Bob Hart loves cooking up a feast for 3AW listeners

Bob Hart loves cooking up a feast for 3AW listeners

Bob Hart's delicious recipes

COMPLETE LIST: Click here for a complete alphabetical database of all Bob Hart's recipes since 2009. From Turkey Brine, Ice Cream Pudding or Pork Ribs, Bob's got all the tastes covered!

Pub of the Week 2013

Pub of the Week 2013 Tony Leonard is back for a 19th year reviewing Melbourne's best pubs. Listen to the famous segment with Neil Mitchell at 11:40 every Friday.

Adrian's Scone Dough

scones RECIPE: Adrian Richardson appears as a regular on the Neil Mitchell Program. Take a look at his recipe for scone dough .. who doesn't like a great scone!?

Vasili's saragli recipe

Vasili PRINT RECIPE: "Here’s one that I guarantee you will love and will want to share with your family and friends too." Click the image.

Ela's champion lunch at the Clayton Bowls Club

Champion REVIEW: The menu during the week is a’la carte, but you do have the option of a set course type arrangement, choose from the sections titled “smaller”, “bigger” and “sweeter” and you can pair two courses for $35, or grab three for $45.

Marcella Hazan's bolognese

Spag Bol RECIPE: This is her famous bolognese recipe which is about as good as it gets. BUT DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING IN IT!

Bob Hart's Roast Duck

Roast Duck RECIPE: On days as bleak as those we have been experiencing lately, is there anything better than a roasted duck? Surely not...

Ultimate list of kid-friendly venues

Kid friendly venues 3AW FOOD: Ela Carte promised Ross and John she'd start work on the ultimate list of kid-friendly dining venues - be they cafes, fine dining restaurants, or neighbourhood pubs. Here is a start... but feel free to add your suggestions!