New release film reviews - August 28

FelonyLEAD JIM SCHEMBRI: An outstanding, tautly directed, superbly acted that again proves, as did Animal Kingdom, that Australian filmmakers have a distinctive knack for quality crime dramas.

The Lion King returns to Australia

lionking WATCH: The Lion King stars perform 'He Lives In You' live in the studio.

'Felony': Joel Edgerton interview

Joel Edgerton and Matthew Saville INTERVIEW: What happens when a very bad thing happens to a very good cop - and it's his fault?

Duck legs braised in Madeira

union RECIPE: Duck legs braised in Madeira with medjool dates and fregola.

Jim's cheat sheet - Aug 22

Jet Li CHEAT SHEET: Expendables 3 struggles at the box office, Helen Mirren romantic charmer The Hundred-Foot Journey impresses and Chinese films test on-screen text-a-longs.

Four generations of August 15

candles LISTEN: With the birth of a baby boy last week, a Melbourne family now has four generations born on the same day.

The Bellamy Brothers still singing

The Bellamy Brothers LISTEN: Country music greats The Bellamy Brothers have been performing around the world since the 1970s, and they're not sick of it yet.

Jimmy Barnes releases duets album

barnesdenis WATCH: When it comes to Aussie rock, nobody has taken the Aussie music scene quite like Jimmy Barnes.

Potato Gnocchi and Mushroom Ragu

union RECIPE: Union Dining's celebrity chef Nicky Riemer's 'potato gnocchi and mushroom ragu' recipe.

VIDEO: The Inbetweeners

inbetweeners WATCH: Though the British TV high-school sitcom The Inbetweeners only aired for three seasons between 2008 and 2010 its portrait of life as seen by four bottom-feeding friends quickly became hugely popular.

MIFF highlights - Aug 15

Alas, the Melbourne International Film Festival is in its final weekend, yet there are still plenty of choice offerings to be enjoyed. Here's a selection of the best. MIFF: Alas, the Melbourne International Film Festival is in its final weekend, yet there are still plenty of choice offerings to be enjoyed. Here's a selection of the best.

Fred Cook joins Denis Walter

cook WATCH: Football champion Fred Cook joins Denis Walter in the studio.

Jim's cheat sheet - Aug 15

Screen great Lauren Bacall dies CHEAT SHEET: Screen great Lauren Bacall dies, David Brent to continue fame quest, plus Quixote and vampires. This cheat sheet has it all.

'God looked after the whole thing'

TasPappasHeadshot JIM SCHEMBRI: Eddie Martin's remarkable documentary All This Mayhem charts the rapid rise and tragic fall of two champion skateboarders, Ben and Tas Pappas.

New release film reviews - August 14

PostmanPat JIM SCHEMBRI: Knowing precisely who his audience is and how best to please them, Sylvester Stallone and his gang of gung-ho geriatrics are back with even more firepower and even more story than they had the last time around.

MIFF week 2 highlights

CurtainCall JIM SCHEMBRI: Melbourne International Film Festival week 2 highlights

Jim's movie cheat sheet - August 8

Gravity JIM SCHEMBRI: Riding high from the global success of Gravity, Sandra Bullock has landed gently atop the annual Forbes list of the world's richest female actors.

These Final Hours: Zak Hilditch

zak WATCH: In Zak Hilditch's apocalyptic film These Final Hours a comet strikes the northern hemisphere, sending a wall of fire across the Earth, vapourising everything in its path.

Pea and Ham Soup

soup BOB HART: When it comes to creating warming dishes to combat weather like this, frankly, risks should never be taken. And there is one dish that simply never fails to warm even those bits other dishes don’t reach: pea and ham soup.

New release movie reviews - 7 August

Rocket the raccoon, star of the show! MOVIES: If there was no other reason to recommend it, Guardians of the Galaxy would be worth several times the price of admission just for the raccoon.

Kat Stewart joins Denis Walter

Kat Stewart joins Denis Walter IN STUDIO: Actor Kat Stewart joined Denis Walter in studio ahead of the 2014 Offspring finale.

John Williamson joins Denis Walter

John Williamson joins Denis Walter in the studio. WATCH: Australian singer songwriter John Williamson joins Denis Walter in the studio.

Tess Masters on 'The Blender Girl'

tess WATCH: Tess Masters, also known as ‘The Blender Girl’ joins Denis Walter in the studio.

Richard Clapton joins Denis Walter

Australian singer-songwriter Richard Clapton joins Denis Walter in the studio. WATCH: Australian singer-songwriter Richard Clapton joins Denis Walter in the studio.

Super saver Wendy joins Denis

Wendy Gower joins Denis Walter. LISTEN: Australia's best money saver, Wendy Gower, joins Denis Walter in the studio.

Family Feud error: Ride or Bride?

rideLEAD FEUD GAFFE: Denis Walter believes he's detected an error in Monday night's 'Family Feud' episode which may have cost the contestant $10,000.

Bob Hart's golden syrup dumplings

Dumplings.jpg RECIPE: There is a gloriously Australian winter pudding we seldom encounter on menus these days, which is ridiculous. That pudding is golden syrup dumplings.

Tracey Ryan ticks off her bucket list

Tracey Ryan was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. LISTEN: We often joke about bucket lists, and what you want to get done before you die.

A live tribute to Cat Stevens

Darren Coggan performs live in the studio. WATCH: Darren Coggan joins Denis Walter in the studio for a tribute to Cat Stevens.

Cold enough for you?

bird1 PHOTOS: It was -3C in Castlemaine this morning - cold enough to freeze a birdbath.

HIV on the rise in Australia

Kim Davis from Positively Fabulous. LISTEN: A woman infected with HIV says there needs to be more dialogue around the disease as new figures reveal an increase in Australia.

The McClymonts perform live

The McClymonts sisters perform live in the studio. WATCH: The McClymonts sisters join Denis Walter in the studio and perform live.

Meet Skippy, the white kangaroo

kangaroo PHOTO: A 3AW Afternoons listener has spotted Skippy the white kangaroo.

Matthew's incredible Will to Live

willtolive WATCH: If you think you're having a bad day, think again. This story will inspire you.

Bob Hart's Southern Fried Chicken

Fried chicken RECIPE: Mastery of this American classic is, frankly, an essential element of living the good life, in the US and elsewhere.

Jim's movie cheat sheet - June 26

22JumpStreetLEAD JIM SCHEMBRI: Nobody could argue that he didn't have a great innings. Still it was immensly sad to hear of the passing of the great character actor Eli Wallach at the epic age of 98.

Portland Rockfish Burger

burger RECIPE: Credit where credit’s due: I ate one of these amazing burgers in a burger joint adjacent to the legendary Ace Hotel in Portland yesterday, and it was truly spectacular.

New release film reviews - June 26

YvesSaintLaurentLEAD JIM SCHEMBRI: The sheer scale of Transformers 4 - or Transformers 5, if you count Noah - reminds us that there is never anything wrong or bad or dumb or just plain stupid about a Michael Bay film.

'The whole world is a men’s room'

parliament LISTEN: A prominent Melbourne feminist has squashed suggestions Victoria should introduce a Minister for Men’s Affairs.

Shooting the playboy producer

otto VIDEO: Jim Schembri interviews Gracie Otto ahead of her feature-length debut 'The Last Impresario'.

Top ten mystery and suspense films

MurderontheOrientExpressLEA JIM SCHEMBRI: The absorbing suspense drama The Two Faces of January reminds us of just how few mystery and suspense films there are at the multiplex these days. So, where have all the mysteries gone?

Jim's movie cheat sheet - June 20

HanSoloheadshot JIM SCHEMBRI: While working away on the new Star Wars film, Harrison Ford, who is returning in his original role as Han Solo, suffered a banged ankle when the door of Solo's space freighter, The Millennium Falcon, slammed down on his tootsie.

'It was scary out there'

Eight years after being stranded at sea for four days, diver Rob Hewitt has told his incredible survival story. LISTEN: Eight years after being stranded at sea for four days, diver Rob Hewitt has told his incredible survival story.

Tania Zaetta talks Bollywood

Tania Zaetta has released an online program aimed at building a better body through Pilates training. WATCH: Tania Zaetta in the 3aw studio with Denis Walter talking Bollywood and Pilates.

Brian Cadd says Axiom reuniting

West Australian singer-songwriter, keyboardist and producer Brian Cadd has teamed up with Glenn Shorrock for a new concert. LISTEN: West Australian singer-songwriter, keyboardist and producer Brian Cadd has teamed up with Glenn Shorrock for a new concert.

Bob Hart: Eating America

Flatiron steak MEAT: There is something very satisfying about the best of conventional, traditional American food. And last night I had a meal that pretty much summed it up its finest qualities.

Sheridan makes LA singing debut

Hugh Sheridan and Donna Demaio. WATCH: The new multi-million Qantas Business Lounge has been officially opened at Tom Bradley airport Los Angeles, with a soulful rendition of Come Fly with Me, sung by performer Hugh Sheridan.

Putting mystery back into movies

HosseinAmini JIM SCHEMBRI: For more than 20 years A-list screenwriter Hossein Amini has wanted to bring Patricia Highsmith's 1964 mystery thriller The Two Faces of January to the screen.

New release movie reviews - July 19

GaloreLEAD JIM SCHEMBRI: Despite the huge success of the first film, the good folk at Dreamworks were somehow paranoid about kids getting restless and their parents nodding off during the follow up.

Warning: Don’t wash raw chicken

Washing raw chicken can lead to a potentially dangerous form of food poisoning, according to food safety experts. HEALTH: Washing raw chicken can lead to a potentially dangerous form of food poisoning, according to food safety experts.

Shopping in store? Don't bother

Online Shopping LISTEN: In store shopping assistants are potentially doing themselves out of a job by directing their customers to shop online instead of in their store.

Nicole and Keith to renew vows

Nicole Kidman and Keith urban have announced they will renew their vows, eight years after tying the knot. Marriage celebrant Greg Evans tells Denis Walter why people choose to renew their marriage vows. LISTEN: Nicole Kidman and Keith urban have announced they will renew their vows, eight years after tying the knot. Marriage celebrant Greg Evans tells Denis Walter why people choose to renew their marriage vows.

A year without matches

Claire Dunn quit her job as a campaigner for the Wilderness Society and headed bush for 12 months. LISTEN: Claire Dunn quit her job as a campaigner for the Wilderness Society and spent a year in the bush eating possums, skinning wallabies for clothing and creating fire with sticks.

Jim's movie cheat sheet - 13 June

Jim's cheat sheet - 13 June. CHEAT SHEET: A heretofore successful marriage in Japan has hit the bricks thanks to a disagreement over Disney's mega-hit animated film Frozen.

Jim Keays dies, aged 67

Australia rock icon Jim Keayes has died, aged 63, after a long battle with cancer. LISTEN: Australia rock legend Jim Keays has died, aged 67, after a long battle with cancer.

Bob Hart: Fried bologna sandwich

Fried Bologne sandwich BOB HART: Bob Hart has discovered American singer Toby Keith’s Fried Bologna Sandwiches.

Mondo Rock live in the studio

Mondo WATCH: Ross Wilson and Eric McCusker of Mondo Rock perform live on 3AW Afternoons.

Kidman wows fans in Melbourne

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban wow guests on the Swisse red carpet. VIDEO: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban prefaced their arrival at the Swisse Celebrate Life Ball at the Grand Hyatt with a visit to the Monash Children's Hospital where they talked with patients and staff.

Top ten tear jerkers

GreenMileLEAD JIM SCHEMBRI: With the movie adaptation of John Greene's best-seller The Fault in Our Stars set to have people weeping in multiplexes the world over, here is a highly subjective selection of films that bring a tear to the eye.

Gossip Sheet - June 11

brynne DONNA DEMAIO: Blonde Brynne has taken another step towards shaking off her ex.

WWE wrestler live in the studio

dashwood WATCH: WWE wrestler Tenille Dashwood joins Denis Walter in the studio.

New release movie reviews - June 5

GraceofMonaco1LEAD JIM SCHEMBRI: Our ever-durable action-man Tom Cruise suffers a major case of GDS - Groundhog Day Syndrome - in Doug Liman's ripping sci-fi alien invasion adventure in which an army public relations officer keeps reliving the same day.

Johnny Chester joins Denis Walter

chester WATCH: Johnny Chester joined Billy Pinnell and Denis Walter in the studio this afternoon.

Denis photos: A blast from the past

Denis Walter
Album cover PHOTOS: In a walk down memory lane on Tuesday, Denis Walter and Peter Hitchener decided that safari suits and platform soled shoes should be scrapped from the fashion cycle.

Chipotle-style burrito

chipotle3 BOB HART: While it may be some time before a branch of the outstanding Chipotle Mexican Grill fast-food chain, surely the world’s best casual food outlet, will open in your neighbourhood.

Can Pat Panetta dance?

Pat Panetta gets his groove on. WATCH: Pat Panetta says he's a good dancer, but his wife Amanda says he's terrible - what do you think? Can Pat dance?

Dami Im joins Denis Walter

Dami Im Joins Denis Walter WATCH: Dami Im tells Denis Walter about the inspiration for her new single 'Super Love'.

Malcolm Fraser on 'Dangerous Allies'

fraser LISTEN: Former prime minister Malcolm Fraser joined Denis Walter this afternoon.

'A man you have to hear'

Author Liam Pieper has just released 'The Feel-Good Hit of The Year'. LISTEN: Denis Walter says freelance writer Liam Pieper is a man you have to hear.

Pasta carbonara recipe

Carbonara BOB HART: Debate has raged for years over this gloriously simple and seductive pasta dish: cream, no cream?

City women hunt for a country fella

More city girls are on the search for a country lad. LISTEN: A former Farmer Wants a Wife contestant says city women are flooding her rural dating website on the hunt for a country bloke.

Jim's Cheat Sheet - 30 May

Lock up your best plates, folks, there's another big Greek movie wedding on the way. JIM SCHEMBRI: Lock up your best plates, folks, there's another big Greek movie wedding on the way.

New release movies reviews - May 29

Million Ways to Die REVIEWS: This week's films include A Million Ways to Die in the West, Maleficent, The Trip to Italy and Son of God.

Winter warming corn chowder

Corn chowder BOB HART: This year, even though winter has gone into hiding, it is time to prepare for the worst with a delectable, simple corn chowder – another absolute ripper.

Jim's Cheat Sheet - May 23

BladeRunner JIM SCHEMBRI: The long-planned, long-feared sequel to the 1982 sci-fi classic Blade Runner looks like it's finally growing legs.

Gossip Sheet - May 20

jackman DONNA DEMAIO: Who’s a busy man? Shane Jacobson (Kenny) is currently making a new feature film Oddball.

Stephane Reynaud’s Chicken Livers

Chicken Liver. BOB HART: French chef and master butcher Stephane Reynaud, who visits Australia regularly and sells squillions of his magnificent meat books around the world, has a new offering with an alarming title.

Godzilla: A non-event

BrokenCircleBreakdownLEAD JIM SCHEMBRI: There's a lot that can be said about the too-close-for-comfort relationship between mother and son in Calin Peter Netzer's compelling, unsettling, bare-knuckled Romanian drama.

Denis Walter live from New York

From 12pm each day this week join Denis LIVE from the Big Apple. PHOTOS, VIDEO: Denis Walter has arrived in New York City! From midday each day this week, join Denis LIVE from the Big Apple.

Jim's movie cheat sheet - May 12

Fred Flintstone JIM SCHEMBRI: Will Ferrell and his Gary Sanchez Productions are gearing up for another live-action movie version of the classic cartoon sitcom The Flintstones.

The Chantoozies join Denis Walter

Eve von Bibra and Ally Fowler from The Chantoozies join Denis Walter. WATCH: Eve von Bibra and Ally Fowler of The Chantoozies reveal how they managed to recruit their superstar ‘band members’.

War on cyclists has 'escalated'

Thumbtack terrorists continue to cause havoc at Kew. LISTEN: A cycling advocate says the war on cyclists at Kew’s Yarra Boulevard stretch has escalated.

Cake reveals which bun’s in the oven

Nikos Quality Cakes have introduced the gender reveal cake. LISTEN: In an unique trend, parents are skipping the traditional ultrasound and turning to an Oakleigh cake shop to reveal the gender of their unborn baby.

Don Hany 'Healing' interview

Don Hany Healing VIDEO: In the new Australian film Healing, Don Hany plays Viktor, a long-term prisoner on the verge of release.

New York on film

Manhattan JIM SCHEMBRI: New York; it's where Harry met Sally; where Robert De Niro learned to be a taxi driver; where ghosts got busted; and where John Travolta got the fever.

The Rocky Horror Show

rocky BEHIND THE SCENES: It's been 21 years since Craig McLachlan pulled on the fishnet stockings (well in public anyway, ha ha) to perform Frank N Furter in Richard O'Brien's Rocky Horror Show.

Essie Davis: 'I'm completely horrified'

davis WATCH: Actress Essie Davis and director Jennifer Kent have joined the chorus of high-profile filmmaking talent to decry the government's threats to funding to Screen Australia.

Corned beef on rye sandwich

The Reuben sandwich BOB HART: As Denis Walter will confirm, there is no doubt that a New York corned beef on rye sandwich with lashings of mustard is, frankly, a miracle.

Easy Indian food: poussin curry

Poussin curry BOB HART: Now I love Indian food and, because of the dubious quality of so many of our suburban Indian restaurants, I am inclined to cook my own.

Tina Arena: 'I was never invited'

Tina LISTEN: This could come as a surprise to many, including Tina Arena, but last night was the first time the Australian entertainment queen has attended the Logies.

New release film reviews - May 1

young-Beautiful375 JIM SCHEMBRI: In this entertaining, inconsequential wisp of a film, ageing florist Fioravante (John Turturro) becomes a male prostitute at the behest of his even more-ageing pal, Murray (Woody Allen).

'Black Caviar didn’t want to retire'

caviar LISTEN: Animal whisperer Trisha McCagh says those responsible for champion racehorse Black Caviar took off the saddle and called it quits too soon.

Jim interviews '52 Tuesdays' director

film WATCH: Jim Schembri interviews '52 Tuesdays' director Sophie Hyde and actress Tilda Cobham-Hervey.

Carolyn Hirsh: I was a disgrace

hirsh WATCH: Former MP Carolyn Hirsh says she felt sick for years after being sacked from the Labor party for several mishaps including drink-driving.

New release movie reviews - April 24

OnlyLoversLeftAlive375 JIM SCHEMBRI: Here's yet another example of a high-concept mega-movie that appears to have gone into production a draft or two too early.

Fun-size reviews: Comedy Festival

There are few things better than a belly laugh. REVIEWS: Each year at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, tens of thousands of people go in search of that very experience in a bid to lose themselves in fun and glee.

The Star Wars Legacy

SW375 JIM SCHEMBRI: Many big films have had an enduring impact on our culture, but few have dominated the landscape so much that they've earned their own day.

Jim's movie cheat sheet - April 25

Marilyn Monroe MOVIE NEWS: In the latest in a long line of Marilyn Monroe biopics, redhead Jessica Chastain is set to bring the iconic blonde to life in Blonde.

Prince lookalike turns joke into cash

PrinceWilliam PHOTO: Simon Watkinson has turned jokes into cash and shot to worldwide fame impersonating Prince William.

Melbourne secures David Bowie exhibition

bowie-2 DONNA DEMAIO: Melbourne has secured a massive artistic coup, with the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) in Federation Square to host the exhibition called "David Bowie is".

Adam Hills' Happyism

Adam Hills WATCH VIDEO: Funnyman on his new comedy show in Melbourne

Glenn Frey with Denis Walter

Glenn Frey THE EAGLES: Eagles' frontman and six-time-Grammy-Award-winner Glenn Frey is coming to Melbourne and the legendary singer joined Denis Walter on Friday afternoon. Listen to his fascinating interview with Denis here.

Aussie Mum takes out Ms. Nude

Miss Nude LISTEN: A Victorian Mum has been crowned Miss Nude World 2013 in Ohio. The 36-year old 'fitness freak' with a passion for sewing joined Denis Walter on Thursday afternoon for a quick chat about the unusual contest and her victory last month.

Sally Cooper Live

Sally Cooper plays live in studio with Denis Walter. SALLY & HER VIOLIN: Accomplished instrumentalist Sally Cooper joined Denis Walter in studio with her violin in hand to play an excerpt from her new album, 'Golden'.

Harrison Craig of The Voice

Harrison Craig THE VOICE: As season 2 of The Voice AU debuted in front of 1.8 million fans, one voice stood out from the others. Melbourne Schoolboy Harrison Craig melted ears and hearts, delivering a stellar debut.

Dazzling Bond girl in Studio

Rachel Grant VIDEO: Former James Bond girl Rachel Grant talked to Denis Walter in the 3AW Studio on Friday afternoon regarding her experience in the 2002 film Die Another Day starring Pierce Brosnan.

George '007' Lazenby on 3AW

George Lazenby 50 YEARS OF JAMES BOND: In honour of the 50th anniversary of James Bond, Australian actor and one-time Bond star George Lazenby joined Denis Walter in the studio on Thursday afternoon. Watch the fascinating interview here.

Top Substitute Teacher films

Copp LIST: The touching Oscar-nominated French/Canadian classroom drama Monsieur Lazhar is the latest to feature the bumpy rides endured by substitute teachers. Here's our pick of six of the best.

Kath & Kim with Denis Walter

Kath and Kim FILM RELEASE: Australia's most famous dysfunctional Mother-daughter combination Kath & Kim joined Denis Walter this afternoon and gave listeners of taste of their upcoming film, Kath & Kimderella. Listen to the amusing interview here.

Shannon Lush on Afternoons

Lush Shannon Lush is our resident natural product cleaning lady. Do you have any goo that needs removing? Any stubborn stains that won't budge? Shannon will have the answers! Listen to her latest segment now and leave a question for next time.

Movies with Jim Schembri

Jimmy S Jim Schembri is one of Australia's most respected film critics. Find out Jim's thoughts on the latest movies, interviews and more!

Denis Walter's Experts

Denis Walter If you missed something on Denis' show and you need to get in contact with any of the regulars, this page is your one stop shop for all the Afternoon experts.

Damien Leith performs 'Beautiful'

Damien Leith Denis Walter VIDEO: Irish Aussie singer and songwriter Damien Leith joined Denis Walter in studio to chat about his new about 'Now and Then', upcoming tour and performed his song Beautiful.

Embarrassing playmate?

PLayboy Denis Walter takes calls on embarrssing family members.

Stones manager reminisces

Cutler AUDIO: Denis Walter and Billy Pinnell chatted with former Rolling Stones manager Sam Cutler on Friday. Sam offers some great insight into The rock n roll days of the Stones and discusses his new book. 'You can't always get what you want.'

Gurrumul with Denis Walter

Gurrumul stunned Denis Walter with his voice VIDEO: Stunning singer Gurrumul joined Denis Walter for the second time on April 20 .. again, enjoy his amazing voice.

3AW Momentum Small Business Success Awards

Momentum - NEW Do you have a Small Business Success Award story? Tell us your story for your chance to win some great prizes, thanks to 3AW and Momentum Energy.