midmorning program. In 1968 he moved to commercial television at GTV 9, where he appeared on In Melbourne Tonight with one of Australia's biggest television personalities, Graham Kennedy. He also compered Cartoon Corner as Superman with a young Daryl Somers (Bruce's best work according to Phil).

In 1973 he moved to the 10 network and read the 6pm news until 1980. Later that year he teamed with John Blackman and then Darren James as "Uncle Roy" in the highly successful 3AW Breakfast radio program which ran for 10 years.

Since 1990 Bruce and Phil have ruled the airwaves at night with Nightline on 3AW.

What was your first job?

When I first left school I moved straight into Women's underwear. I landed a job at Myer's Melbourne store working in the Bra Bar.

What is your favourite on air moment thus far?

Broadcasting from the Rialto Observation deck in front of a live audience and receiving the call on my mobile phone that my grandson Samuel had just been born.

What is your most embarrassing on air moment?

In the very early 1960's I voiced a commercial for Veducci Brothers Italian Furniture store. Among the brand names were Pisa and Venus. I nervously ran the two words together and announced "penis".  I quickly corrected myself but then cracked up for the rest of the ad - this was not smiled upon in the early sixties.

If you could interview anyone (living or dead) who would it be?

Charlie Chaplin and Charles Dickens. But not together - it would be too confusing.