Join the Rumour File!


The Rumour File thanks to Lexus of Blackburn!

Awaken your adrenalin – There's something new at Lexus, and something extra special for the Rumour File major prize in 2017.

Something designed from the ground up – this is no mere facelift or extension to an existing range – this is new in every definition of the word.


Every weekday morning at 7:07am it's Rumour File time with Ross and John on 3AW 693.

If your Rumour makes it on air, you have the chance of winning the major prize from Lexus of Blackburn at 146 Whitehorse Road Blackburn.


So what is The Rumour File and how do you get in the running for the major prize from Lexus Of Blackburn?

The Rumour File is one of Melbourne's most listened to segments and the star of The Rumour File is YOU!

Listeners to the program call 96 900 693 (13 13 32 if outside Melbourne) and disclose a rumour they have heard;

Something you've heard at work?

Seen something at the airport?

Overheard something at a coffee shop?

Terms and conditions.

Call The Rumour File for your chance to win weekday mornings at 7:07am.

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