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3AW is giving you the chance to

"Take a Tiger Ticket" with Tiger Airways

From Monday 3 December through to Friday 14 December,

each hour from 6am to midnight weekdays, stay listening for your chance to win

a double return ticket from Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine) to any one

of the eight Tiger Airways destinations of your choice.

That is 18 chances per day to win!


Will you choose to go to Cairns, Perth, Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide or Mackay? The choice is yours!


These are complete prizes with return airfares including taxes paid, 15kg checked luggage allowance, hand luggage allowance, validity for booking within 3 months, and travel use within 6 months (and up to 10 months soon when new season fares go on sale) and all out of Melbourne Airport!


For consistently great value travel deals go to www.tigerairways.com

– remember to plan ahead and book early to secure the best value deals.


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Competition closes 14.12.12.



About Tiger Airways:


•  Tiger is proud to call Victoria home and eight of its 11 aircraft are based at Melbourne Airport. Tiger’s second base is in Sydney where the other three aircraft are based.


•  Tiger Airways recently celebrated its fifth anniversary in Australia on 23 November – the very first flight from Melbourne to Gold Coast departed Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine) on 23 November 2007. Throughout the birthday week (23 November – 29 November 2012) there will be special destination based fares on sale on different days until Thursday 29th November so check the website daily for details (www.tigerairways.com).


•  Tiger operates the youngest fleet of aircraft in Australia - the average age of the fleet is four years of age.


•  From Melbourne, Tiger flies to: Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth, Cairns, Mackay (from 18 December), Hobart and Adelaide. From Sydney Tiger flies to Gold Coast, Brisbane, Mackay (from 17 December) and Coffs Harbour (from 15 February 2013).


• Tiger employs over 350 people in Australia including cabin crew and pilots and hundreds more people through our ground handling and maintenance partnerships.


•  Tiger has flown close to 10 million passengers in Australia since operations commenced in Australia in November 2007.


•  Tiger re-launched the airline in August 2011 with an absolute commitment to providing safe, affordable, reliable air travel with friendly and professional service. Since then the airline has flown over two million customers which have provided overwhelming positive feedback about the “new-look” Tiger Airways.


• Tiger Airways is committed to being Australia’s consumer champion – not only providing great value fares on a consistent basis, but providing healthy competition to the market. We really hope to welcome you onboard a Tiger Airways flight soon.


•  There are regular travel promotions with Tiger. One way to be kept informed about news and special offers direct from Tiger Airways is to sign up to the free e-newsletter by clicking the button on the website homepage.


•  There is no big secret to securing the best value deals – regular promotions mean value airfares are always in plentiful supply, the best way to find them is to plan ahead and book early as the best value airfares are typically the ones snapped up first. The early bird gets the worm as the saying goes.


Other Frequently Asked Questions?


Why Is Tiger unique - why does it do things differently?
•  We provide our customers with choice to pick and choose what extras (if any) they wish to pay for accordingly. Don’t want food? Don’t pay for it. Don’t want checked luggage? Don’t pay for it. There’s no reason your fare should cover someone else’s lunch. We’re all about stripping back costs in order to offer the seat at consistently great value fares.


What else can I get?
•  Don’t want just the basics? Then pick and choose the extras you want. Choose your own seat, get some food for the journey a few dollars or triple the amount of checked luggage you can bring along for a set fee. It all depends on your needs and how much you want to spend on the journey. Tiger customers typically like to save on their airfare so they can spend more when they get to where they are going.


Why do I have to be there 45 minutes before take-off to check in?
•  Actually, we recommend you arrive around 1.5 – two hours before your scheduled departure to ensure you have plenty of time. 45 minutes before take-off is when we stop letting you check in. Tiger Airways works hard to get you where you are going on time. To achieve that, we need to be strict about stopping check-in 45 minutes before departure. Give us 45 minutes to do all our pre-departure checks and make sure everything’s in order and we’ll get you to your destination affordably and with enhanced reliability. We think it’s a fair deal.


How much baggage can I bring?
•  You get 10kg of carry-on luggage for free (maximum two carry-on items with the combined weight of no more than a total of 10kg). You can pay a set fee to have additional checked in luggage (see www.tigerairways.com for details and costs). If you want to pack the kitchen sink, that’s fine – but it’s only fair that you pay a bit extra for it, because other people shouldn’t have to pay for your luggage, just as you shouldn’t have to pay for theirs.


Why is it cheaper if I pay for baggage on the internet?
•  If you let us know how much luggage you’re bringing in advance, we’ll save you more cash. You see, it allows us to be more efficient at check-in and we can plan our baggage handling in advance. This saves us money, so it saves you money.