Mickey Rooney, passed away at the age of 93, but his extraordinary legacy on the small and big screens for over nine decades will endure.

Mickey Rooney, passed away at the age of 93, but his extraordinary legacy on the small and big screens for over nine decades will endure.

'The extraordinary career' of Rooney

REMEMBERED: The last of the great silent screen stars, Mickey Rooney, passed away at the age of 93, but his extraordinary legacy on the small and big screens for over nine decades will endure and inspire for generations to come.

Jim's movie cheat sheet - April 20

PierceBrosnanBond We kind of knew this already, but it was good of Pierce Brosnan to step up and pierce through the over-ripe adulation his Bond films too often receive by admitting his performance as 007 lacked spark and charm.

New release movie reviews - April 17

OtherWoman375 JIM SCHEMBRI: Brace yourselves, all you Marvel comic book-into-movie fans! Prepare to be not amazed!

Fun-size reviews: Comedy Festival

There are few things better than a belly laugh. REVIEWS: Each year at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, tens of thousands of people go in search of that very experience in a bid to lose themselves in fun and glee.

New release movie reviews - April 10

Budapest375 JIM SCHEMBRI: This terrific Muppets sequel doesn't need to waste any time getting the gang back together and so dives head-long into the type of loopy, cameo-encrusted adventure.

Jim's cheat sheet - April 11

PeterSellers JIM SCHEMBRI: Two of Peter Sellers' earliest films - the 1957 shorts Dearth of a Salesman and Insomnia Is Good For You - have been uncovered by film lover Robert Farrow.

Chocolate and almond cake

Chocolate and almond cake BOB HART: Here is food legend Elizabeth David’s original recipe. And if you have never made it, or never realized where it came from, make it now, and be amazed.

'The extraordinary career' of Rooney

rooney REMEMBERED: The last of the great silent screen stars, Mickey Rooney, passed away at the age of 93, but his extraordinary legacy on the small and big screens for over nine decades will endure and inspire for generations to come.

Hines releases 'Amazing' album

Hines WATCH: Singing sensation Marcia Hines joins Denis Walter in the studio.

Mickey Rooney dies, aged 93

Rooney RIP: Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney has died, aged 93.

Jim's Cheat Sheet - April 4

Top Gun sequel on the cards. JIM SCHEMBRI: They've been yapping about a sequel to the Tom Cruise career-maker Top Gun pretty much since it first came out in 1986, but now it seems like it just might actually, really, truly happen.

Hey Dad! cast feeling 'a little numb'

heydad LISTEN: A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw says there should be a lot of people “looking into their souls” after Hey Dad! star Robert Hughes was yesterday found guilty of 10 child sex charges.

How to deal with rude customers

Dealing with bad customers can be very stressful. LISTEN: After a UK post office barred a customer for rudeness, executive director of Australian Retailer's Association has some good advice for handling rude customers.

I'm not a look-alike!

lookalike2lead PHOTOS: Denis Walter chats with photographer Francois Brunelle about his world-wide search for couples who look alike.

Dan Sultan releases 'Blackbird'

Sultan WATCH: Australian singer and songwriter Dan Sultan joins Denis Walter to chat about his new album 'Blackbird'.

Classic chimichurri

Chimichurri RECIPE: Classic chimichurri from Argentinian Street Food.

A Perfect day at 3AW

Perfect Tripod VIDEO: Comedian and songwriter Eddie Perfect has teamed up with musical comedy group Tripod to perform classic Australian songs.

New release movie reviews - April 3

LegoMovieLEAD JIM SCHEMBRI: Whatever you've got planned over the next few weeks, work it around seeing 'The Lego Movie' as quickly as you can.

New release movie reviews - April 1

Nymphomaniac REVIEWS: This epic sexual odyssey of addiction from button-pushing director Lars von Trier again proves that he is a much more intelligent and thoughtful filmmaker than his roguish public image would otherwise suggest.

Petula Clark: 'I want to get better'

petula LISTEN: Music superstar Petula Clark says she still has work to do and improvements to make despite a successful career spanning 65 years.

Doyle releases 'Alphabet Soup'

doylelead LISTEN: TV presenter Melissa Doyle is in Melbourne today launching her new book ‘Alphabet Soup’.

Disaster of biblical proportions

Noah REVIEW: Oh God. What a water-logged turkey Noah has turned out to be. After all the ballyhoo, director Darren Aronofsky and star Russell Crowe deliver an epic disaster of truly biblical proportions. It's one of those stupid films where the more you think of it, the worse it gets.

Celebrity chef on MKR's future

mkr WATCH: Celebrity chef Manu Feildel has all but confirmed Channel Seven's 'My Kitchen Rules' is set for another season.

Craigieburn man loses over 100kg's

Melbourne man loses over 100kg LISTEN: Craigieburn local Jason Jenkins has lost more than 100 kilograms in the past 13 months.

Spaghetti and sausage

Spaghetti sausage BOB HART: There are occasions when, because we are human, we need to escape, if only briefly, from the healthy food propaganda.

Denis's 'Meat Free Week' blog

Check out Denis's 'Meat Free Week' daily food blog. DAILY BLOG: As part of a push for more animal awareness, Denis Walter has ditched meat for Meat Free Week which runs from March 24 to 30.

Top coffee artist joins Denis Walter

art PHOTOS: To this man, coffee art is not just a heart-shaped image on top of a cappaccino.

Jim's movie cheat sheet, March 21

Ryan Gosling MOVIE NEWS: Ryan Gosling is eager to move on a biopic of legendary Depression-era dance movie choreographer Busby Berkeley.

Kate Ceberano shares her story

For the first time, Kate Ceberano shares her story in 'I'm Talking'. LISTEN: After a career spanning more than 30 years in the entertainment business, Kate Ceberano has finally put her story to paper.

'My daughter was born a boy'

transfamily LISTEN: The mother of a transgender daughter has opened up about her experience and initial shock after finding out her son identified as a woman.

Les Miserables Broadway premiere

lesmis3 REVIEW: Sir Cameron Mackintosh was sitting in his New York office, keen for a chat.

Slow-roasted herb chicken

Roast chicken BOB HART: As the sting fades from summer and evenings become cooler, there is no more warming and comforting dish on the planet than a perfectly roasted chook.

Hooper ditches Killing Heidi roots

Ella LISTEN: Former Killing Heidi frontwoman Ella Hooper has ditched her roots and gone solo.

Pros and cons of extended leave

holiday LISTEN: With new research finding one in three adults take a career break to travel, it seems the gap year is not just for school leavers.

New release movie reviews - Mar 20

Wadjda1 JIM SCHEMBRI: Wadjda is a warm, winning, restless film. It's the first to be shot by a female Saudi director in Saudi Arabia, though it's not the first from the region to spruik the dire need for change where women are concerned.

Victoria's oldest Ironman competitor

philip LISTEN: The oldest Victorian competitor in yesterday’s Melbourne Ironman event says the experience was exhilarating.

O'Loughlin tests her skills on Denis

Fiona LISTEN: The city is on the verge of a laugh-athon with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival kicking off next Wednesday.

Report: Exercise reduces sickness

flu LISTEN: New research has found vigorous exercise reduces the risk of flu by 10 per cent.

Inside the Sydney Harbour Bridge

bridge LISTEN: It was on this day in 1932 that the Sydney Harbour Bridge was opened, so Denis Walter spoke with author of 'The Bridge', Peter Lalor.

New release movie reviews

annahArendtLEAD JIM SCHEMBRI: Alex Gibney's absorbing, long-form documentary about racing cyclist Lance Armstrong is the type of happy accident director's dream of.

Jim's movie cheat sheet - March 14

FrozenElsa JIM SCHEMBRI: Fresh from its Oscars triumph - Best Animated Feature; Best Song for Let It Go - Disney's billion-dollar baby 'Frozen' has been hit with accusations it promotes a lesbian lifestyle.

Aussie makes famous cheer squad

cowboylead LISTEN: A Melbourne Storm cheerleader has beaten girls all over the world to make the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad in America.

Ricotta hotcakes

Ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter BOB HART: I suspect we have a certain Mr Bill Granger to thank for the fact that these breakfast treasures are hard to avoid these days.

Jim’s cheat sheet, March 7

Darren Aronofsky's monolithic Russell Crowe boat movie Noah is hitting rough water in Muslim countries. CHEAT SHEET: Fresh from the "They Knew This Was Coming" desk comes news that Darren Aronofsky's monolithic Russell Crowe boat movie Noah is hitting rough water in Muslim countries.

Birdman winner: Vibe was fantastic

Taking honours in this year’s famous Birdman Rally was Melbourne father Daniel Mazzei, in his inaugural flight in the colourful event. LISTEN: Taking honours in this year’s famous Birdman Rally was first time entrant, Melbourne father Daniel Mazzei. He speaks with Denis Walter about the unique experience.

One woman's "affair" with pokies

Gabriela Byrne talks to Denis Walter about her frightening “affair” with poker machines and how she is helping other people who are addicted. LISTEN: Gabriela Byrne talks to Denis Walter about her frightening “affair” with poker machines, how she has now recovered and is helping other people who are addicted.

Snake bite victim skips panic for beer

snake LISTEN: A man bitten by a deadly snake said after calling an ambulance he sat down and had a cold one in case he “carked it”.

Billy Pinnell discovers 3AW talent

3AW producer and musician Josh Burgan. WATCH: It may be late, but Billy Pinnell has just discovered YouTube. And he's addicted.

Moomba royalty graces the airwaves!

King and Queen of Moomba 2014, Bert Newton and Lucy Durack. LISTEN: Royalty graced the Melbourne airwaves this afternoon as Lucy Durack, Queen of Moomba, spoke with Denis Walter.

New release movie reviews – March 6

Jim Schembri New release movies - March 6 JIM SCHEMBRI: Our resident movie guru reviews the latest flicks: All Is Lost, Tracks, 3 Days To Kill and 300: Rise of An Empire.

All Is Lost: Interview with director JC Chandor

JC Chandor, Director of All Is Lost WATCH: Jim Schembri interviewed JC Chandor, director of the remarkable survival drama All Is Lost.

Use leftovers, make a hash of it!

Bob Hart tells us what we can do with leftovers. BOB HART: Here is a way of preparing a simple and delicious hash - the favourite American left over dish, which is far simpler (and perhaps more delicious) than shepherd’s pie.

Handbag wonder from down under

Handbag designer Amy Kestenberg is taking the fashion world by storm. LISTEN: 27-year-old Melbourne born handbag designer Aimee Kestenberg is an Australian international success story, and is quickly becoming the talk of the fashion world.

Olympians gear up for Grand Prix

Lydia Lassila, four time olympian LISTEN: With the snow barely settled after Sochi Games, winter Olympians Lydia Lassila, Alex ‘Chumpy’ Pullin and Torah Bright are already focussed on their next adrenalin-fuelled challenge.

Jim's movie poster parodies

WolfofWallS Everybody loves a good movie poster. And everybody loves a good movie poster parody.

Oscars Guide 2014: Jim's predictions

BlueJasmine375 JIM SCHEMBRI: Get excited, people. The 86th Academy Awards are about to be handed out in what is unarguably one of the best line-ups of A-Grade films in recent memory.

Woman tries 33 'careers' in a year

careers LISTEN: Successful lawyer Gail Nash took a leap of faith in February last year and threw away her career in the hope of finding a job that would make her “heart sing”.

Abdul reveals father's wise words

American star Paula Abdul thanks her father for his wise words. LISTEN: Pop star Paula Abdul reveals her secret to success.

New release movie reviews - Feb 27

NonStop JIM SCHEMBRI: Everyone's favourite middle-aged action man Liam Neeson is at it again in yet another enjoyable, disposable French-produced action flick.

Fan diagnoses star's Parkinson's

billy LISTEN: The Australian surgeon who revealed to Billy Connolly he has Parkinson’s disease says he wasn’t sure whether the comedian already knew or not.

Jim's cheat sheet, February 28

Gravity Alas, should the worst come to pass and Sandra Bullock be passed over for a Best Actress Oscar for her performance in Gravity, she can at least console herself with the fact that she's likely to pocket $70 million for her participation.

Angry mother: Don't retouch my kids

A company taking school photos is offering a 'retouch' option. LISTEN: A mother is outraged after she was offered the option of retouching her children’s school photos, claiming it sent the wrong message to kids.

The ultimate mash

Mash sweet potato MONSTER MASH: Let's look at the other mash - sweet-potato mash which, properly executed, is the best and the most opulent mash of all.

Byrne says Moran's a 'dream role'

deb LISTEN: Actress and singer Debra Byrne says playing Judy Moran in Channel Nine's Fat Tony & Co is a dream role.

Worthington charged with assault

s NEW YORK: Australian actor Sam Worthington has been charged with assault after punching a photographer after he kicked girlfriend Lara Bingle in New York.

Talking Geelong with Denis Walter

d VIDEO, PHOTOS: The issues, the people and the future of Geelong.

Jim cheat sheet, February 23

Wolf of Wall Street MOVIES: Another week, another money-grubbing lawsuit. This time the target is Martin Scorsese's three-hour fun ride The Wolf of Wall Street.

Sleeping with Ryan Gosling sells

This smart Melbourne woman has answered most girls' prayers. LISTEN: A Melbourne woman’s business selling life-sized pillows of Hollywood heart throb Ryan Gosling is already making headlines around the world.

'There's a bit of Mick in all of us'

Greg McLean INTERVIEW: Wolf Creek 2 director Greg McLean speaks to Jim Schembri about why it's taken so long to make the sequel.

Model sacked, told her bum's too big

Nathalie Nicole, 32, was recently fired from a runway show. LISTEN: A Melbourne model is outraged after she was kicked off a job because her bum was 'too big'.

Have you been paying attention?

Have you been paying attention quiz QUIZ: Take our 'have you been paying attention' quiz to test your current affairs knowledge from this week.

Jim's new release movie reviews

WolfCreek2 REVIEWS: If there's one major message at the core of Peter Berg's outstanding, realistic, fact-based war film it's that no amount of new-fangled military technology can take away from the brutality and human cost of frontline fighting.

Austin Powers joins Friday Lunch

powers VIDEO: Denis Walter invites Austin Powers to surprise the boys for Friday Lunch.

Photos: Incredible bear collection

teddy375 PHOTOS: It’s hard to surpass Tony Michael’s bear collection, he has so many teddies he could sleep with a different one every night... for two years.

Temple, Tom and Tarantino

Shirley Temple FLICKS: Movie marvel Jim Schembri wraps up all the latest news from Tinsel Town.

The remake we had to have

Endless Love For those with long memories, there are few things in life more frightening than the prospect of remaking the 1981 teen romantic film Endless Love.

Dead seal may have been shot

seal PHOTO: A man who discovered a dead seal on Hampton beach believes it was shot.

Most unromantic travel destinations

Travel writer Ben Groundwater has made a list of the world's most unromantic places. LIST: With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, Denis Walter spoke with travel reporter Ben Groundwater to find out the world’s most unromantic travel destinations.

'Hitman services required'

gumtree LISTEN: A woman looking online for a job yesterday says she was stunned when she came across an ad requesting a hitman.

Bobby Rydell joins Denis Walter

rydell LISTEN: Teen idol Bobby Rydell joins Denis Walter in the studio.

New release movies - February 13

Endless-Love JIM SCHEMBRI: There are a lot of tough moments in this fact-based saga as a man wages war against bureaucracy, prejudice and his own mortality, but Dallas Buyers Club is ultimately an uplifting story of undying hope and unlikely heroism.

With this bacon, I thee wed

Couple wed in bacon-themed wedding. LISTEN: A couple in the US loves bacon so much so, they decided to have a bacon-themed wedding.

Simplest of summer curries

Chickpea curry BOB HART: Hot curries are great for hot weather - they confuse our system and our bodies apply the cooling down levers. Try this chickpea curry this weekend.

Recasting the castaways

Robert DeNiro PHOTO GALLERY: Recently on Afternoons with Denis Walter we invited listeners to call in and help cast the upcoming Gilligan's Island movie. Here are the results.

Chuck Berry takes a dive

Chuck Berry Wingsuit flying VIDEO: Chuck Berry is one incredibly brave man... Not rock 'n' roll pioneer and singer Chuck Berry, but New Zealand stuntman, base jumper and daredevil Chuck Berry.

Weatherman's approaching low front

Weatherman VIDEO: A college student who attempted to disrupt a live weather cross got a swift knee to the bollocks for his trouble.

Mum catches stranger smacking 3yo

Debbie Green said she couldn’t believe her eyes when she turned to see a woman smacking her daughter. LISTEN: An upset mother tells of her shock after catching a stranger smacking her daughter in their local supermarket.

Adam Hills' Happyism

Adam Hills WATCH VIDEO: Funnyman on his new comedy show in Melbourne

Harrison Craig of The Voice

Harrison Craig THE VOICE: As season 2 of The Voice AU debuted in front of 1.8 million fans, one voice stood out from the others. Melbourne Schoolboy Harrison Craig melted ears and hearts, delivering a stellar debut.

Glenn Frey with Denis Walter

Glenn Frey THE EAGLES: Eagles' frontman and six-time-Grammy-Award-winner Glenn Frey is coming to Melbourne and the legendary singer joined Denis Walter on Friday afternoon. Listen to his fascinating interview with Denis here.

Aussie Mum takes out Ms. Nude

Miss Nude LISTEN: A Victorian Mum has been crowned Miss Nude World 2013 in Ohio. The 36-year old 'fitness freak' with a passion for sewing joined Denis Walter on Thursday afternoon for a quick chat about the unusual contest and her victory last month.

Sally Cooper Live

Sally Cooper plays live in studio with Denis Walter. SALLY & HER VIOLIN: Accomplished instrumentalist Sally Cooper joined Denis Walter in studio with her violin in hand to play an excerpt from her new album, 'Golden'.

Dazzling Bond girl in Studio

Rachel Grant VIDEO: Former James Bond girl Rachel Grant talked to Denis Walter in the 3AW Studio on Friday afternoon regarding her experience in the 2002 film Die Another Day starring Pierce Brosnan.

George '007' Lazenby on 3AW

George Lazenby 50 YEARS OF JAMES BOND: In honour of the 50th anniversary of James Bond, Australian actor and one-time Bond star George Lazenby joined Denis Walter in the studio on Thursday afternoon. Watch the fascinating interview here.

Top Substitute Teacher films

Copp LIST: The touching Oscar-nominated French/Canadian classroom drama Monsieur Lazhar is the latest to feature the bumpy rides endured by substitute teachers. Here's our pick of six of the best.

Kath & Kim with Denis Walter

Kath and Kim FILM RELEASE: Australia's most famous dysfunctional Mother-daughter combination Kath & Kim joined Denis Walter this afternoon and gave listeners of taste of their upcoming film, Kath & Kimderella. Listen to the amusing interview here.

Shannon Lush on Afternoons

Lush Shannon Lush is our resident natural product cleaning lady. Do you have any goo that needs removing? Any stubborn stains that won't budge? Shannon will have the answers! Listen to her latest segment now and leave a question for next time.

Movies with Jim Schembri

Jimmy S Jim Schembri is one of Australia's most respected film critics. Find out Jim's thoughts on the latest movies, interviews and more!

Denis Walter's Experts

Denis Walter If you missed something on Denis' show and you need to get in contact with any of the regulars, this page is your one stop shop for all the Afternoon experts.

Damien Leith performs 'Beautiful'

Damien Leith Denis Walter VIDEO: Irish Aussie singer and songwriter Damien Leith joined Denis Walter in studio to chat about his new about 'Now and Then', upcoming tour and performed his song Beautiful.

Embarrassing playmate?

PLayboy Denis Walter takes calls on embarrssing family members.

Stones manager reminisces

Cutler AUDIO: Denis Walter and Billy Pinnell chatted with former Rolling Stones manager Sam Cutler on Friday. Sam offers some great insight into The rock n roll days of the Stones and discusses his new book. 'You can't always get what you want.'

Gurrumul with Denis Walter

Gurrumul stunned Denis Walter with his voice VIDEO: Stunning singer Gurrumul joined Denis Walter for the second time on April 20 .. again, enjoy his amazing voice.